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  1. I will work on exact nos tonight, and give it to you, But roughly i had $26000 taxable income on w2 with taxes witheld by employer as mfs, and roughly $500 in interest that i earned. Question was just simple: if i owe money as mfs do i pay it with extension form. How much exactly are numbers, i will work out, just wanted to know what if i owe them money as mfs should I send check with extension even if I don't owe as mfj which i actually will file. I am out of town and will get back tonight and have calculations for you
  2. Or in simple words, I owe irs if i file mfs, irs owes me if i file mfj. Since i am extending as mfs but filing as mfj, do i need to send money with extension?
  3. Umm. So these numbers are just as an example a) i overpaid $2000 on my w2( because my employer withholded as mfs but now i plan to file mfj once wife gets ssn, so paid $2000 extra because of different tax bracket as wife had 0 income) b) i owed $100 tax to irs on interest that i earned on saving account. So In this case irs owes me back $2000-$100=$1900 approx, if i would file MFJ. Or i owe $100 to irs if i would file as MFS Right? Now , since i am filing for extension without wife ssn, and you are suggesting me to file for extension without wife name just as i would file as MFS( for extension purpose only).right? So in case of MFS, I would owe irs $100 given above example , so do i send $100 check with extension? Or i dont send $100 check because i am going to eventually file as mfj and in reality irs would owe me $1900 given above example. QUESTION IS: do i send check of $100 with extension? Hope i make sense
  4. Ok , got it, thanks. However, i just remembered that i had money in saving account that i earned interest on it. I did pay all my taxes on my earning at my job , it was withholded as if i was filing seperately. But if i had to pay tax as single i will have owed little bit tax based on few hundred dollars i earned in interest as nothing was witholded on that earning. However if I am filing jointly i believe i have paid more overall given different tax bracket. So given that, now with extension that i am filing as i would do as filing separately, do i send money order for tax i owed on little interest that i earned? Even though i am expecting to get money back when i file jointly. just send money with it and it will be adjusted later on no worries? Or no need to send money. Sorry if i am confusing, but i really appreciate your help and input
  5. Thank you soooo much. So where it says spouse Ssn, just leave it blank? Or write something that suggests we dong have it yet?
  6. Thank you soo much for help. 1. I usually do taxes through liberty tax in person with them, i was thinking i will have my wife ssn before july 15, so i didn't start anything. I dont know much about online i did use turbotax few years ago. 2. Nothing even started yet. 3. No work by wife in 2019. 4. No income of her in 2019 5. I have not compared, however since i wasnt sure she would be able to get visa and join me in 2020, so my employer was holding taxes as i was going to file seperately, so i was paying more because if i file jointly i will be in lower tax braket as she didn't have income. I assume i will be saving atleast $2000 if i file jointly. I did some math in my head based on tax brackets. I collected stimulus based on 2018 income, however since if we file jointly for 2019, i want to get eligible for my wife also, because she didn't get as she wasnt on irs record. What do you recommend?
  7. Also what affect would it have if any to my wife's immigration in future, if we dont file for extension and simply after 1 month file taxes once she has ssn in hand, we dont owe anything to irs
  8. Thanks, did he file extension for his wife too? Do you need to mention if you are filing single or jointly, if so what to do if she doesn't have ssn yet?
  9. I am not going itin route, i am delaying tax return. And will file when we will get ssn. Because holding us citizen of stimulus payments that everyone is getting is something thats sad. I didn't know even us citizen wont get payment, i was delaying to get for my wife
  10. Exactly the same thing with us, i dont want to mail in passport because I am worried it will be lost, what in the world...😕, oo also I am delaying tax returns for 2019 because I want to do joint tax return, and need social for that. Cant even make driving license with ssn.
  11. We havnt even gotten ssn,my wife cant work, guess what i am voting in November and you can guess whom i am not voting
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