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  1. Ok. Ok thank you. I tried it myself it’s the old price. My husband did it the first and he said it increased already. I think my husband did it wrong 😂...
  2. Hello everyone, My husband’s window opened 10/02/2020. My question is about the they increase because when you the tool on the USCIS it’s shows the increase but now the judge halted the fees so send the increased fees or the old fees?? I just don’t want to get rejected and have to pay this all over again.
  3. I read it wrong I apologize I just have send a copy the green card front and back. I feel so stressed 😩 Thank you
  4. Hello everyone, im in the process of gathering all of the paperwork for ROC for my husband. It says that we need a fingerprint card in the instructions where did everyone go get that done and how with this whole COVID situation going on???
  5. If you can keep visiting him and gathering more evidence like if you didn’t front load with NVC you side load like more chats, more pictures, and etc
  6. You won’t need it until NVC anyways so you have time..... Same thing happened to me. Also depends what page you are in book..... Just tell your spouse when it hits about 6 months after your marriage start going to the Archives and just start bothering them.... that is what my husband did but you have to until the year is done before you start bothering them...no it won’t be old they gave you a attestation of marriage With seal of the civil servant in charge. you can go ahead and use that when you sent the i130
  7. Last year it was faster because there was no protest..... The protests and violence is hindering the embassy to make appointments...
  8. It’s not going to be an actual package..... it’s going to be a letter It’s takes 2 weeks
  9. I was married less than a year and it was approved
  10. My husband says you have to wait until the notebook has to be filled sent to the archives national before you do anything or go back to pastor that married and show them letter and having let you know why they gave the RFE to you. My husband asked if the pastor signed and he put the sealed of the church on your marriage certificate.... He says that could be a problem too and he says that religious marriages takes longer to get registered.
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