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    Met my wife on a dating site last year. We talked, Viber'd, Skyped for 2+ hours everyday. I finally went to Vietnam for the first time in September 2016 to meet her. We spent a glorious 2 weeks together that cemented our love for each other. I then went back in Feb. 2017 where we were engaged in Cam Ranh. We can't wait to be together soon.

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  1. It came from the VJ autobot. I think it takes your timeline information and extrapolates on other cases to give an estimate.
  2. Ours has been the same. Went from May to October and then December and now back to September lol
  3. Good luck and be patient! We filed ours in April and it was recieved in 4/23, but didn't get the NOA paper until June. They did apply the fingerprints from AOS, so we get to skip that step!
  4. Congrats! We were updated on our status that biometrics were added. I guess from previous fingerprints during AOS.
  5. Hey everyone, so we sent an email to the lockbox address on May 24th. Well, we recieved our NOA's in the mail today. So just keep your eyes open, yours will come!
  6. We filed a non delivery notice on the website and their reply was they would respond by 6/14 lol. Sent another email to the lockbox this morning. Looks like we are all waiting for the same thing!
  7. Fingers crossed that this is the letter you're waiting for! Today is officially 30 days, so I'll have to email support to get ours.
  8. We sent our package in mid April. USCIS recieved it and cashed the check on April 23. We are still waiting for the notification letter. Hope everyone's process flows smoothly!
  9. Exactly this. My wife got the judicial one.
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