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    My partner, Zian, and I met in August 2014. We finally got to submit our peition in July 2016 with help of an agency( we went into this rather blindly at first). Petition approved after 48 days. Medical completed. Interview done and approved, and visa in hand November 18th. POE on November 23rd at Dallas, Texas. Married on 3 February 2017. I-485 packet for AOS sent in and received 26 February 2017. AOS approved December 2017 with no interview. After getting out of the military after 6 years myself, I've been steadily employed with same company since. Zian has been with his company now for over a year. Both of us are going back to take online college classes. He is pursuing his masters in psychology and I will be pursuing a degree in forensic psychology.

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  1. So is this for I-129f petition for K-1 visa or I-130 for spousal visa? Either way, if documentation is available the USC should be able to provide documentation supporting so... whether dismiasal or no record.
  2. Doubtful. How do you think most people meet? Online naturally. Being same age basically, same religion, those are good things As for high fraud country, this can be overcome with ample face time in person together. So the more the better.
  3. Yea it has happened before, people calling for information pretending to be the embassy or a representative. Don't buy into those things.
  4. Most likely. If K-1 is 12-14 months don't assume B2 would be any faster or slower.
  5. Agreed, hard to say. Is that all they asked for? How did the interview itself go? Administrative processing is not just while waiting for a document or them to verify/review it. It is also an entire other process after the interview for background/security checks, document verifications, ect... and can be short, a few days, to weeks, to months, and longer. Patience is key right now.
  6. It won't effect the filing of the I-129f petition.... but come the embassy if you can't show incoming, consistent income, yea it will have an effect and you'll probably need a co-sponsor for the I-134 as the USC. If you get a new job the qualifies financially relatively soon, you should be okay...key word is soon.
  7. Administrative processing (AP) is standard for everyone everywhere. Can be 2-3 days, 2-3 weeks, 2-3 months, or even years. Unfortunately there is no timeline. It can't be bypassed or expedited. The embassy is doing their background/security checks and document verification.
  8. Nope... now depending on how long he wishes to spend there over the processing time, he may have to consider a co-sponsor when it comes to showing the financial requirements.
  9. Only options are a tourist visa for the family... this is not a new issue... Best option is, get the K-1, her come to the US, you both marry... file for AOS, then once she gets her EAD/AP combo (work permit and advanced parole) you can both travel back to her home country and do a ceremony there for the family.
  10. Again even a verbal approval, is not a definitive approval. Only once CEAC state Issued is it legit. The process will go into AP and can be again days, weeks, months or longer, while they finalize things, background/security checks and verification of documents (if needed). And yes a denial can result during review after the verbal approval. Whether that's what will happen is strictly case by case. In general, I'd say if approval stands, give 10-14 business days for CEAC and all to change and passport to be returned, but it can vary depending on the embassy a bit.
  11. verbal approval or CEAC is "issued"? Verbal approval can still wind up in adminisrtrative processing (AP) which can be short, a few days, or long as in months...and a denial can still occur during this time.
  12. The US citizen is the primary sponsor. Really should only have one co/joint-sponsor. If the beneficiaries(foreigner's) income is not going to continue after moving from their country, they can't be considered as a co/joint sponsor (except in some instances with assets).
  13. Won't be an issue. "overstay" is forgiven from marriage to a USC...ensure there is no homestay rule with the J-1 as may need to do some other paperwork for that.
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