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  1. Here is mine and she is awesome. Not cheap but thorough and solid http://www.rencpa.com/contact_us.html
  2. I think there is a post on this site somewhere if I recall correctly. I would search it
  3. I was sort of in the same boat except I have a residual income thru my network marketing business so i didn't work for 8 months but still got paid thru Canada until I received my EAD and then I switched my business to the US and then was able to continue to build and grow my business.
  4. I to am with TD and had to start from scratch when I arrived. I opened a TD account here and also got a secured credit card putting down $500 and kept using it every month and pay down every month and 6 months later I was in pretty good standing and they gave me back my deposit and now I have a normal credit card and was able to buy a car. It just takes a little time. You can't work so go shopping
  5. You have to go online and order one from the Province of Ontario.
  6. I was able to open a TD account before I had a SSN based on my Cdn TD accounts. I then applied for a secured credit card with TD once I had my SSN. After 6 months i was able to lease a car based on that secured credit card and after 8 months they released the security on my credit card. I would speak to a "good" mortgage broker where you are moving to and they will be able to coach you on how to make it happen as quickly as possible. We have just done that ourselves.
  7. I was exactly where you are 1 year ago. I sent in Package 3 before I had received it in the mail and they rejected it. So I waited more and finally just sent it again when I saw others in their timelines had received Packet 3 in the mail. FYI I never did receive the packet from them. Check others on their timelines that are similar to you and see where they are at is all I can tell you.
  8. I took the train as well and used a storage locker at the big mall just around the corner from the old consulate. I am not sure where the new consulate is now located but I popped by the day before and they directed me to where there were storage lockers.
  9. Is that 3 years from your wedding date for the K1 Visa or is it 3 years from your initial green card approval?
  10. Personally it looks like you have more than enough proof without the checking account. Just my opinion but you have a lot more than we had.
  11. In NC they give you your Ontario dl back, but it is basically useless once you have your new one. I got mine when I first arrived using my Visa and I-94. It was only valid as long as the I-94 was. I renewed it when I got my EAD. It is only $5 for a DL here in NC so renewal ir more of a hassle than an expense.
  12. What happened for myself is that I jumped the gun and they said to wait and resend. I never actually received the hard copy in the mail ever. I kind of watched the other peoples timelines and sent it when they did.
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