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  1. Hi all I was wondering how long the checks it’s gonna be clear for AOS I send to uscis my papers June 28 then they received at July 1 so how long it’s gonna be clear the check thanks...
  2. Thank you guys I hope everything okey give you update guys thanks a lot
  3. well on her stump may 19 that’s her 90days but her expiration for her visa is June 19
  4. She came her feb 19 so the 90days its gonna be May 19 then her visa expired is June 19 so still okey to apply right? Until when 2months 4months coz right now I’m just fixing and I’m working it’s kind a hard for me coz I just start to my new job...
  5. Is it ok to file AOS a year after we got married? Coz my wife she came her feb 19 and her visa expired June 19 but right now I’m doing her paperwork, I was wondering they have certain date for how many months or any time please help me coz I’m confuse thanks
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