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    he (USC) gave me a superlike! on tinder when i was on vacation in the same states, after i came back to my home country the app triggered the message when i saw his picture i fell in love, he came to visit me to the first time.. after a month of talk! .the rest is history.... and here we are, fight against the distance, the sea for our love!!!

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  1. hello juliettes, auguies!!! Guys a K1 April 2018 filer here, and if helps this advice, Once upon a time we couldn't get any crazy until 200+ days, i remember my 100 hundred days was like we are still at the beginning of the process. My case was simple, both of us never married before, no kids and anyway took just 223 days for my NOA2..... So that being said any of the filers of my generation or prior to that would give anything for getting NOA2 in 120 days like nowdays!!! Anyways all of that ppl in my generation, besides the really long process, and rolls coaster, we are today with our beloved ones! And yes i know how is to see ppl from dates after you being approved etc etc!!! Soooo please the time on the webpage still says the same as mine from 5 to 7 months and they wont take you seriously until your noa1 date is the same as the procesing times dates... Advice: complete your paperwork, go to those places you wanna go In your home country, learn something you want to, try to get better at your english or with your resume, believe me; be with your beloved one is the best, but you wont be able to work, in some states you wont be able to drive during the wait for AOS. So you gonna spend a lot of time inside your home, homesick, and crying for the EAD/AP or green card so please think about what is ahead and prepare for that. While you are still waiting you have time! NOA2s are gonna come in their time and getting crazy wont make it any faster!!! i already did AOS we received our green card and for real the procesing times you have right now is a GIFT! And you better pray they dont slow down to 7+ months again just to your NOa2!!! Remember NOa2 are coming and are gonna come when you expect them the less. pardon the grammar mistakes, but like a lot of you already know, this isn't my first language. I wish you a lot of approval this week!
  2. after 3 days they updated because they found it, i opened cases with CBP, with USCIS and my embassy in my home country! thank God ...So i didnt have to redo my exams!
  3. Hi hi , Can somebody give me the link of the June 129F filers! Cant find it with the search tool, i mean if exists thank you so much in advance,
  4. My changed today to card was mailed to me but i dont know if usps have it, and i have no tracking number yet
  5. Card was mailed to me USCIS says!!! Ppl u will see me trying to chase the mail man!!! No package is coming to me as per informed delivery says:) graphic picture of me!
  6. my marchies! Our month is finally here! i dont know your cases but mine alwys updated way first in thee old site than the new one! I use case tracker! hahahaha! i wish you rains of approval today! we need to get ouof the house! in other news : what applications or website are y'all using for job hunting? i have Glassdoor, indeed, monster.com, and zip recuiter....
  7. About my interview: we got exactly at the time of the interview so no long wait for us, we were so scared and running please dont do it!!! Be at least 30 minutes there. i went to from desk, a girl asks me for my interview letter, she made me a few questions, and she asks for an ID, could be your passport or your driver license, also to my husband. then she took my indexes fingerprints and took another picture, she told me is just for their record, 2 minutes after that were well called. the officer was nice, we swear just say the truth, then she started asking how many times i was in united states before, for the copy of birth certificate for my husband, he had to sign again the affidavit. So questions: how we met? when we got married? describe all your visits and she ask me the dates? Why u didn't stay with your tourist visa and adjust instead doing the K1? (Tricky question) when was the last time he was in my home country? After that the yes or not questions, then we started talking about why they are not sending file on time i mean the national benefit center! She asks me for happy pictures, i told her i have more paperwork together and she says is OK she just need pictures! Then she asks me do you wanna use your married name and i say of course i already changed! so she says she has more than enough evidence to approve us and that she can see the relationship is real, she explained the process of removal condition! so two things i wanna say: i worked for a day in a restaurant, they paid me, I answered yes to the question and she just asked me the name of the place. And continues and made no more questions. the other thing we had a wedding reception in my home country since most of my family cannot travel here, we say that was just an unofficial wedding, and she says she understand, and said "cannot imagine your parents without being available to see you that important day!! And our courthouse here was in february after POE! We also told her that we are going to do another wedding reception in November for the USA ppl that couldnt travels down there for X or Y reason! And we show them receipts, invitations bla bla !!! and the part about my visa packet you already know, i spent this whole week calling USCIs and looks like it works!!! so thank you for your words!! My marchiesssss our time is finally here!! Enjoy your last days of vacation because your EAD/AP is coming!!!!! BTW i didn't need english translator! Hulu and Netflix in this 7 months have trained my ear!!! Sorry for the typos or sentences that looks weird!! I am still taking english classes hahaha! Disclaimer: i am not suggesting to anybody to have a wedding in their home country, we knew the consequences at POE or at embassy interview, so we took all the precautions !! And it was nerve wrecking!
  8. Where right now i have your same question, following this one
  9. New card us being produce!!! God thank you so much!!!! Done with uscis for two years
  10. same 25 five minutes! i'm kinda thinking to call tomorrow morning really early!
  11. hahaha now that u mention it, i talked to USCIS, guess what "in 3 hours we are going to call you" i didnt leave my cellphone a single second! they didnt, today they haven't... the good thing is a have had nice officer but not helpful, one of them told me he created a service request, how i can check the status becuse i have not receive any email or notification.... now i wonder if they really create it!!! Spread some lights here my Marchies!!!!!!!!!!1
  12. Exactly thats is why i am so angry we paid a lot of money, they were so negligent with our paperwork, how is possible that my visa packet got loss, how i was going to an interview based on marriage with K1 and they didn't had any information of k1 visa packet or medical or nothing ....thank God i had my intent of marry and K1 documents with me, randomly because she was basically doing het k1 packet herself! Poor officer with no idea! And then they lost it we already paid for our medical, they are not expired and with an smile hey u will have to do new ones, are u kidding me??? money again for their fault so are we their insurance, they lost stuffs and we pay the price. Dont they have copies of that packet ??? I already called USCiS and calling CBP and maybe my embassy if i get a copy if my medical she said she can approves us so lets see!! sorry for the rant i am normally very optimistic but almost 7 months bring a lazy non-independent lady is getting in my nerves!!! Nothing about my EAD and Limboooo BTW i know i know immigration is a privilege not a right but anyways so much thing that can be done better!
  13. Guys i have to tell you u are awesome, well a lot of you know how difficult was my k1 and i was finally is going smooth!!! Hahhaha nana too good to be true! But finger crossed, if they dont find it new one and send it !!! I mesn anything can happen but a least we are approved!!
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