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    he (USC) gave me a superlike! on tinder when i was on vacation in the same states, after i came back to my home country the app triggered the message when i saw his picture i fell in love, he came to visit me to the first time.. after a month of talk! .the rest is history.... and here we are, fight against the distance, the sea for our love!!!

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  1. a week after my interview they havent update at all CEAC!
  2. Kyle&Ana

    Getting Passport Back (Dominican Republic)

    you know i readt this post after almost 3 years and you know now its happening the same! i am stuck in ready ! ppl from the same day already got their visa! 8th day still here! lets see
  3. I am an April filer hahahaha NOA1 was april 06!!!! but finally!
  4. Visa approved Guys!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for all your support through this journey!!!!
  5. Guyssssssssssssss just letting u know i had my interview today!!!! and VISA APPROVED!!! thank you so much to you all for all your prayers and support!!!!!! I love you all!!!!
  6. good morning ppl! i want to see all ppl approved!! Happy new year! and this is Our 2019!!!
  7. my apprilettes!!! how are u ....is somebody here still waiting for NOA2!!! where are u! remember u belong here!!!! Good day to you all!
  8. congratulations to you and sorry for the financial losses!!
  9. And we are READY NOA2---Nov 15 NVC received ---Nov 27 number case ---Dec 12 medical---DEC 26 in transit---DEC 26 Ready------Dec 27 Interview----Jan 8!!!! So excited!!!
  10. in Our case the mail system doesnt work here so we dont have to wait for PACKET for or 3 so when case is ready we just have to send the DS-160, pay the fee and schedule Biometrics and interview!! in my case i scheduled my interview since i got nvc number like more or less i guess i would be in this batch! and then i did medical today...
  11. PEOPLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE mine just change to "IN TRANSIT"....Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy
  12. Mine is not in transit yet, i did the medicals today! lets hope everything is OK
  13. Congratulationssss !!!! Soon soon they happily ever after!!
  14. Aprilbrossss Good morning to all rooting for all of you!!!! Love you all!