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    name_unknown reacted to JFH in Is a CR-1 Visa good for this situation?   
    Going back and forth and maxing out the visitor visa (staying the maximum time, going home for a week, coming back for the maximum time) is not at all advisable. Visitor visas are for visiting, not living in the USA in installments. Pretty soon CBP will spot what he is doing and send him back home when he next enters.
    He can marry, stay and adjust now if he entered with no immigration intent. This is not as easy as it sounds and requires some thought as to whether it is the right option. He would not be able to work or leave the country until after the marriage and the advance parole has been filed (takes around 90 days). If they get married tomorrow and file straight away that's still the best part of 3 months that he can't work or leave the country. Since he entered with no immigration intent and still has all his ties at home, it makes it difficult to wrap things up at home.
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    name_unknown reacted to Anitafeliz in No Copy of I-129F   
    It's good to have a copy in case it gets lost.
    There are threads on here of having to reconstruct the package.
    However I wouldn't loose sleep.
    Try your best to fill one out again if it makes you happy...but I wouldn't worry.
    At my interview they asked for ds160 passport birth record for my Fiancee and divorces...
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    name_unknown reacted to aratamorne in Missing some financial support docs   
    So I have also heard that they have not been asking, however I would still try to send everything you can. I would hate to be the exception and get a 221G and delay everything. If you can't find your Tax Return, here is the link for the transcript.
    I sent paystubs, W-2s, Tax return, and Work/Salary history along with the I-134. If they don't ask for it, no loss, but if they do, at least she has what she needs.
    Good Luck,
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    name_unknown reacted to Dave&Roza in So does my fiancée only need her visa and the sealed packet to enter the country?   
    She will also need to fill out the CBP Customs Declaration Form given out on the airplane so having a pen is a good idea; go to the people with Visas line; and have patience as they may take her to a secondary area to interview her--maybe, maybe not. She will need plenty of time if she has a connecting flight. Once thru the CBP check point she will get her luggage and go thru Customs. Most of the time my wife ends up having to have her luggage scanned when she travels by herself and this takes a bit of time.
    I would also recommend that she bring official copies of any documents like birth certificates, divorce decrees, etc that would be very difficult to obtain from the US. Make certain the sealed envelop is easy to get to, but in a safe location among her carry on items.
    I hope she has a good trip.
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    name_unknown reacted to Californiansunset in So does my fiancée only need her visa and the sealed packet to enter the country?   
    She should also have the CD with the x-Rays that she got at the medical in her purse in case she gets asked for it. I never heard that they actually ask to take a look at it but the doctor at my medical said I'd be surprised how often they actually do ask for it...
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    name_unknown reacted to yuna628 in Marriage Abroad Affect k1?   
    K1 visas are for fiancés to marry in the US. If you are intending to marry and then get married, then you are no longer fiancés but spouses. You would have to withdraw or cancel the K1 and start over with a spousal visa.
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    name_unknown reacted to DanniColes in Question about police clearance/NBI clearance   
    You can get NBI clearance from the philippine consulate in Japan
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    name_unknown reacted to JFH in Request for initial evidence   
    Looks like they may have lost it in the mail room. It happens. They open so many packages of documents every day that things go missing. I assume you sent a photocopy and you have the original? Just make another copy. You could ask them to look for it but it would be quicker just to send another copy.
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    name_unknown reacted to dwheels76 in Physical green card   
    Have you paid the $165 Immigration fee? If not pay it online. If you have be sure to add the IOE case# to your case status file so you get text and emails.
    Nothing to track until the card is sent to production and you signed up for text and email you will get notice it was sent for production, then mailed, then they send you a tracking number of card.
    It can take 120 days to get most get it in less. My husband got his last month in 46 days from when we paid after he arrived July 18th.
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    name_unknown got a reaction from Penguin_ie in quick question   
    If you are approved, you will hand your passport to the embassy official. The visa will be process and placed in you passport and when that is finished they will send it to you in the mail.
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    name_unknown reacted to NikLR in fast or be able to work?   
    I say CR1. Sure it takes longer but you have zero "required" sitting around bored. Any employer can hire you asap.
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    name_unknown reacted to soulstriker in K1 waiting for NOA1 for 2month   
    embassy cant do anything for you , you can try calling uscis maybe you made an error noa1 email shouldnt take that long
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    name_unknown reacted to C-ma'am in Visiting the States twice while waiting for my K-1 visa.   
    You can definitely visit. Only show any proof of ties if asked for it.
    Answer only what you are being asked, never volunteer information.
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    name_unknown reacted to Penguin_ie in quick question   
    Normally it is sent to the address you specified by post, but I don't have any specific experience with your embassy.
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