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  1. Under the Documents Tab of your Application for Naturalization, there is an Unsolicited Information/UPLOAD DOCUMENTS option shown below all of the documents that you uploaded. We forgot to complete a section of the U.S. spouse. We typed the questions on a blank sheet of paper and uploaded it with the rest of our documents.
  2. After waiting 400+ days for our permanent green cards -- while checking two cell phone apps many times a day -- we learned it was best to discard the USCIS apps. When we finally were notified of our Green Card approval, a text message alerted us a day before the two cell phone apps.
  3. You can answer yes, so you can fill out the application. And, submit the application on or after 5 Feb. (I don't think the filing 90-days in advance applies here.)
  4. Submitted N-400 application on 1/6. Received online notification of Biometrics appointment scheduling on 1/11. Biometrics Notification instructions (for 1/28 appointment Alexandria, Virginia) appeared in our online Documents Tab today. Mother and two daughters are applying. But, we only received a biometrics appointment for the mother and not the two daughters (as was the case with our I-751 ROC process when all three had biometrics appointments). I'm wondering if we did something wrong on the N-400 application online.
  5. My wife also came here on a CR-1 Visa, bringing her two young daughters with her. (The two daughters were included in wife's I-751 application.) Like you, we also had a child together. I will tell you that of all the evidence that we submitted, we feel that the the most powerful or convincing evidence was related to supporting our children (my two step daughters and one biological child). Along with the birth certificate for our biological child, we submitted health insurance and other government support for this biological child. For my wife's young daughters (my step daughters), we submitted health insurance documents, county school lunch program payments for every month in the U.S., a copy of the dental bill for one child's braces, academic school report cards sent to me (the step father), the bank statements had the children's names in the address block, military dependent ID cards for the children, 401K retirement beneficiary with children's name, and will/trust documents with the children' names entered. Why do I believe that the above children-related evidence was the most convincing? We only submitted one (1) month's bank statement from two different banks (1 page each without all of the transaction pages). We only submitted a 2016 federal and state tax return -- two pages each. No schedules, etc. We did not submit Federal Tax transcripts. We did not submit tax returns for multiple years. We did not submit driver's licenses with the same address on them because it never occurred for us to do so. We did not submit any utility bills or house mortgage/rental documents because they were all in my name. Our I-751 application was approved last September without any request for additional evidence. So, my only advice is focus on support documents related to your children.
  6. Thank you! This is good news. We have been to the Prosperity Ave office before for passport visa stamps when we were waiting for 10-year green cards.
  7. We just just submitted our N-400 application online this week. We live in Springfield, VA. When going here to the processing time page for the N-400, the only Virginia office listed is in Norfolk, VA. Is this where your N-400 application was processed? https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/ Thank you!
  8. We filed today. How do you know which office your online application went to? Thanks for starting this thread!
  9. One daughter was scheduled for two biometric appointments for unknown reasons. And, when she got her 10-year green card, we were surprised to see that USCIS used her VISA photo from 2015.
  10. As you say, the I-751 Application instructs you to "Provide information on all of your children." So, list all of your children to include any of your children who are not seeking a Green Card. There is a block to check for each child that asks, "Is this child applying with you?" So, enter all your "...children living overseas not seeking a Green Card" and check NO. (In our case, we entered two children who were applying for removal of conditions with the conditional parent and third child who was not applying with the conditional parent.
  11. We received the same extension letter yesterday. We agree with you pointless description because our I-751 application was approved on 9/11, and received our green card over a month ago.
  12. Congratulations!!! After a very long wait, I'm sure that you are very happy!
  13. We had established two joint bank accounts. We submitted one monthly statement (the single summary page) from each bank account. We did not submit multiple months or the transaction pages -- only because the thought of doing so never occurred to us at the time of submission. We did not receive a RFE. So, in our case, there wasn't a need to demonstrate a joint bank account over so many months of the marriage. But, our bank statements were just one very small part of our evidence package.
  14. I also believe that you are fine. I submitted many of the same documents. I did not submit any utility bills (e.g., gas, electricity, cable, phone, etc.), mortgage or rent documents -- only because none of them had both of our names on them. I did submit one monthly bank statement and a copy of our 2016 tax return with both names on them. (I should have submitted our auto insurance policy with both names on it and copies of our driver's licenses with the same address, but I did not think of these at the time.) Still, we were approved without an RFE.
  15. Your question is not clear. But, if you are asking how you should submit an application form to obtain a copy of your son's birth certificate, start with filling in your family name -- as you know his name to be. I assume that you are seeking a birth certificate in the United States; once a birth certificate is created, it cannot be changed by anyone. Good Luck!