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  1. Can i call uscis and ask them if they recieved any such request for expedition?
  2. That is what i am thinking too. I offered him fee , and asked him if i need to send proof. He replied after 3 weeks that he applied for expedition and never asked fee
  3. Do you get a notification though? And is there any fee for that process? These 2 questions will help me figure out , lawyer office unfortunately have a bad customer service and I just dont want to get rid of him after spending money
  4. I asked my attorney to apply for expedition because of some unusual circumstances( i don't wantto go over them), lawyer said he did it, i kinda doubt it if he did. Its been two weeks since he told us he did apply for expedition, we haven't gotten any update or letter stating that uscis recieved request for expedition, nor my lawyer told us to pay any fee. My question is: 1)is there any fee for expedition? 2) is there any update either online or via mail that such request have been recieved? Thank you so much.
  5. So we filed i130 with lawyer, it is so far a bad experience and lawyer seems to not give any time to us, and I most time dont even get a reply back from him, but anyways i have the following question. When i log in to myuscis account and look at under documents, it only shows g28 and my chats with spouse. On the file its says g-28 and 2nd file says part 11. I dont see part 1-10. I am not seeing anything that we submitted other than our chats and calls. Is everything supposed to be there,are you guys seeing everything that you filed in documents on myaccount uscis website. I want to know before i take this issue with my lawyer, he has been a pain so far, i wish i had used a different lawyer
  6. Thanks 4 sharing ur experience, So, you cannot apply w7 ahead of time, you need to wait till tax return time, Correct?
  7. Also do i need to apply for itin no with tax returns at beginning of year or i can apply for itin no. Now and just file tax return jointly at beginning of year if i get itin no. by then
  8. So, i am going to ask her to send documents to me, are these only 2 things that i need from her in physical form ? Did you go through this process as well? Thanks a lot
  9. So it seems i will need power of attorney from my spouse and attested passport copy of her to start it?
  10. My spouse is overseas, dont have social. I want to file tax jointly, want to get itin no for her. Is the process easy? How long it takes? Where should i start ? Thank you sooo much in advance.
  11. It is free and clear, however I am thinking i would be a problem if i want to rent it out, then she owe taxes too right, or i can pay all of them?
  12. I own a house, and have filed i130 for my wife. I live in Oklahoma state. Can i add her name to property while she is not here. Also, if i do , is she liable for property taxes too or i can pay full taxes and wont have to worry?
  13. I130 for spouse Got noa1 from Nebraska service station, case reciept no. starting with ioe, some people saying ioe is faster. Some saying Nebraska is slow... What should i expect
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