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  1. Great news and congrats! Did you ever get the 48 extension letter before they approved your case status?
  2. Did you get moved forward for an interview date for n400?
  3. Received my 48-month extension letter today, same here my ROC status is not available How did that go?
  4. Like what I read here - hope to see your n400 experience soon : )
  5. Congrats!! I just wish that they would move my case, no updates so far -,- the wait continues How did you find the interview? Any challenging parts? Keep us posted of your N400 if you're going for it : )
  6. That's nice - the whole thing sounds like someone has reviewed your case and agreed on getting you an interview! I check my case status from time to time, even tho I am preparing for the usual 1 year wait, hopeful for some updates soon since LA office at least moved your case. Keep us posted of your progress, how the interview went etc. Best of luck with your interview
  7. That's sweet! I am having a similar timeline as yours - I had my bio appt Apr 28 but I haven't been notified for interview. Which location are you going for interview? Did you do anything to expedite your case?
  8. I would see if they would respond by June 10 since they were about to share a specific date if not, I would call their hotline to ask for an update bc
  9. Aren't you qualified for n400 by now? usually people get their i751 cases moved along w n400 from what i read, unless you dont want to become a citizen otherwise, I would call their service line to clarify with them bc they extended 18months the first time then another 24months but you said both letters only reflected extension from Oct 2020, in this case you could remind them politely your case is x months left to outside normal processing time, they normally would tell you to wait as there is still a few months but I think they will start review your case once you reminded them. In the meantime, you could ask to set an appointment for I551 stamp for 1 year extension, if they say its too early to do that then ask to have your extension reflect to 42months [18+24 months, tell them you received the letters twice]. I agree w others that you wont lose your job just bc your gc is expired, in fact if it does happen, you can tell them you will risk losing your job in x month bc your case is still not yet being reviewed, then they will have to respond by giving you I551 extension or review your case. However, as far as i understand this would not happen bc even if you change jobs when your i751 is not yet processed, you just need to show your new employer your SSN card + driver license to meet requirements on I-9 employment verification - thats it, nothing to do w your expired gc. This happened to me after 3 months in the US, they had not sent me my gc, I called a zillion times to f/u w them for 3 months, they kept telling me to wait as they changed the gc production time to 120 days [in the past it used to be within 90 days and most people get it in 2-3 weeks w their SSN, in my case, I had nothing sent to me and had to f/u many many many many times ] upon entry during covid time, until the last time I said its less than 1 month of the production window, the agent over the phone still told me to wait bc there is still a few weeks left per gc production window, about 3 weeks later I got my card. So I guess on the surface, they would say they cant do anything, but on the back, for sure they are looking at your case - thats my guess. This is not a professional advice though, look at your application details, do what is appropriate for you.
  10. This is so exciting - finally no need to worry about the 751 status, just one focus on n400 for you now and its pretty much the finish line!!!! Good to know they were all reasonable documents to present for a case. You're the first person I know here had status moved without interview since they have the new policy. Another person has their case approved under a year but still went through an interview for 751. But honestly nice to see more positive outcomes with the process. Let us know how it goes for your n400! Thanks for sharing, it helped me feel mentally less stressed
  11. just one bit I want to learn about your case - you haven't submitted n400 either right? bc a lot of cases get moved when they filed n400
  12. thats awesome - congts!! looks like they really implemented the risk based approach on approving cases. May I know if you have submitted sufficient supporting documents in a way they rely on them to approve your case? I'm fingers crossed for mine
  13. I have my bio appt completed yesterday - smooth process - I checked myself in, I asked if they could correct the typo in my first name. As many experienced the ASC is not able to change that, so I made sure I verified with the staff there that they had inputted my name with correct spelling on the form provided by them.
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