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  1. Nah, MSC is a service center just like the others. Has nothing to do with getting an interview or not. If you are adjusting from a K1 or CR1 and had a greencard Interview before it seems like ROC interview is less likely. All service center have the same chances of getting an interview though so WAC doesn’t automatically mean you won’t have one.
  2. Honestly, I wouldn’t postpone any plans for a potential biometrics appointment. From what I’ve seen now in the other threads you can have your biometrics appointment anywhere from a month after you submitted your documents to 3 or 4 months after. You can’t just keep on surrounding your life around unreliable USCIS again. Also if you’ve had biometrics for AOS there seems to be a 50/50 chance you will never have another biometrics appointment. You can always reschedule your biometrics and it won’t affect your timeline much anyways if at all. I wouldn’t stress about it.
  3. Oh that makes sense! CR1 all have to have biometrics because you haven’t had one in the U.S. yet. If I don’t get a letter about one being scheduled within the next 2 weeks I will just assume I won’t have a biometrics appointment.
  4. Oh wow, that’s interesting. I think it changed when I was going through AOS... I’m also surprised how little notice they are giving you. I think my biometrics for AOS was at least like 3 weeks in advance scheduled.
  5. I was wondering when the first ones on here are getting their biometrics appointments. My NOA date is a week before yours and I haven’t received a biometrics letter yet. Did your status online change to biometrics appointment scheduled?
  6. It took like a week after they received my package. But it depends where you file and when you file. This literally varies almost by week according to past threads and obviously also by address where you live and where you file. I can’t tell you whether you will receive yours on time without knowing your ROC filing office and most importantly when you send your package. If you send your package next week you’d be fine. If you send your package end of November or beginning December then it would be a complete different story 🤷🏻‍♀️
  7. The NOA is the extension letter during ROC. The second letter will be biometrics if needed.
  8. You can call the normal USCIS hotline to confirm your address
  9. Service center options to choose from on VisaJourney are outdated. The other service centers are new service centers for ROC that’s why they are not on here.
  10. My I-751 got accepted and I received my 18 months extension letter to my new address.
  11. In fact calling them without having a pending case doesn’t help. They need a pending case in order to verify an address change. I changed my address online and the reminder letter still went to my old address. I then filed my I-751 with my new address on it and listed the old address under previous addresses and my receipt notice finally came to my new address.
  12. You are being asked each time you are filing an immigration application whether you have ever been arrested etc. That is when you have to say the truth and explain what happened and that the charges were dropped. They’ll conduct background checks though too so they’ll find it out anyways so better be upfront about it. If the charges were dropped there’s nothing to worry about. As the others said, it has absolutely nothing to do with the biometrics appointment though.
  13. That’s great! Always be honest! What I learned out of experience is that even the tier 2 officer on the phone can’t see much in your record especially if your field office is handling your case (they denied my greencard by mistake before long story). So if I were you I’d try to get a field office appointment immediately to talk to someone in person about what happened. In the meantime talk to tier 2 on the phone and collect all your documents to change your ROC into a waiver. The people at the field office, even if your file is not physicially there are so much more helpful than the tier 2 on the phone. I’ve received so much misinformation from the phone line I don’t trust them at all anymore. So while you can let them know through the hotline about what happened I would also physically speak to someone at your field office. From what I’ve read before your timeline shouldn’t even change much even if you change from a normal ROC to a divorce waiver. ALSO make sure they have your correct address now.
  14. Did you do what @Bill & Katya told you to do? That is the first and most important step at this point and you can do that yourself. Call the immigration court to find out whether you are in removal proceeding because that can change everything that you need to do at this point.
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