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  1. Congratulations! We hired a lawyer, both the EAD/AP and green cards came to our home address. I think lawyers just get notices.
  2. Give it some time. The approval notice comes via regular post, so I think sometimes it may come later than the green card, which comes via Priority Mail.
  3. @Joyoussinger, congratulations! What great news to receive just before Christmas!
  4. LOL after our interview, I also had the same thought about staying in San Diego until we've finished ROC, but the housing prices are killing us. We were looking for a new place, and so many places were around $1,600 just for a 1-bd apartment!
  5. Mine updated around 4:00 PM the day of the interview, but some people get them as early as an hour after, other times it goes into the next couple days.
  6. Congratulations! Wanted to warn you, my case never updated beyond "Card was mailed" so just keep an eye on your mail, it ships via USPS Priority Mail so it should be with you very soon! Hoping you do get the update with the tracking number though, that would've been a relief to have when I was waiting for my card. LOL
  7. Congratulations, and good luck on your upcoming interview! They didn’t ask to see mine at our interview, so I still have mine. Hard to say if they’ll take it or not, I’ve seen both. Good luck on your upcoming interview, hope that you do indeed get to keep your card!
  8. Very, very glad that a weight has been lifted off my husband and I’s shoulders — my green card arrived today. Ended up crying like a baby, though I will say that I was surprised to find it literally at our doorstep. It comes via a USPS Priority Mail envelope, which our postman usually places inside our mailbox. I am constantly praying and hoping that you will all receive good news before the year is over, especially as the holidays approach. Thank you for all your help and reassurances, I’m sticking around to try and pass it on!
  9. Agreed, definitely bring updated evidence! would’ve brought updated financial evidence anyway to the interview even without the advice of my lawyer, just in case. I don’t know if that goes for submitted forms, though, I’ve only ever seen advice to bring copies of your original packet, which is why I think OP doesn’t necessarily need to bring an updated I-864.
  10. I wouldn’t fill out a whole new I-864. My interview notice mentions that you don’t need to bring an I-864 and its supporting evidence if you’ve already submitted it, but please double check that your notice does indeed say that. Our lawyer did have us bring updated supporting evidence (i.e. most recent tax return, last three pay stubs) but the IO never asked for them.
  11. You’ll be alright. My husband and I were long distance for the first year of our marriage, but the IO didn’t even bat an eye when we explained that we were both pursuing degrees at separate universities. We did bring an excessive amount of bonafide marriage evidence, but I’m willing to bet that realistically, so long as you’ve proven that you’ve made an effort to combine your lives together despite circumstances, most if not all cases with this kind of living situation don’t even raise an eyebrow.
  12. Got an update this morning: my green card has been mailed! I was concerned it might take longer and get caught up in the influx of holiday mail processing, but luckily it seems like it’ll escape it. Crossing my fingers for all of you, I very much hope that you all get great news before the end of the year.
  13. It'll take around a week for you to receive your EAD card. I got my SSN card about two weeks after I got my EAD card, but it can vary.
  14. I think maybe you should just let it go. If it doesn't have your case number or if it's not a response to an RFE, I think it's more than likely that USCIS will not add it to your file and just shred it. I've seen some people ask about sending in additional evidence after they've received their NOA1, and the common advice seems to be that you shouldn't send in any additional evidence if you've not received an RFE as there's no guarantee it will make it to your case file. So given that, I really do think it shouldn't be a cause of worry, they'll probably just throw it away.
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