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  1. Thanks! Yes, it does look like a mass update, which I didn't expect when I logged in today to post my update. Also hoping this is a good sign for all of us, and that we "graduate" sooner rather than later!
  2. Popping in to share the same update as others: my previous biometrics were applied to my case as of March 11! Grateful to see some movement. Anyone know if we get a paper notice confirming this, or is it just a digital case update?
  3. Yes, actually I think that describes it best: not necessarily a freak out, just wanting to get it done and over with. I just really didn't want to have missed anything important, given all the horror stories here about people missing notices. I know, I'm just really anxious! We've had a ton of major life changes in the last few months, and our mailman nearly didn't deliver our NOA1 as he thought we had moved. Fortunately we'd caught him and got it sorted. That one call plus the ticket was plenty reassuring, haha, no more hounding from me for a long while.
  4. Got a little flustered at the lack of updates, so I gave them a call and filed a ticket to see if I was missing any notices (in case my newfound fear, the USCIS Case Status page not updating, actually happened). Agent let me know that nothing had moved yet on my case nor was I sent any notices apart from the first, and my ticket was resolved by my processing center (WAC), who informed me that a lot of the ASC have faced backlogs or delays due to COVID. Also noticed that many folks who got WAC have not yet received anything regarding their biometrics. Just sharing in case anyone has been freaking out like I have!
  5. Thanks for the reminder. I've entered our timeline in - neat spreadsheet!
  6. Completely forgot to post an update on this thread: we received our NOA and our check has cleared! Adding to timeline: 10/25 Received NOA, dated 10/21; 6 calendar days from USCIS receiving packet 10/25 Check cleared on bank account
  7. Fee has been withdrawn! Our official timeline so far: 10/19 Mailed using FedEx Priority Overnight 10/20 Packet received and signed for 10/22 Text notification of WAC# Receipt Number 10/23 Pending withdrawal of fees on bank account
  8. Crossing my fingers that this turnaround speed keeps up! I just received a text message confirming receipt and the case number. That's two days from when USCIS received them.
  9. Concurring with @Joyoussinger: we sent in evidence from the date of our marriage to present, as the form instructions indicate submitting evidence "to demonstrate the circumstances of the relationship from the date of the marriage to the present date." Didn't want to chance anything!
  10. Thanks for commiserating, haha! Definitely feeling unsettled today, I might have to just get takeout for dinner this evening after work as I'm waaaaay too on edge.
  11. Just checked the tracking number: our petition packet has been signed for and delivered! The anxiety started to set in the moment we had shipped it off, and I was legitimately thinking "omg, what if it falls out of the box?!" this morning. 😵
  12. Great to hear that it looks they are receiving and acknowledging petitions promptly! Did they process your payment already (if you don't mind me asking)? Just wondering when to expect it to hit our account once they've sent over a case number.
  13. Hey everyone! Originally planned to file in August when the filing window opened, then got completely sidetracked when I started a new job in September but we finally got around to it today! Shipped via FedEx and should arrive tomorrow. Here's what we included, dates spanning the start of our marriage to present: Check written for prescribed fees, paper-clipped to the top page G-1145: E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance Half slip for "renewal" that was included with the permanent resident card I-751: Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence Copies of front and back of permanent resident card Statements for joint checking and savings accounts (monthly for checking, quarterly for savings) Statements for joint credit card Statements for retirement and brokerage accounts with accompanying printed page showing each other as beneficiaries Tax transcripts for 2018, 2019, and 2020 Copies of shared health, dental, vision, and life insurance cards and other insurance enrollment confirmations Two vehicle titles that have us named as owners Lease for our current residence, plus corresponding utility and other related bills (monthly since start of lease) Proof of joint renter's insurance Specific to our circumstances, as we were long distance for the first year of our marriage and then lived with a parent for the second year of our marriage: Letter explaining the circumstances around our past living situation Photos and receipts of the travel, visits, and dates that we did in the first year of our marriage Receipts of gifts that we exchanged/had shipped in the first year of our marriage Affidavits from the parent attesting that we had lived with them for our second year of marriage Photos throughout our second year of marriage Copies of forms and registration for the adoption of our dog in April 2021 Two-hole punched at the top, then bound together with a fastener. Had to use a FedEx Express Small Box to ship the whole thing! Can't believe we're at it again, two years later. Time went by quickly - best of luck to us all!
  14. Really heartening to hear such a quick turnaround - best of luck! We're based in San Diego so we'll probably end up in WAC too once we file.
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