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  1. Yes, we did receive a U.S. Passport and U.S. Passport Card for both of our daughters - applying via a local U.S. Post Office. Our 17 year old daughter's passport was approved and returned to us in less than three weeks. However, our 15 year old daughter's passport application was tougher due to her being under 16 years of age which requires extra documentation. The U.S. Passport office corresponded with us requesting additional information to include: 1) A signed DS-3050, Statement of Consent, signed by the biological father. (Had the Post Office clerk advised us to submit my (step father) legal guardianship documents, this may not have been necessary.) 2) Evidence that shows that the daughter was "in the sole or joint legal custody of your U.S. citizen parent pursuant to lawful admission for permanent residence." 3) “Early public records issued at or near the time of your birth which show your name and the names of your parent(s) such as hospital, religious, medical or insurance records. The birth document you submitted was recorded more than one year after the birth occurred.” We did provide the passport office with the additional requested information and received a U.S. Passport three weeks after submission. In hindsight, we should have waited a few months until our second daughter reached 16 years of age and then submitted the passport application. This would have saved us the trouble of obtaining copies of documents (and translations) from the Dominican Republic (which had been originally prepared and submitted to USCIS for our I-130 application). All of the issues raised by the passport office regarding the younger daughter also applied to the older daughter, but we did not have to submit the extra documents for the older daughter. The passport office promptly returned all of our supporting original documents which we submitted. The Passport office kept the Xerox copies that we also provided with the originals. Wishing you a speedy non-eventful application process!!
  2. Good to know for the future passport application submissions for our children! Thank you!
  3. The Post Office agents, in accordance with the Passport application instructions online, will not accept a copy of the mother's Naturalization Certificate with the daughters' applications. We had to submit the original naturalization certificate with the mother's passport application. When the mother's passport was delivered (in five week) and certificate returned, we again included the original certificate along with the #1 Daughter's passport application; her passport was delivered in three weeks (paying only the normal processing fee). Today, we applied for #2 Daughter's passport, and we again included the mother's original naturalization certificate. The Naturalization Certificate has been carefully cared for during the passport processing; it has now been twice returned to us without any damage, folding, or wrinkles. We were advised that if we sent all three passport applications together, they would still be separated and handled independently - causing long delays in the processing due to each application requiring the mother's original naturalization certificate.
  4. It took us five weeks to get the mother's U.S. passport, applying though a Post Office. We just applied for #1 Daughter's passport. We had to wait until her mother's passport had been issued and her original Naturalization Certificate returned. Then we submitted the mother's original naturalization certificate with the daughter's passport application. (This is so tedious. We will wait until the certificate is returned a second time, then apply for #2 Daughter's passport. The powers to be will not allow us to batch process three passport applications; the USCIS site says each passport application may go to different offices). And yes, we had to submit the Green Cards with the passport applications. So, no Green Card as secondary evidence to prove citizenship via naturalization of the mother in the event the daughters' passports are lost or not renewed for some reason long after I am dead (but, free of all the USCIS requirements :-). It was a bit difficult to surrender the 10-year Green Cards. It took us 409 days to get them via the I-751 process. We had them for less than a year. But, seeing a U.S. Passport in hand is such a great feeling after working our way through the I-130, NVC, Embassy Interview, I-751, and N-400 processes. Best wishes to all here!!
  5. We received the U.S. Passport, U.S. Passport Card, and Naturalization certificate on the same day in three separate envelopes - exactly five weeks from submission of passport application at post office in Virginia.
  6. Yes, your daughter can still "return to the U.S." with a valid Green Card and foreign passport; she still needs her foreign passport to travel to other countries. Know that if and when you apply for her U.S. passport, you will have to submit her Green Card with her U.S. Passport application. So, she would not be able to travel during the 6-8 week (normal processing time) U.S. Passport application process. (We applied for one of my wife's daughters passport yesterday, and the Post Office agent took her Green Card to submit with the DS-11 application.)
  7. Unfortunately, based on her circumstances that you describe, the answer is NO. She does not meet the N-600 application condition of residing in the U.S. with you. You say that your wife's child will be returning to the U.S. after middle school. At that time, you will have plenty of time to use the N-600 application process before your step daughter turns 19. Extract of N-600 Application Instructions: If you are claiming U.S. citizenship after birth, but before you reached 18 years of age, the law in effect when the last qualifying condition was met is the law that applies to you. Generally, the conditions are listed below. These conditions must be met before you turn 18 years of age: 1. Your parent must be a U.S. citizen; 2. You must be the biological child of that U.S. citizen parent; 3. You must be lawfully admitted to the United States for lawful permanent residence; and 4. You must be living in the United States in the legal and physical custody of your U.S. citizen parent.
