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  1. A copy of the one you submitted.. That’s what i did when i had my interview.. i bring the copy of those and the original copy of the supporting documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate, passports, I-94 and others.. You’re welcome 😊
  2. Hello.. Even if you did submitted those papers (medical and affidavit of support) i will advice you to bring them on your interview.. The same medical and affidavit of support that you submitted with your application.. And comply all the lists from the notice they gave you.. It is better to complete all those papers than bringing nothing or incomplete papers on your interview.. You need to be ready 100%, so that if they request some papers or form you are ready..
  3. Hello everyone 😊 Goodmorning.. So, we had our interview last tuesday and it goes very smoothly, very well than i expected like a strict IO but no, the IO was so kind and she’s smiling all the time.. After entering the room she asked us to remain standing to do the oath and then after that she explains to me about the Combo card EAD/Travel Document and then She started asking questions about my I-485 application like what is my name, my other name before my marriage, my address, birthday, husband’s name and all the content of my Form I-485 and then she proceeds to the questions answering by yes or no and then after that she asked us about our relationship like how we met, when is our wedding, anniversaries, where is our wedding, who came to our wedding, did we talking about marriage before even when we are in LDR situation, what are we doing for fun for entertainment and then she even also asked about me if i’m pregnant 😁 She is cool, it feels like we talk like we are friends. Hehehehe!. And then done, although i did not approved on the spot but she said to me that i am most likely approved, and then afternoon of that tuesday I recieved an email from USCIS that my case change to “new card is being produced” and yesterday they sent me again an email it says “we approved your case”.. And it’s official.. I am so relief, and very happy.. Thanks to GOD for making this possible.. 😇🙏🏼 Goodluck to everyone who still waiting for their green card or interview.. God Bless everyone! ❤️ See you after 2 years 😁
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