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  1. sweethrtt

    Blood test for missing vaccines/immunity?

    Seems like I do lol! I am actually getting my mmr in a weeks time as I only had the one immunization!
  2. sweethrtt

    Blood test for missing vaccines/immunity?

    I believe that showing you are immune to it will suffice. From what I read on Dr. Ian Zatzmans website (heath1stmedical.ca) it states either get the varicella shot or provide evidence that you are immune.
  3. sweethrtt

    Blood test for missing vaccines/immunity?

    I was gallivanting somewhere around Ontario, hadn't re-connected with my now USC fiance... I'm Sorry 😅
  4. sweethrtt

    Blood test for missing vaccines/immunity?

    In Ontario I called Public Health and they mailed me a a list of all the vaccinations I have had! It didn't take long for me to get it either was in the mail in about a week. In regards to Chickenpox, I had it as a child, my doctor still made me go get a blood test to show that I was immune. When I go to my medical I'm going to bring all my records including proof that I am immune to chickenpox and do not require the varicella vaccine.
  5. sweethrtt

    File as a Non resident to Canada + TFSA/RRSP Questions

    1) Seems with dividends they are good, they fall short on other sources of income lol, but hey everybody has got to pay the piper 😋. 2) Keep in mind as a non-resident if you decide to keep your TFSA you are subject to a 1% tax for each month the contribution is in the account (should have mentioned that earlier, my apologies). Yes the exchange definitely sucks but I believe that you are better off bringing it with you, as you said, and you could always do small withdrawals when you the exchange is at a good rate so you don't take too much of a hit all at once! 3) The US recognizes the tax deferred nature of the RRSP (or RRIF). So if you move to the US, you can just leave your RRSP in Canada. In this case, you won’t have Canadian income anymore, so making further RRSP contributions is not possible. But keeping your RRSP is allowed. The general rule is that when a non-resident makes a withdrawal from the RRSP, the Canadian government has a withholding tax of 25% at source. However, the 25% figure is based on one time or lump sum withdrawals. If you begin taking out regular periodic withdrawals (for example, monthly), then the withholding tax is reduced to 15%. Please note that RRSP withdrawals also form part of your worldwide income. So again, if you’re in the US, you have to declare this income to the IRS on your US tax return. However, you will also be able to claim a foreign tax credit on the amount withheld in Canada – there is no double taxation on the withdrawal. 4) I believe that is a good idea! Just to clarify are you are talking about a distribution from your company to pay yourself, or the money left over from dissolving the business? Just want to make sure before I give you the wrong answer 😁 No problem at all... I love what I do! Anytime you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask or send me a message!
  6. sweethrtt

    File as a Non resident to Canada + TFSA/RRSP Questions

    Hey hey, Accountant here, I’m going to try and answer your questions to the best of my ability... 1) yes you would have to claim that $40,000.00 dividend as income since you did so while still residing in Canada. 2) if you keep your Tfsa in Canada that is fine just as long as you do not go over the contribution limit. I haven’t moved, as I haven’t been approved for my visa yet, but when I do I’m going to pull all the money and bring over to the US (sadly will have to take a major blow on the exchange rate) 3) I do not have an RRSP (quite frankly I hate them, being taxed on money that has already been taxed, just stupid). You can keep your RRSP in Canada however you are required to claim the income when you withdraw from the account. IMHO I would pull it out, pay the tax on it and the bring the rest over to the states. Either way your going to have to pay tax on the money you are withdrawing. 4) I’m assuming you mean inc as a company? Correct me if I am wrong. You can keep it in Canada but you will be required to submit a yearly income tax return. Even if you have no income to claim. In my opinion better to dissolve the business and refresh in The US. Hopefully I was able to be some help. And if anybody has more experience in this area than please chime in!
  7. Hey all This is my curiosity killing me at all hours of the night. When USCIS receives your I-129f between NOA1 & NOA2 aren't they able to see Withdrawals of Application for Admission or basically anything that happens with CBP? Thank you in advance for your answers Much appreciated
  8. sweethrtt

    Police Check

    Hi I just received mine yesterday! I opened the envelope was curious to see what it looked like. You can open it I don’t see any issues especially since you’re going to need to give it to them at the interview and I’m sure they don’t want to be opening envelopes wasting time lol
  9. sweethrtt

    There is a new update released for the I-134

    Thank you!!! Hoping I can get my interview before May 6 or looks like I’m going to have to fill it out all over again lol
  10. Yes keep calling!!!! Praying you get yours too!!!! Edited: Just saw you got it!!! WAHOOOOOO
  11. Did you call today? I just got off the phone with them and got my NVC #!!!! Update if you got it! Praying for you
  12. Called today and got my NVC #!!!! I doubt I'll make the March 5th mailing like you said but I'm just glad to have gotten the number! Yahooooooooo
  13. We have the same NOA2 date and same for us: NO NVC# ... the waiting game is a killer I tell you! When you get an update on yours let me know... I was wondering if anyone had the same NOA2 date as us and I'm glad I found you
  14. I feel your pain and sadness and frustration. It's scary too think that something like this could be the tell all, end all. I wouldn't wish this upon anybody. I'll pray for you as I hope you'll do for me and maybe one day we'll both laugh at how much worrying we did for nothing. I hope that we both get a great CO who isn't judgmental. Best of luck to you and yours and if you ever want to talk or need any advice etc. I am a message away. BIG HUGS!
  15. Hello my fellow vj'ers, I'm sorry to bother you because I have previously posted about this situation and also my apologies for the length of the post. I got my NOA 2 a couple of weeks ago.. and now that we are hitting the second part of the process I am starting to get extremely freaked out about my I-275 that happened 8 years ago (My car was searched and they found a small leaf that tested positive for marijuana (yes very stupid I know, I did not realize it was in my car...seriously huge lapse in judgement...the biggest mistake I have ever made). The border officers had me sign form I-275 Withdrawal of Application for Admission. My question is will this incident from 7+ years ago cause my K1 to be denied? I had done my due diligence in the beginning of 2018 and went to the same Port of Entry (Peace Bridge) to confirm if I am still inadmissable to the United States and the border officer I was speaking with asked me a couple of questions and then told me that it has been a long time since I have tried to re-enter and that I was now Admissable. Since then I have gone to New York every other weekend with no issues at all.) I know that I was young and stupid and I'm so worried that an idiotic mistake like that will ruin my future with the love of my life. I've had a hard time with relationships over the years and I finally feel like I am in a partnership with somebody who truly makes me happy and now all I can think about is it potentially blowing up in my face and being left heartbroken. The amount of anxiety and stress I'm feeling is making me depressed. It hard certain days not to cry... and I'm so worried I'll burst into tears at the interview. I have grown so much as a person over the last 8 years and I am so scared that the old me is going to screw everything up. If you could offer any advice.. literally anything I feel like it may make me feel a bit better. PS. I did do an FOIA about 10 months ago and requested the actual documentation to the Withdrawal of Application for Admission.. do you think it would be a good idea to bring it with me to the interview? I guess my reasoning is that if they decide to get that information instead of having to wait months for them to get it I can bring it with me to speed up the process. Let me know if you think that's a good idea! If anybody out there, similar situation or not, could offer any good words/advice/opinions etc. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you advance and also Happy Valentines Day!!