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  1. Thank u! I was able to talk to a human on my 10th calll, for some reason the robot thought I wanted to update my info, and connected me to somebody. Before, I had been asking to talk to a representative but kept falling in a loop of "talk to a representative" -> "need your receipt so they can help you better" -> "the status of your case is" -> "talk to a representative" -> "I can do several things or you can go online" -> "talk to a representative" -> "I'm going to finish the call"
  2. Having the same issue but hadn't been able to get on the queue, what exactly did work for you?
  3. My status changed today to interview scheduled, now gotta wait for the notice, does anybody know how to know it beforehand? (this would be really helpful as xmas season is coming and I'm planning on travel) I'm trying to call USCIS but the robot is not letting me speak to a person and keeps repeating the case status just like online.
  4. Hello everyone, Has anyone been interviewed during these months in NYC? are they even open to interviews since lockdown? I've filtered the cases and I only see 3 in the past month, I'm ready for the interview since Jan 31st 2020, anyone else in the same situation ?
  5. Hi everyone! Glad to find this group, we're on the same boat, same city Date Filed: 2019-11-22 Bio: 2019-11-27 Ready to be scheduled for an interview: 2020-01-31 EAD/AP : Combo card received 2020-03-06
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