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Found 19 results

  1. Hilarious moment of panic last night after I dropped my fiance off at the airport to fly back to America, and having left me with copies of all the forms I will need for my interview next Friday we realised she had mistakenly filled in form I-864 instead of I-134.....! 🤦🏻‍♂️😂 I know the I-134 form isn't mandatory for the interview, but I think it would be prudent to have it. My fiancé left me with all of her income/tax evidence along with the income/tax evidence of her parents (they are co-sponsoring me because she has been in and out of work this year so her latest return falls under the income amount guidelines...) so now we have a few questions: 1. How do we fill out the I –134 forms with parental co-sponsors in mind? If my fiancé's income falls under the guideline, should she even bother submitting one alone? Or should we just submit one form for each person (I.e. 3, one for her, one for her mom and one for her dad?) Or can we just count her parents as one person and submit 2 x forms? 2. Will it matter if she fills out the form and then emails it to me as she is now back in America? Will they care that her signature has been printed out? My interview is booked for next week so there's not really enough time to mail real documents over.... 3. Can I assume that I as the alien don't need to take any evidence of my own income/meagre savings along to the interview in the form of a bank statement or my own British tax returns? Given that I am supposed to be the one being sponsored, and will not be able to work for a while until my EAD? Or would they like to see that they at least have a little bit in the bank to get me through this period of unemployment, even if it's only a few thousand pounds? I'm kind of under the impression that, as long as we have these forms explaining what the tax returns/payslips/bank statements are saying, the consulate official will understand what we are trying to prove…?
  2. Apologies for the possibly stupid question but my fiance and I received our NOA-2 approval notice a few days ago. We are now currently waiting for any contact from my local embassy here in the UK to schedule a medical/interview etc, but I noticed that we had the approval number and that was all that was required to start working on my DS–160 form, so I went ahead and filled the whole thing in and submitted it today… Was that jumping the gun at all? Or is it fine seeing as it needs to be done *sometime* before the interview?? Just trying to speed things up a bit... Might also start working on my vaccinations/medical questionnaire/police check documentation while waiting for an embassy interview date too....!
  3. Hello All! I am just about ready to send my K-1 Visa petition; After spending all this time getting everything prepared and planning to get it out before today's last mail pick up for the week at 5 PM (I live in a small town ), something has been really nagging at me up until this last minute to not do this, but to file a CR-1 instead, and here's why: Even tho I was in Manila just a few weeks ago, I AM fortunately able to travel again almost anytime (this is also one of the times of year up until the Christmas season, where airfares are at their lowest), and my question is how long I should plan to be there to complete the entire marriage process from beginning to end? We would have a very simple civil wedding with her family and friends in attendance- Can I do this within about a 10 day or 2 week period? I have, as mentioned in previous posts, had 2 K-1 visas approved in the past, 2009 and 2014, and I have already completed my Multiple Filer Waiver Request Letter that I would need to send with the K-1 petition. I also have a minor criminal record (all more than 20 years ago now and all could even be simply borderline "infractions" but they were recorded as misdemeanors) however these are NONE that are considered the "Specified Crimes" list on the I-129F application. This form was revised last year and the previous forms did NOT ask about these minor crimes like they do now so now I must reveal them which is no problem. But when I contacted each court (there are a few different counties) and am told by each one that because the cases are so old there is a longer process in which they need time to search for these records. So instead of doing this, I simply typed a detailed account and explanation of each incident, including each disposition, to send in but I am afraid I may still get and RFE (or even NOID) because i did not submit the actual records and this may create possible delays. I see nowhere on the I-130 or I-130a forms or instructions any mention or request for info on these minor crimes and the I-130 form is the same filing fee of $535 as the I-129F. I see also that the processing times are getting closer to each other (CR-1 is still longer). Any feedback is welcome (the post office is only a few blocks away)!
  4. I submitted a question to a different forum category regarding the multiple filer waiver and was also commenting that I see that things have possibly changed since I filed previously (Twice: 2008 & 2014) and it was suggested that I sent some things with the initial I-129F that altho did not delay anything they were not necessary at that point- In the past I also included with the I-129F form both (Mine, the petitioner and hers, the beneficiary) of our G-325 / Biographical Info forms as well as my I-134 / Affidavit of Support form; Are these required at this point or are they to be submitted later? As I mentioned in my previous blog, both of my cases were approved within approx 7 months with no delays or issues... Thanks again much for your input!
  5. Are people sending their I-751 forms in with the G-1145 E-Notice form too? G-1145 gives electronic notification when the submitted petition is accepted. However, according to the USCIS website, it states: Special Instructions This service is only available for forms filed at our three Lockbox facilities located in Lewisville, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; and Phoenix, Arizona. https://www.uscis.gov/g-1145 So going by the above, any of the other Lockboxes won't be able to accept G-1145?
  6. Damirabouja


    Hello everybody,I would like to know what form I need to fill out i864 because there is many.thanks
  7. Hi, I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post but I got my green card through K-1 visa application (my wife is a citizen). I'm at the point where I need to remove the conditions on my green card and I have a question regarding how I list my country of nationality I'm from Northern Ireland and as such I am entitled to British and Irish citizenship. When I applied for my K1 and got my green card, I only held a British passport and so only put British down as my nationality. Since I've had my green card I have gotten an Irish passport (for easier travel in the EU...thanks Brexit...) I don't know if I need to declare myself as an Irish citizen now too, if I do but didn't previously will that affect my status? Will it cause issues if I don't declare it? I'm due to apply ro remove my conditions in August.
