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  1. Fmert001

    Mailing Paperwork to Dominican Republic

    DHL it was 3 days for me
  2. Fmert001

    Medical Exam in Haiti

    My husband used Centre Prevention de Medicale he said that they were clean and professional
  3. Fmert001

    mailing service

    DHL is the best way.....
  4. Exactly!!!! That is what I was thinking Thank you Thank you
  5. No I wasn’t because a mutual friend of my parents had problems with CBP and she And her husband had applied for CR 1 because of not having return ticket so that didn’t make any sense to me.... I thought it was for people with tourist visa....Thank you That is what I was thinking too... it didn’t make any sense to me either
  6. My husband is coming to live permanently in the US and I brought a one way ticket with Jet Blue but now I’m hearing that since he is coming on a visa that I should have brought a round trip but since in the system CBP would that he has a green card....... POE will be Fort Lauderdale.......Should I be worried???
  7. Fmert001

    NVC packet (Haiti)

    For NVC and interview, Haiti the extrait is needed.... They prefer the extrait over the original because they can scan the barcode on the extrait.....
  8. My husband said that they didn’t even ask for it
  9. Make sure if front loaded or side loaded bring a bag. My husband said that they gave back everything all evidence.
  10. Hello everyone, My husband has his interview today and he was approved!!!!! They only asked him 4 questions: Who is petitioning for you? When did you meet your wife?? Do you and she have children? When did you get married?? They didn’t ask him for any extra documents and took his passport..... the lady CO told him he was approved!!!! Thank you to everyone here that gave advice and encouragement!!!! They didn’t ask him for any paperwork.
  11. My husband said that they didn’t even ask for it