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  1. They did send my i751 to the MSC last month but other than that nothing has changed.
  2. You are now a resident of the USA as far as I know.
  3. I submitted my N400 back in June. Guess I thought they would transfer it to Charlotte where we live and not to Missouri.
  4. Mine was turned in June of 2021 and n400 June of 2022. Am going to have to get an extension on my green card as the extension letter I have now expires in March. Might be quicker to head to Mexico 😄
  5. Well my field office is Charlotte and it is 19 months from June of this year for my n400 which 1 month longer than the 30 months they are showing for all offices. This is not good for me.
  6. Let me know if you find anything out. I am just like you, no clue as to whether we are good or not.
  7. How do we find the processing times for i751 for MSC? Mine was just transferred from Potomac. Has anyone else experienced this and is it any faster than Potomac?
  8. I just received a letter stating my case was transferred to MSC National Benefits Center. There is no place to check the processing times for MSC? Has anyone else had this same experience? How long did it take if so?
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