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  1. Got update today : case is ready to be scheduled for an interview . Local office boston.
  2. I tried to do maybe 5 times that temporary password. You should try log in with a last created temporary password.
  3. Finally they unlocked my account. Scheduled for August 12 ....
  4. My account is also frozen from friday. Already called and email them. They told me i have to wait up to 72 hours. Thats insane!
  5. I didnt take any hold. I were completing ds form and preparing. My fiancee payed visa fee before that emaim. I wasnt actually expecting any emai from them. So just continue process.
  6. I did receive email from embassy like 10 days after they received a case. In email was saying that i can continue processing my case like filling ds form, scheduling interview , medical etc. also it was encluded scanned 129f with approved stamp and IMBRA brochure
  7. I did not want to wait until today. on Wednesday and Thursday there were no vacancies at all in June or July. Just today i can see options for August.
  8. Yes i completed DS-160 form 3 days ago. My fiancee paid visa fee last week. I tried to booked interview on wednesday and yesterday it was saying me that no avaialbe dates. I woked up today and try to booked and i see closest day is august 7.
  9. They are closed till monday. Just dont know if i should book now or wait till monday.
  10. Im gonna try to call them. My petition is good through August 3. But that's how it looks now:
  11. Just checking the closest date for an interview and in Kiev and its August 7. Thats insane. Compared to another VJ timelines i see that everyone had an interview 7-15 days after case was received by embassy. Do you think it might get closer date or should i booked august?
  12. I got my case # and the customer service person told me that case is in administrative processing . What doest it mean?
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