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  1. What part of CLT are you in?  We are in Cornelius :)

    1. Romei


      I am in statesville

  2. The first thing I have seen on this forum that made sense!!! Let's go Flyers!!!!!
  3. Charlotte as well and last night it changed to "Interview has been Scheduled".
  4. Thanks. I hope so too. Wondering when your date will be? I have 3 trips and a medical procedure all between Sep 14 and Oct 20 😳
  5. 2 days on the 8th it was picked up for delivery by USPS and it will be delivered on the 10th
  6. Expedited July 12th and sent in evidence July 30th and today I got the email your card is being produced!!
  7. Yes I had that same issue back in December. I waited a couple of weeks and resent when I saw others had received packet 3 in the mail. I actually never ever received Packet 3 from them.
  8. For those of you that have successfully requested expediting your EAD or AP for financial hardship what did you send in for proof? Also did you enclose a cover letter? Thank you!!
  9. NC is definitely not fast. Charlotte people are sitting here twiddling their thumbs waiting as well.
  10. I applied for my Nexus extension in the middle of the process for my K1 Visa and all was fine
  11. Each State is different. I got my DL here in NC but it was only good as long as my I-94 was (which was 6 weeks or so) and now it is expired.
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