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  1. It was an alleged policy like 3 years ago because of possible 'natural disasters' but don't know if that really pushed any of them to the front of the line (could be close ties to the US also, but doubt it) but don't think anything like that is in affect. Also had heard it actually was just fully in place because of the potential for storms and such but again, doubt it really.
  2. Yea US could care less about that stuff as her financials have no bearing on the process anyways, just the US petitioners. They don't even ask for anything like that from the beneficiary so.
  3. Some will say photo copy is fine, but as noted above, can be embassy specific. Honestly, why chance it? Spend the money and just mail the documents.
  4. What visa? Need little more info about time line and all to even begin to give advice.
  5. Petitioner, regardless whether they qualify financially, is always primary sponsor, and must submit all evidence of finances they can to include tax returns (or verification of why they did not/did not have to file).
  6. Can be up to 30 days. Not unheard of. You did make sure to use the electronic notification sheet right? Also, until payment is taken, check/credit card/ect.. they won't notify you. So once payment is done then you'll get notified.
  7. I can't say anything.... too many warning already about voicing opinions lol
  8. She filed for you as a spouse I assume which is F2A for green card holders, process is about 24 months so. Got aways to go.
  9. Well again, as hard as it is to seem to be able to self-justify their decision, even in the sense of my husband, he knows his dad would never get a tourist visa probably, so he is in same situation, but we just plan to travel and visit when we can there. That's the simple solution then trying to fight something that you can't fight. So that's the simple solution for your wife's situation, take a family trip and visit Mexico.
  10. Besides, even getting a tourist visa doesn't mean she might not get turned away upon trying to enter, whether in an airport or the border, even the visa itself doesn't guarantee entry, only offers the possibility.
  11. Well more to the point, why the 10 year wait? All can seem suspicious to the embassy. At 70, all of a sudden after a decade, trying to go visit the US? to them again it may seem like she's planning her retirement in the US with her daughter and grand kids. You have to be realistic with this things, so many people before have done it, hence why it is tough for some to ever obtain a tourist visa from certain countries (Philippines for example, difficult because of prior misuses by so many, and it still happens almost everyday probably)
  12. Agreed with above. This has nothing to do with your assumption at "how bad they are at doing their jobs", sounds like they did their jobs perfectly to be honest. From what you stated, all her ties are to the US, not Mexico, so why would she return home and not just stay? The key thing for any applicant for a tourist visa is to prove to the embassy why they would return home, not just why they want to go to the US. Her daughter, being an LPR, her grand kids, all good reasons to just stay in the US. What does she have that would make her go home afterwards? She can reapply how ever many times she wants, but unless she provides more evidence to return home, results will stay the same most likely. But the more denials also add up to seeming desperate. Have the daughter visit Mexico as an alternative.
  13. But it comes down to if he is actually legally your father. Just being a "father figure" and supporter doesn't legally make him your father in sense of the law, least not when it comes to US law. Your father, whether passed/deceased or whatever is always the father.
  14. Ben&Zian

    Tourism visa

    You may be able to try, but since 'refugee' in France, chances of them allowing you to then go to the US is low probably. Plus like above, need to show finances, strong ties to home country, which is probably your biggest hurdle.
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