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  1. My husband was able to add me without a ssn. They just requested a copy of our marriage certificate.
  2. Yes, check got cashed and got NOA in mail a few days after that. This is my timeline so far: Package Delivered: 09/03/2019 Checks cashed: 09/12/2019 NOA date: 09/10/2019 NOA (received in the mail): 09/16/2019 Bio.Appt: 09/30/2019
  3. I had an issue with this. After I went in for biometrics my status never changed, or so I thought. When I checked in the case file website it just showed Fingerprint Fee Received. Someone here suggested to check the https://myaccount.uscis.gov/ and over there it did update. So now status is Fingerprint Review Was Completed since October 1st (my biometrics were 09/30). You could try and do that if it hasn't updated in the case file website, check USCIS website and viceversa since it can happen both ways.
  4. If you want to, not necessary though. My husband went with me because our office is a few hours away from where we live so he had to drive me. He sat down and waited for a bit. Took less than 10 minutes and we were out.
  5. I'd give it a few more days. We sent ours through UPS. After the package was delivered it took around 10 days for the checks to be cashed, and I've seen other cases were it takes a bit longer. If you want you can just double check that the address is right. For FedEx, UPS, and DHL deliveries: USCIS Attn: FBAS 131 South Dearborn - 3rd Floor Chicago, IL 60603-5517
  6. It might get blocked as others have mentioned, but just so you know my husband was able to add me to his insurance without a SSN.
  7. Regarding the checks. It's probably because they're adjusting from another status other than K1, for which you have to pay $535 for I-130.
  8. Wow. Well good to know it's so inconsistent. I'll keep checking both
  9. It worked! It changed from received to reviewed 10/01 smh. I'll just keep using this website. Thank you so much for the tip @MrArnold
  10. I had mine done 9/30 and it hasn't changed. Read around the forum that sometimes it happens.
  11. I've been checking out the K1 AOS thread since I didn't see one here. Here's our timeline so far: Filed: 09/03/2019 NOA: 09/10/2019 Bio.Appt: 09/30/2019
  12. You can get a translation here, USCIS asks that the translator must certify that the translation is accurate to the best of his or her ability and that he or she is competent to translate. Once you get your green card you no longer need an EAD. Good luck!
  13. It didn't in my case. Mine was in Santa Rosa, CA. There was just 1 person before me. We got there pretty early because we live 4 hours away so we wanted to make sure we wouldn't be late.
  14. Went to biometrics appointment today. Appointment was at 10 am but arrived around 8:30. Everything done in around 10 min.
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