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  1. I’m wondering if they are going to be sending new extension letters to everyone or if it’s specific cases???
  2. Because we never interviewed in the United States that’s why. We are about to start the application for citizenship for my husband I heard that pushes USCIS to look at your file…
  3. She was over 21 that’s why she falls in a different category
  4. Hello everyone, My question is this my uncle applied for his daughter and grandchildren to come from Haiti in 2012. They were approved in 2013. This past May he sent the DS-260 and paid all the fees. They are waiting for an interview. Unfortunately, August of this year my uncle passed away and what my family wants to know is the process going to continue or is it over??? All they were waiting for was an interview. Would their need to be a new sponsor or what can we do?? My cousin and her children are the only ones left in Haiti and would more beneficial for her to come her and work…..We are still waiting on the death certificate from the state of Florida. It takes awhile due to him passing away at home. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated😊😊😊
  5. My husband just received his biometrics appointment for next month…..
  6. I would just wait until the 6 weeks are up and then contact them again
  7. I actually had to call in because it was 6 weeks and I never received a notification.. Supposedly I was “ missing pages” I had to write the Lockbox 5 times before somebody told me the truth.....After 6 weeks, start sounding the alarm so that someone will speak to you
  8. Honestly I would until after 30 days,I was in a similar situation back in November but our package was rejected and USCIS dropped in the mail and it was deemed lost and most likely destroyed by USPS...... After many calls to USPS and USCIS, we just resent the whole thing and funny thing is the day we got our text notification for our case, the lost package was finally returned back to us.....
  9. No they have not. This Facebook page I follow says that they call USCIS to get an info pass appointment 30days before expiration
  10. I am too... Yes National Benefits Center... We are in for a long wait.....I know people that are waiting from 2018.... My husband wants to apply for citizenship
  11. Hello! Filed 3/17 Mailed 3/22 Received 3/25 by Fedex Cashier’s Check cashed 4/15 I actually chatted with an Agent front USCIS and she gave me the receipt#🌞😊 This was our 2nd attempt and crazy thing the package was deemed lost and it delivered to our house yesterday from November 😂😂😂 Next step citizenship ❤️❤️❤️
  12. Hello everyone, Please make sure that the spreadsheet is updated.... Thank you 😊
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