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  1. I asked for an expedite based on a job offer. I included the job offer itself, my resume and a letter from my then soon-to-be-boss. It took a little more than a month but the expedite was approved. There really is no harm in trying. During these times it might take a little longer than a month but honestly it’s better then waiting 6 months or more.
  2. I used my AP back in June to travel to Canada. Had no issues coming back in. He will have to go to secondary (the usual) so they can parole him in, but aside from that he shouldn’t have any issues. I was like your husband terrified to use my AP but as soon as I used it the first time I was not worried anymore.
  3. I called them a second time and was met with the same response as a Canadian Citizen I am allowed to come and go as I please. I am not required to stay for 14 days but I must quarantine for the amount of time I do decide to stay.
  4. I called CBSA and the agent told me that as a citizen I am exempt from having to stay for 14 days. just to be on the safe side I may contact them again lol
  5. Oh yes most definitely need to quarantine. For piece of mind give them a call and ask and that way you know for certain and you may be able to visit your family after all!!
  6. I called CBSA today and as a Canadian Citizen you are exempt from having to stay for 14 days. However my husband, for example, who is not an Canadian citizen is not exempt and must stay for greater than 14 days. I read what you mentioned on their website and that’s why I called them to clarify. But my question isn’t about the Canadian border it is about being allowed back in to the US.... I wasn’t sure if there was some rules about me coming back home to New York.
  7. Hi All On October 28, 2020 I received my permanent residency card and am planning on traveling to Canada to visit my family. I know this has been answered before so I do apologize for the redundancy in my question. Will I be allowed back into the US after spending a weekend in Canada?? thank you in advance to those of you answering my question... it is greatly appreciated!
  8. I agree with you 100%. Most straight people disregard the feelings of the LGBTQ community and it’s disheartening and quite frankly awful. It is a huge concern (no matter where you get your news from)... something I have been thinking about a lot lately and trying to educate and advocate for those who need it. I pray everyday that this will not be an issue but it is still something that needs to be discussed. Your feelings are warranted. Just know that I, among many others, are here to fight for the rights of the LGBTQ community. You are never alone!!!
  9. Yes omg for the last 3 damn days I’ve been getting these emails. First: October 22, 2020 two emails as above went to my case status and it was updated twice 1. You have completed your interview and we are reviewing 2. New card in production... then it completely went away and said “case status is not available at this time” Second: October 23, 2020 two emails as above went to my case status and the two update from the first are gone and it is back to my July 10th interview has been scheduled notice Third: Today (October 24, 2020) one email went online to check no updates at all I’m getting so fed up with this. How could they toy with people like this? I got the new card is being produced and finally believed that I was on my way to getting my green card and all it was... was false hope. I’m heartbroken and in all honesty completely pissed off. I guess what bothers me the most is up until this point my case status was always updated correctly and then this 😡 Also I want to mention that on October 20th I had a second interview.. not stokes interview either. So all these updates really screwed with me. I feel so defeated by this entire process.
  10. Looks like it might have been an error, I am totally heartbroken... USCIS looks like it working again and it's back to my July 10, 2020 notification of interview ready to be scheduled. On October 22 I got two emails saying they have taken action on my case and then again this morning another two emails saying the same. This is what I saw on Thursday morning after checking case status.... I'm just about ready to lose all hope 😢
  11. Omg mine was good at around 11:00am my status updated to “new card being produced” and now it says “your case status is unavailable at time time”. I’m really hoping and praying that my “new card being produced” wasn’t just an error
  12. I didn’t notice a change but my status said “new card being produced” and now it says “your case status is unavailable at time time”. Kinda freaking out about it glitch? I hope!
  13. I had my first interview August 20. Just got this notice yesterday. Oddly enough he didn’t ask a single thing about our marriage during the first interview. He didn’t ask my husband a single question.He asked me all the yes or no questions from the I-485 and then of course the details of why I was denied entry in 2011... continued with 5-6 more of the yes or no questions..then he told us he would make a decision in a couple of days ... it was radio silence until this letter came in. We gave a massive amount of evidence: joint finances (banks, credit cards), joint bills (cell, electricity, insurance), Heath insurance, beneficiary to 401k and state retirement, we also gave him 100+ pictures of our big wedding, our civil ceremony, with family/friends, various vacations including honeymoon. We also added flight tickets, hotel itinerary’s with both our names and more. I kinda felt bad because the stack of paper I gave him was pretty big.
  14. No I haven’t heard anything from them since that interview. My USCIS online still says Interview Scheduled with a date stamp of July 10, 2020 which was for my initial interview on August 20th.
  15. Hi everyone. I got another interview notice. October 20... exactly two months to the date of our original interview on August 20. the interview notice looks just like the first one without the USCIS letter head and instead of saying initial interview it just says interview. see attached (marked out personal info). I have no idea what to make of this. I am going to call them on Monday to confirm and of course re-prep all my docs for this second interview.
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