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  1. In case this is of help to anyone else, I had the same experience as @InspectorGrover and was informed by my IO today that a name change in court/in front of a judge is not necessary at naturalization if you're wanting to take the last name of your spouse. The marriage cert is proof of the name change. As such, I was able to change my last name and complete same day oath today! So happy to have reached the end of this journey and wish everyone the very best!
  2. Thank you. Does it make sense to do this in advance of my N--400 interview? If it won't cause any issues (I applied using my maiden name) then that might be exactly what I do next!
  3. Same day oath is priority - I've just seen posts stating that taking a spouse's last name doesn't constitute a legal name change so wanted to know if both could be done that same day.
  4. Hi there. I have my N-400 interview (likely combo with pending I-751) coming up and wanted to ask for clarification around name change. All of my documents to date are in my maiden name but I'm interested in taking my husband's last name from this point onwards. There seems to be some conflicting posts around whether this requires a legal name change or not. I'm hoping to do a same day oath so wondering if keeping my maiden name at naturalization and then changing through a court order at a later date would be a better option? Thanks in advance!
  5. Also waiting for the new extension letter... Nov 2020 filer with pending N-400 since July 2022.
  6. No sign of it yet. But I did make an Infopass for the ADIT stamp a couple of weeks ago.
  7. May I ask whether your status before the card ordering was "fingerprints" or "ready to be scheduled for interview?" Thank you and congrats!!!
  8. I'm in the same boat as you, @Utah123 - I filed I-751 in Nov 2020, was a dreaded YSC, but then my case was transferred in Sept 2022 following my N-400 (Orlando) application. I was at the biometrics stage when my case was at YSC and am back there again now my case is at (I assume) NBC. Can anyone weigh in? Is it unusual not to move to the "ready to be scheduled for interview" status?
  9. Same here. July 27 filer and impatiently awaiting an interview in Orlando. Wishing an update for both of us soon!
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