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  1. Stocks have gone so down, invested heavily in AAL
  2. We checked ssc on ds260, wife entered 2 weeks ago, uavnt gotten gc or social security card, i know it can take more days however just want to see if offices are working and anyone gotten one of these cards in last week?
  3. So lets say she gets ss card in 2 weeks, next day we file taxes for 2019 jointly, but checks get issued a day before. Can we claim $1200 with 2020 tax returns, would we be eligible for it?
  4. So we are planning to file joint 2019 tax, wife entered in 2020. Would we be getting stimulus? Waiting on her ss card.
  5. My wife got here a week ago on cr1, passport is stamped at entry but we r waiting for gc and ss card We are planning to file joint tax return for 2019 but need to wait for her ss number. Would she be eligible for $1200??? 🤔😬
  6. It seems like something will pass the house by the end of month or so and that we will be getting checks in mail. I know it hasn't approved yet but to me seems highly likely. Any idea what impact it would have on people who sponsored or people who entered on cr1? Public charge or it is just a stimulus for economical growth? It is early but I want to have it in discussion
  7. We did on ds 260 as well. Is there any way to check the status of it?
  8. For some one who just entered us on cr1, are social security cards and gc getting issued as offices are closed?
  9. Travel restrictions get enforced monday night midnight for uk, does it mean night between sunday and Monday or night between monday and Tuesday 🙄🤔
  10. What is monday night midnight...is it night between sunday and monday ....orrrrr ....night between monday and tuesday?????🤔🙄
  11. Are there any new restrictions yet since Europe on countries?
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