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  1. It should be noted that this does not only apply to US government jobs. Even some private sector jobs require citizenship. Or more specifically, they require a security clearance that is only granted to citizens.
  2. Was hast du denn vor? Für Bewerbungen in Amerika brauchst du normalerweise keine Zeugnisse, sondern Referenzen, also Telefonnummern. Ich würde erstmal nichts übersetzen lassen, außer wenn du schon weißt, dass du es brauchen wirst.
  3. RLA

    obtaining SSN (split topic)

    No need to wait two weeks anymore. Just go apply as soon as convenient.
  4. Not exactly sure what you mean by "documents we received on the K1 visa". Anyway, you don't need to submit any of the old I-20s or I-94s, only the most recent one.* Just follow USCIS' instructions. * Except maybe if your wife did (or is suspected to have done) something back then that might make her ineligible to adjust status now. In that hypothetical case, old documents might help to clear things up.
  5. Zumindest meine Instruktionen verlangten die "original completed and signed form".
  6. That is technically true, although shared residency is important evidence for a bona fide marital relationship. And failure to establish shared residency would raise suspicion, e.g., when your and your spouse's IDs show different addresses. My interview invitation lists the following as suitable relationship evidence: Tax returns Bank statements Insurance documents (car, life, health) Property documents (car, house, etc.) Rental agreements Utility bills Credit cards Contracts Leases Photos Correspondence Any other documents you feel may substantiate your relationship
  7. For people who just want to remain in the U.S. as long as possible and extract as much money as possible, for those people it might indeed be an advantage. For people who approach their career in a more deliberate and forward-looking way, long periods of uncertainty are discouraging, as they are for employers. So, I guess the mercenary types might benefit while the high-grade professionals will be put off.
  8. RLA

    SSN for K1

    It used to, but they switched to an all-electronic system in June 2018. Now, that should happen almost instantaneously.
  9. Unfortunately, many SSA officers are pretty clueless about fiancé visa holders. As others said, you can try to persuade your officer, or you can try your luck with another officer.
  10. Gotcha, that makes more sense. Indeed, only one of those actions has the potential to cause bodily harm to others.
  11. So in your opinion, 90% of all drivers (those who drive the usual 10 mph over the speed limit) are dishonest people? IDK, I find this kind of moralizing out of place here. Sure, working without prior authorization is unlawful. But the lawmakers made it pretty clear that they consider it a very minor infraction.
  12. That was probably a mistranslation (any/some). Some engineering jobs require citizenship and security clearance, most don't. If citizenship is required it will say so in the job posting.
  13. I guess the Professional Engineer (PE) is America's equivalent to the British Chartered Engineer. You need it for senior positions in engineering design and consultancy, but not necessarily for production management and the like. Look at some job postings to see if a PE is required for the kind of positions you're aiming for. To get your PE license, you typically need Engineer-in-training (EIT) status plus professional experience, references, and a completed PE exam. To gain EIT status, you typically need a degree, references, and a completed FE exam ("fundamentals in engineering"). If your degree is not American or ABET certified you might also need some professional experience just to sit for the FE exam. Your 5+ years should be good enough, though. You might also need to do a TOEFL test before the FE exam. To get a general overview go to https://ncees.org. For specific requirements go to your state's licensing board (as @missileman said). That might not be necessary for the PE license, but do check your state's regulations. It'll probably also be necessary if you want to get an advanced degree here. Probably not. Here in Virginia definitely not.