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  1. The Hong Kong police will send it directly to the US embassy in Manila, unfortunately, you will not get a notification from either USEM or the Hong Kong police that it has been sent. However, you can reach out directly to the Hong Kong police and ask for a status. Our document was dropped off by our friend on 8/11/2021 and when I emailed HK police they confirmed that they sent the clearance to USEM on 8/25/2021. Here's the email I used ts-cncc-ib@police.gov.hk but I also see this one:cncc-enquiries@police.gov.hk , which is probably the updated one. Make sure to provide the information below when you're emailing them. 1) full name in English (SURNAME, given name) 2) HKID number (if applicable) 3) valid passport number 4) date of submission of application documents/our CNCC application number for your application
  2. Hi! Here's the website I used to gather all the required documents. After preparing all the documents, you can either mail it to the address given in the link or have someone in Hong Kong drop it off for you. My mom had a friend in Hong Kong, so we had her drop off the documents for us. Hope this helps! https://www.police.gov.hk/ppp_en/11_useful_info/cert_no_crime_overseas.html
  3. Has anyone brought documents to the interview with redacted sensitive information? If so, did you have any issues with this? My joint-sponsor is not too comfortable with me making hardcopies of their documents, so they were thinking of redacting some info like SSN. The uploaded documents will not be redacted on CEAC, only the printed copies.
  4. Has anyone gotten an interview for a B1/B2 visa at another consulate (located in another country), for example Singapore or Hong Kong? If so, what was the process like? Were you approved? Thanks.
  5. Thank you! Yes, I will bring everything. Just want to make sure that there won't be a problem since the documents are not accepted yet.
  6. Hi guys, can someone help me with my situation? I got DQ'd on May 27,2021 based on my petitioner and I's initial submission of documents. However, since my petitioner's income was not considered enough, I had to add a joint sponsor. I submitted all the documents for the joint sponsor and an additional civil document that they asked, but it has not been 'Accepted' on CEAC. I applied for an expedite early January and it got accepted. Here are my questions: - The joint sponsor's 2020 tax return document has not been uploaded because at the time we filled out the I-864, they haven't received the tax return. Should I still upload it right now to CEAC? - Can I still schedule the interview? - What happens when I show up for the interview and the other documents have not been 'Accepted' on CEAC? Thank you guys, I appreciate any feedback.
  7. Yes, I did! but I when I saw the posts, the slots were already gone. I was one hour late.
  8. Congratulations! Unfortunately I missed it again! Of course I missed it on the day that I decided to go to bed early
  9. Were you able to see if any interview slots opened up? I just checked it, still nothing.
  10. Is there an extra fee for a sputum test?
  11. Ok, that's reassuring. Thank you! I hope we all get an interview soon, it seems like it's becoming more difficult.
  12. Does anybody know what the DS-260 Expiration Date mean? I was looking around on my CEAC profile and noticed this. If I haven't done the interview and the DS-260 expires, would I have to fill out another one? Thank you!
  13. Hmm ok, that's good to know! Thank you!!
  14. May I ask why it took her 2 months to complete the medical? Why was she flagged for the SPUTUM test? Sorry, I'm not quite familiar with the process, I thought the medical exam only takes about 2 days according to the SLEC website. Thanks!
  15. I think if your case was expedited, then you can schedule the interview yourself. But if your case was not expedited, then you have to wait for NVC to schedule the interview. Most of us got an expedite request approved, so now yes, we are trying to schedule the interview.
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