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  1. Yup that’s why I am telling you to call again. Ask to be transferred to a tier 2 and ask what exactly happened with your case. The Info you got from the first person could be wrong. If you had your interview two months ago and you didn’t attend it, you’d be out of status right now. Your interview couldn’t be simply get rescheduled
  2. So you haven’t received a denial letter either? As odd as it sounds but I would call uscis again to verify the information you got from the first person you spoke with on the line. If there was an interview scheduled that you didn’t attend, you would be automatically denied. I’ve never heard of someone being denied for a no-show getting the solution from uscis that they will simply reschedule the interview. It’s usually impossible bc you were denied. They usually tell you to file an appeal and a motion to reconsider.... this just sounds so strange!
  3. Californiansunset

    Petitioner juvenile records.

    Since you are the petitioner I agree that you definitely should be fine. I’d handle both under 4 as well. Submit all documentation you have about your cases and you’re good to go.
  4. Californiansunset

    K-1 question

    That’s interesting bc Germany makes it pretty difficult for us to keep our German Citizenship when we want to gain the US one. It’s called Beibehaltungsgenehmigung what we need to get prior to gaining another citizenship. We need to prove why we should be allowed to keep our German Citizenship (whether we still have enough ties to our home country) while proving why it is necessary/beneficial for us to gain the foreign citizenship. Germany and its stupid bureaucracy...😑
  5. Just to be clear: You left the US with an expired AP card and are now wanting to get back into the US? You should've applied for an extension of your AP card before. With NOA1 it would've automatically extended your card for another 180 days. I am not very familiar with DACA policy but usually travelling without valid AP card means that you won't be able to get back into the US...
  6. It is highly unlikely any questions about your finances will come up except for what your job is and what kind of company it is you work for.
  7. Californiansunset

    False background check nightmare

    USCIS background checks are way more thorough than the ones that employers do. That's why some people with common names can have months of pending background checks for their Adjustment of status. I wouldn't worry about it too much. This background check company clearly couldn't distinguish between two different people with the same name.
  8. Californiansunset

    Please don’t be to mean :(

    I wouldn't pay too much attention to the North Korean flag... she also has K1 as the benefit they applied for soooooo... probably just a random pick
  9. I was wrong, you could call for a police certificate from Jordan, not birth certificate. Or maybe you can do for that too, not sure. Def get a few more copies this time. It should serve as a lesson, especially when you are from a country where it seems to be pretty inconvenient to get a new document from.
  10. Someone just posted about this the other day. You can order them via phone Nvm this was to obtain a police certificate from Jordan.
  11. yes, always get a few certified copies of things like this when you are not residing in your home country anymore. I brought three. See whether he can order them online. Hopefully they'll make it on time.
  12. The birth certificate is pretty much the most important identifying document....yes, obviously they will be strict about it. There are thousands of people on here who are from another country and make it happen, so I'm sure he can too! Most of the time you can actually just order it online. You can often even get an English certified birth certificate that way as well which saves some hassle to have it translated later. Get a few copies of it while you are already at it bc he will need it at every step of his immigration journey. If the info on your profile is true and you guys went through K1 he should already have a birth certificate. jfyi...
  13. way to be overly dramatic. No legislation is going to be signed that would impact your current status. Before that, A LOT of other immigration legislations would be signed but definitely nothing that would affect you and your case. Maybe check out the threads from Jan 2017 - March 2017 AOS... plenty of other people waiting for their AOS. A lot longer than you have. Might help you see that you are not the only one. You haven't even waited a year yet. Or take some time off of VJ, that way you don't see others getting their interviews. You constantly have multiple threads going on regarding your wait time. You are driving yourself crazy. That's it I'm out
  14. No, not a problem at all as long as you keep it fairly short and don't leave for a couple months at a time.
  15. yup 150 days for me and thus have little sympathy for people who are complaining about not having their Greencard when they already have their EAD/AP and got that super fast. Not being able to work and live a normal life is what sucks. Had to wait 3 months longer than him to be able to work... but yeah... the grass is always greener on the other side.