  8. We never saw this spreadsheet before; if we did, we would certainly would have entered our dates. Very well done to whomever painstakingly and accurately mined this information from our posts! Hope you all get interview dates soon.
  9. We had to cut our summer vacation short in the Dominican Republic because our oath ceremony was unexpectedly scheduled for early July - just three weeks after our interview. We didn't think that our oath ceremony would held until August or September at the earliest. Fortunately, we paid $106 extra for the Allianz Global Assistance flight insurance offered when purchasing four American Airline tickets. So, we had to purchase new flight tickets to return home two weeks earlier than planned for the oath ceremony. We submitted a claim to Allianz to recoup the cost of our original return flight family tickets. When submitting this claim, we included a copy of the N-445 Notice of Naturalization Oath Ceremony from DHS. Allianz recognized the N-445 as a "Legal Proceeding" and refunded our total airline $1400 ticket purchase cost today. So, we recommend the Allianz flight insurance if you need to travel while waiting for your Oath Ceremony notification. You will need to submit a copy of your N-445 and "paid receipts" for both original and revised flight ticket costs. Everything is done online, scanning and posting these travel docs on Allianz web site. Easy to follow instructions provided at web site. Wishing each of your a speedy interview and oath ceremony. Thank you for helping us make it through this long and very often frustrating journey.
  10. We had our Oath Ceremony yesterday in Alexandria, VA capping a long journey -- six month I-130 Alien Petition process, followed by another six month process with the NVC in Vermont, then a 409 day I-751 approval process. The N-400 process was relatively quick; applied in January, had interview on 15 June, followed by oath on 9 July. The N-445, Notice of Naturalization Oath Ceremony notice had us reporting at 8:30 a.m. We arrived at 7:45 and there were already hundreds in line ahead of us. 300 people were sworn in. We were told another 300 would have another oath ceremony in the afternoon. 8:30 - 10:00 am for registration. 10:00 - 10:45 am for the actual oath ceremony. 11:00 to deal with any corrections to the Certificates of Naturalization. The local county election officials were on hand to register new citizens to vote. Guidance given on a number of subjects, e.g., notifying the Social Security Administration, passport applications, etc. Wishing everyone a speedy interview and oath ceremony.
  11. Wow, the 4th of July will be an extra special holiday for your family in the years ahead. Congrats.
  12. We also had our interview at the Fairfax office on June 15th. We received our N-445 (Notice of Naturalization Oath Ceremony). Our oath ceremony will be on Tuesday, July 9th at the Bryant Alternative High School, Alexandria.
  13. We would appreciate any advice on Postponing our Oath Ceremony, please. Wife breezed through her interview on 15 June, at the Fairfax, VA Washington Field office. Today, we received the N-445, Notice of Naturalization Oath Ceremony (Alexandria, VA). We are really shocked that the oath ceremony is set for 9 July, just a few weeks following the interview. The only issue is that my wife and children are on vacation in the Dominican Republic. What do you think? Cut her vacation short and fly back to take the oath as scheduled? Or, send in an explanation that she is on vacation, requesting a ceremony oath on later date? I'm wondering if the immigration officer receiving our explanation may erroneously think that the oath is not important to us. Or, if we may not get a new oath ceremony appointment for months.
  14. SORRY to hear that you didn't get a decision. Our interview went very fast, 22 min, in and out with approval.
  15. Thank you for your help here 🙂 Yes, we know that this is an optional step, i.e., the N-600 Certificate of Citizenship for our two teens. We have really researched this, and, would rather not spend $1170 for each application. But (as I stated in another forum here), we considered that the current administration is doing everything that it can do to reduce legal immigration. Recently, a number of U.S. Citizens (immigrants) had their U.S. Passports revoked or not renewed. Should our daughters lose their U.S. passports decades from now and run into obstacles getting a replacement passport, they would have to provide the following original documents to prove U.S. Citizenship via mother's naturalization. Your foreign birth certificate listing your parent(s) Your parent(s)’ naturalization certificate Evidence of your permanent residence status. Examples include: Permanent Resident Card/Green Card Foreign passport with the original I-551 visa entry stamp Your parents' marriage certificate (if your parents were married when you legally entered the U.S. and before your 18th birthday) Documentation of legal custody (if your parents were not married when you legally entered the U.S.) Evidence of your legitimation (if your parents were not married at the time of your birth). Examples include: Your parents' marriage certificate dated after your birth Certified court order of legitimation When I saw the above list, I cringed. Having to go through this is like reliving our long I-130 and I-751 frustrating journeys. I don't want our daughters to have to face this possibility. And, as much as I love them, I don't think that they are responsible enough to save all of these original documents for the rest of their lives as a back-up to losing a passport. 😉
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