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  1. What visa class are you applying for? If you are already married she can visit you under ESTA, she would be exempt under the presidential proclamation of the novel Coronavirus. I don’t think your should file F1 just to speed things up. More headache and paperwork later.
  2. It took us 18 months to receive visa in hand, one day before they closed the embassy due to COVID-19. As USCIS and NVC are currently staffed to bare minimum I’d say be more patient.
  3. I can confirm that I received a txt and tracking number when the embassy shipped the visa package and it arrived within 12 hours to Gothenburg.
  4. Those of you residing in Sweden. Did you receive a txt when passport was ready for pickup or a slip in the mailbox?
  5. That is excellent news! This is what the embassy site states.
  6. Looks like the embassy has cancelled all appointments March 16 - April 30th
  7. I brought my yellow book from vårdcentralen. It’s not in English and was fine. I did get a tetanus shot at the clinic after my medical exam. Cost of 300SEK
  8. That’s the same certificate we submitted to NVC and it got accepted.
  9. Both Stockholm and Gothenburg Medical exams are now around 5000SEK
  10. We are doing the CR-1 route and we are currently on day 513 and counting since filing from abroad. No expedite and no delays just ended up at the Nebraska service center.. So choose wisely
  11. Finally one step closer for us as well. DQ = Jan 10th IL = Jan 23rd ID = Feb 25th
  12. Thank you for this. Been searching everywhere for this info. We are DQ Jan 10 so this gives us a good estimate 😊
  13. I hope so, but I think they just made the price change. The shot was for Tetanus (Stelkramp) as they only last 10 years. So get that done at vårdcentralen just in case they charge you.
  14. I was expecting to pay 4950kr as advertised on their website but I was charged 3750kr. I wasn’t charged for the shot.
  15. Medical done today in Gothenburg and here is the timeframe. 09:30 Check in 09:32 Nurse came and took blood pressure, blood sample, urine test, height/weight and eyesight check. 10:00 Meet with Dr. We went through my medical history, checked my reflexes and breathing. he looked at my vaccinations and I had to take one shot. I handed him the two passport photos required. 10:30 I was sent to Carlanderska sjukhuset for X-ray. Dr provided me a note (remiss) for the hospital. Here I found out that people sent from Dr Einar get a vip treatment and will cut through the line. 10:45 Two X-ray pictures taken 11:00 I received a USB stick of X-ray results that must be given to the CBP officer on arrival. All and all a very pleasant and quick experience.
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