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  1. I got last 3 year official tax transcripts, i cant find my old w2s. Are they required too? Would it be ok to just send tax transcripts along with bank statements and employer letter of my current job. Last few years i did multiple jobs and dont have those w2s
  2. I see in india mumbai, you need two appointments, one interview and one ofc/biometrics. Is it same in Pakistan or you just need one appointment and they do biometrics at same place/same day? It is for k1visa. Thanks in advance
  3. Question:🙄 So for k1 visa, we just filled ds160 and paid fees, it says on traveldocs that we can schedule visa interview next buisness day after 11am. But i didnt know anything about ofc, what is that ? Do we need to schedule that as well other than visa interview? Is it medical/vaccination appointment or something else? Thank you Islamabad embassy, Pakistan
  4. We have our interview coming soon at islamabad, because of some reasons i don't want to disclose, there is no way we can get marry in Pakistan. I am scared if they deny our petition, we will be screwed, we are very nervous. Hopefully officer will be able to understand our situation
  5. Abcd1234

    Cellphone Islamabad embassy

    Is there any place ( security check or embassy enclave), where you can keep phone while u are attending interview, or you need to keep phone at home ?
  6. @Greenbaum Or anyone? Thanks
  7. Does anyone have p3 for Pakistan????? Thanks in advance
  8. Our status is "ready" . Where did you get list of things what embassy is asking for? Should we schedule interview or wait for some letter?
  9. Is 2x2 photo of only beneficiary required only or petitioners required too? Islamabad embassy
  10. Does caec status webpage opens easily on your mobile devices? Every time i enter case no and code and submit it, it never opens next page. It was fine a week ago
  11. I work in a small company that does have any letterheads. Can the owner write on plain paper that i have been working since x , my salary is y, and i have a permanent position? And sign at bottom for affidavit of support, along with paystubs?