  8. Okay so I am needing some guidance here. I don't see that this is a problem, but wanting to add ease of mind. Evidence of support for the I-134 form require bank accounts, etc. Let me say up front that my salary alone can support my fiance. I have a bank account that has my money in it, but it's been under my father's account name for over 11 years. I was going to pull it out soon and move it to another account but never did. When I go to get the statements for the previous year it just has my father's name on the statement's and just my account nick name next to my account. I recently moved my funds to another account which shows my name on it. However, I have no previous year transactions because I moved it. What steps should I potentially take to avoid interview issues for my fiance IF this will even be a problem, because again my salary alone can support her. If this is confusing, let me know and I will try to explain further.
  9. Hi all, my partner's dad received a job offer; the only thing is we'll be using him as a co-sponsor for the I-134 soon. Does this jeopordise things? It's a job offer (a positive thing, with better pay), he's not getting the sack or anything, but my partner's worried about him accepting it because they say he must prove long-term employment. But I argue that you can be retired and still a co-sponsor, and that it's fine. Am I wrong? I think he should take it. Thanks!
  10. Hello, so to my understanding, if my mailing address and physical address are the same then I should not repeat my physical address in "Physical address 1" is that correct? If so, I have 2 previous physical addresses besides the current one, do I fill in the previous addresses starting with the "Physical Address 1"? If not explain to me please. Thank you!
  11. Hi! I am basically a Filipino national. I have an english name which is what I use and is indicated in all documents related to me including my Philippine passport. I have a HK permanent residency card but it includes my chinese name along with my english name. That being said, it appears that my chinese name in chinese character is my "other name" however the DS-160 form only accepts non-alphabet characters on the "Full name in native alphabet" field. And as I understood that "Full name in native alphabet" should have my full name in english since thats what I really use. Placing my chinese name there will be more confusing. Has anyone been into the same situation as me? Any advice? Some people told me just not to include my chinese name. I'm probably overthinking. LOL
  12. I'm about to petition for my fiancée using a K-1 Visa I-129F form. I noticed that they used to require a form G-325A (Biographic Information) for both the petioner and beneficiary. However, the G-325A form is no longer listed in the government's I-129F page: https://www.uscis.gov/i-129f Nor on the I-129F checklist: https://www.uscis.gov/system/files_force/files/form/m-1151.pdf?download=1 Does this mean it's no longer required for a K-1 Visa application? It appears that's the case but I just want to make sure before I mail the packet so I don't get it returned.
  13. Hi, My 2 years green card is expired and i already had biometric and fingerprint for my 10 years one. I will go back to my country ( Vietnam ) next week but I don't have the I 751 Receipt notice which let me have 1 more extended year so I can travel outside the US and go back. They didn't give me the sticker in the back of my expired green card . Now I have only my 2 year green card ( without the sticker ) and the form I 797C notice of action and the red seal they put on it . Is it ok for me to travel and go back with the expired green card and the form I 797C ? Or what should I do ? Thank you .
  14. One document on the list to be brought to the medical examination is a medical history form. How do I get this form? I recall filling one out and sending it to the NVC which would mean they are going to send it to the embassy so how do I get this form on the day of my medical exam?
  15. For some reason the form we downloaded doesn't run smoothly. I've tried downloading it again, straight from the uscis website, but again i have issues. 1) It doesn't save everything. Some boxes will be blank next time it is opened. 2) Some boxes can not be clicked on at all. For example, 38.a name of previous spouse. can not be clicked on at all. we only want to add N/A. Why is this so hard. I just do not know what i am doing wrong, how hard should it be to fill in boxes!
  16. Hello everybody, Looking for some advice regarding the I-134 that needs to be sent in to the embassy for the K-1 visa application. My Fiance has a minor son and we want to get the visa for him as well. we included him on the I129F application already, but now I am not sure abut the I-134 form. I believe that I read somewhere that children need a separate form, although I just called USCIS (Tier1) and was told that I should fill out only 1 form (but want to double check). Does anybody have any experience with it? Your help is appreciated. Have a nice day, Mark
  17. I recently got married in Chile and I am filling out the form I-130 for an alien relative. There is not a USCIS office in this country so I understand that we need to mail the form to the USA. I am currently living with my wife in Chile while we wait for the visa process so we can enter the US together. My question is, which address should I use on the form for my mailing address? My California address or my temporary address in here in Chile? Thank you. Ricky&Ros
  18. Hello, My husband and I received a request for additional evidence after we sent our I-175 package last year. We are assembling the new package and I was wondering if we would need to send the I-175 form again. The RFE letter doesn't say so, but I just wanted to make sure. Thank you!
  19. Hello everyone. My husband and I got married in Brazil, last July. I'm a Green Card holder (permanent resident). As soon as I got back to the U.S., I applied for his immigration petition. He already has a receipt number, as well as priority date. We just bought his flight ticket to the U.S. in order to visit me in december, so that we can spend Christmas together. He changed his surname position on his birth certificate just before our marriage (because I want it to be our family name): He placed his middle name at the end of it, being now his last name (e.g.: "John Smith Mclane" changed to "John Mclane Smith"). Our marriage certificate applied for the petition is accordingly with it (his new name). However, his passport and tourist Visa contains his previous surname's order. Both names were informed in the Forms (I-130, I-130a), as maiden name and married name.We filled his flight ticket according to his passport and tourist Visa (maiden name). Since I will already have started his immigration petition under his new name, we don't want it to be an issue for him when passing through the immigration to visit me. Does he have to change his surname on his passport - updating it - before he comes in December? Or it will be enough if he just carry our marriage certificate, in case of an issue? His passport and tourist visa only expire in 2021. Thank you so much in advance, for any and all responses.