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  1. @jadmac: My current and previous employers usually ask their chambers of commerce for help with transnational taxation and employment issues. That was in Germany and Austria. Not sure where you're from, maybe there are similar institutions that offer similar services to employers?
  2. Especially when it comes to marrying foreigners. Some places seem to have very little experience with that and get hung up when the foreigner can't present a U.S. ID, birth certificate, and SSN. Luckily you can shop around and pick a place that will accommodate you. I just wish we could also pick and chose between USCIS centers.
  3. I don't think it will raise questions. It's normal for married couples to have joint savings accounts. Since this account is so new it just won't be considered strong evidence for financial co-mingling.
  4. Having legal commitments in or towards the U.S. does not prevent one from moving abroad. That applies to sponsors, too. In general, the United States are picky about who they let in, but they will hardly ever prevent anybody from leaving, except for criminal cases and maybe some other rare circumstances.
  5. I admire your loyalty, but please make sure you approach taking care of you wife with the right mindset. You cannot help her, let alone take care of her, against her will. If she is not on board you will only antagonize her while burning yourself out. Even if you are on the same page — taking care of a family member with mental illness is stressful and can burn you out. Especially if it's on top of a full-time job. Be realistic with your commitments and don't hesitate to scale back when necessary. "Put your own oxygen mask on first, before helping others." I'd recommend you look for self-help groups or forums for family members of bipolars. They can tell you what works and what doesn't and can point you to resources.
  6. Yes, they also have the AB 60 "for individuals who are unable to provide proof of legal presence in the United States". Not sure if they issue those as IDs too, or only as drivers licenses. I'd always try to get the Real ID first, though. OP should look at the checklist below and see if they can provide any of the documents listed there. https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/driver-licenses-identification-cards/real-id/how-do-i-get-a-real-id/real-id-checklist/
  7. I've worked from Europe (Germany) for a week earlier this year, on a personal trip. No visa necessary because I'm a German citizen. As a UK citizen you should have no legal problems working from the UK. Not sure about the rest of Europe, now after Brexit. Taxes should not be a problem either, at least I've never noticed any tax effects from my frequent work trips to various countries in the past. In the end, though, your employer does not have to let you work from Europe, even if there are no tax or liability problems.
  8. Congratulations to getting married! Have you already applied for a Greencard (I-485 Adjustment of Status)? You could also just go ahead and apply for an ID online and see if they accept your documents. https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/driver-licenses-identification-cards/dl-id-online-app-edl-44/
  9. That's what the USCIS announcement sounds like: It'll probably take them at least a few weeks to send out the new receipt notices.
  10. Ich glaube, das DS-3025 ist fuer alle Pflicht. Ich habe mein DS-3025 damals vom Arzt erhalten, aber erst auf Nachfrage.
  11. Wusste gar nicht, dass das geht — Namensänderung ohne Eheschliessung.
  12. Bei mir hat es damals auch etwa 2 Wochen gedauert. Wir haben unsere Ehe damals über die Botschaft beim deutschen Standesamt registrieren lassen, weil wir irgendwann wieder zurück nach Deutschland ziehen wollen.
  13. Klar, man kann auch ohne SSN leben, aber viele Sachen sind mit SSN viel unkomplizierter, z. B. Fuehrerschein, Steuererklaerung und alles was mit Banken und Kredit zu tun hat.
  14. Ich habe meine kurz nach der Einreise beantragt, meiner Erinnerung nach sogar noch vor der Trauung. Du kannst die SSN entweder mit deinem K1-Visum beantragen oder mit EAD/Greencard. Ersterers geht nur innerhalb der Gueltigkeit des Visums, minus ca. 2 Wochen. Wenn man diese Frist verpasst, muss man warten, bis man EAD oder Greencard bekommen hat. Das ist problematisch, weil in Amerika viele Dinge ohne SSN nur sehr schwer oder gar nicht gehen. Die SSA beschaeftigt viele Trottel, die die K1-Regelung nicht kennen und deswegen Probleme machen. Dann entweder hartnaeckig bleiben oder es bei einem anderen Office versuchen.
  15. Meine Frau (Amerikanerin) hat ihre Namensaenderung nach Lust und Laune gemeldet, wenn es sich ergeben hat. Auf Pass, SS-Karte und einigen Kreditkarten steht immer noch ihr alter Name, auf anderen Karten ihr neuer. Das ist manchmal verwirrend, aber bisher noch nie ein echtes Problem gewesen.
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