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  1. Hi! my interview and medical is soon and I just realised that I didn’t include my middle name(which I have in my passport) in my DS260. should I email the consul or i can wait till interview to tell the officer? thanks so much
  2. UPDATE: it has been 3 weeks and we haven't got our Welcome Letter yet.
  3. Hi! We haven't gotten our Welcome Letter yet and I am becoming a little bit worried. I saw some posts one FB that they got the WL within few days and ours has been 3 weeks ago. This is our timeline: PD: May 28, 2023 Approval: Augus 22, 2023 Case Sent to the Department State: August 27, 2023 I am also aware that NVC has a big backlog now but I am worried it might stretch longer.
  4. I can't believe this but we just got approved today!!! PD: May 28, 2023 K3: June 14, 2023 NOA: August 19, 2023! Here we go NVC!
  5. Hi. Yes I will be living in US with my future husband eventually but we will be doing the CR1 visa application here this year in Singapore since I am working here.
  6. This question is also for other Filipinos who got married in other places and registered in other country. hi! Me and my fiance will be getting married this April 28 here in Singapore (under Registration of Marriage in SIngapore) . Just a question do we need to register with the Philippine Embassy? or the Marriage Certificate in SIngapore would be enough? Thank you!
  7. HI! I really appreciate your reply! and I see that your documents are very organise! Thank you! How long before you got approve? I was also thinking the same thing that if our documents are organised, the visa officers will have less hassle of our documents. anyway congratulations on your approval! May I know the service centre of your visa? Thank you!
  8. Hi! We will be getting married April 2023 and after that, we will be processing our Cr1 application. We will be doing the application it online. Just some questions, what is the best way to organise the documents? This is my plan: 1. Communication and Phone calls and timeline of relationship 2. Gifts and receipts and whatever money transfer he gives to me documents 3. 1st meet up, 2nd meet up and 3rd meet up: -some receipts, photos, airline tickets, hotels accommodation, etc (*anything connected with the each meet up i will put in one pdf file) 4. Wedding plans and documents connected to wedding 5. Letters of family and friends This is what im thinking for now. Can anyone give me recommendations? Thank you so much!
  9. Hi, my USC fiance and I are planning to get married early next year. I am a Filipina working in Singapore(teacher) for 8 years and I am wondering which embassy should I go for my interview(or to pass the documents). I asked this question as we're planning and gathering documents ahead of time so we can petition immediately after the wedding. Thank you so much to those who could answer my question.
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