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  1. Nice! Mine is being sent on June 21st!! Anyone have any tips on how to put the package together?
  2. There you go. All i know is there is a rule of some sort and that must explain it!!
  3. I was told by my CPA that there is a rolling calendar and it can have an effect on your taxes. If over the line they want taxes paid in the USA. No clue how it works other than beware.
  4. If you are near a TD or any other Canadian based bank in the US open a US dollar account with them? There are a few online companies that will do the conversion for you at better rates than the banks. If you search the forum this has been discussed before
  5. I had the sam situation in 2019 and they only asked for the divorce decree in Montreal.
  6. I brought my documents that i crossed the border with. Cant remember what else. I think I went on the website to see what I needed to bring.
  7. I applied as soon as I got here. It was pretty simple as I went to the office and they mailed it to me a week or so later.
  8. When I got mine almost 2 years ago it was the RCMP check and they took my finger prints. It changed right around that time and I forget what the change was but it was definitely RCMP
  9. There is a formula they use over the past 3 years when it comes to taxes etc. I forget now but my accountant in Canada knew exactly how to calculate it and I was just barely under it. As far as other rules no clue!
  10. http://www.rencpa.com/contact_us.html Helena can explain it all.
  11. JP John

    RRSP redemption

    I would discuss with a tax pro. I was told that if you set up a RRIF and receive retirement payments you are only taxed at 15% down here. Definitely a great deal!!
  12. JP John

    Nexus Renewal

    I completed mine online last year after I moved here to NC. It took a while but eventually they mailed it to me. I am sure it will take even longer now to send it but it will happen.
  13. Here is mine and she is awesome. Not cheap but thorough and solid http://www.rencpa.com/contact_us.html
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