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  1. How do I remove the whole adjustment of status process from my account and change it to a CR1 visa instead? My husband had to leave before his advance parole was approved and now we are doing the CR1 visa instead.
  2. The problem is that there is a huge difference in tax liability, owe $ 191.00 if filing married filing jointly and $4,250.00 if filing married filing separate. Not fair, I will file married and enclose a letter and see what happens.
  3. We were married in the US in July but my husband had to return to his country before his AOS, Work Permint or advanced parole was approved. I am filing taxes now as married however, he does not have a social security nor an ITIN. If I file married filing separate the IRS requires to submit the name, birthdate and social of the other spouse, which he does not have and if I file single, then that is lying on my tax return which is tax fraud and further more will show in my IRS expedient as single when I am actually married. What to do, I see no other choice but to file married and enter no SSN and write a letter.
  4. I originally started with a K1 visa, which was approved, my husband came we got married and started with the AOS, Advanced Parole and Work Permit application, however, he had to leave back to Indonesia before his Advanced Parole was approved, so now I am chaning to a CR1, spousal visa application. How do I start the new time line with the CR1, just make the change on line and all information with the K1 is deleted? Thanks
  5. My husband and I had a 40 years difference and his K-1 was approved without any issue whatsoever. However, I am told that age difference is always a red flag they do look for. If you have a strong case, I would not worry about it.
  6. My husband went back to his country due to an emergency, (which did not rise to the level of USCIS emergency advance parole.) In any case, I wrote a letter to USCIS to withdraw the I485 and the work permit and advanced parole, so that then I can proceed to file for a spousal visa, my question is does anyone know how long USCIS will take to respond, we have checked online our status and still shows in progress. Thanks
  7. Due to an emergency, (which did not rise to the level to ask for an emergency advanced parole,) my husband left the country while his work permit, advance parole and green card application are still in process. We filed in August and he attended his biometrics appointment in October. Do we have to cancel the whole process with USCIS now and initiate a spousal visa application?
  8. Congratulations, so now you have your 10 year green card?

  9. How difficult is to get an emergency advance parole to travel while in the process of waiting for the original advance parole card requested with the original adjustment of status application?
  10. It requested that we send copies of our respective birth certificates, (which had been sent with the original application.) I sent them today via express mail.
  11. My husband received an RFE on his I 485 asking for a copy of the sponsor's birth certificate as well as a copy of his birth certificate, (both of which were sent with the original requests that were sent back in August.) In any case today we sent the copies via USPS Express mail that will arrive there tomorrow, the question is should we also upload the copies to the MYUSCIS account? Thanks
  12. The I485 was file via mail and the first NOA was received in one week later. The receipt number starts with IOE, which means the electronic immigration system and at the very bottom of the form it shows National Benefits Center with an address in Lee's Summit, Missouri. In some digging I have done online it mentioned that when you receive this first NOA, the address at the bottom is your processing center however, there is no processing center in Missouri, so anyone knows how can I determine where is my processing center? Subsequent NOA for the I-765 and I-131 all have receipt numbers with IOE and the Missouri address on the bottom of the page. Thanks
  13. We submitted I485, I765 and I 131 to the Chicago address, in less than two weeks we received three I 797 , one for each form we submitted with the receipt number starting with IOE, and no where on the Notice of Action does it say where is the processing center. The IOE means is the Electronic Immigration System - ELIS - but how does one determines where is your case being handled, whe you do the search ELIS is not one of the choices to pick to see the timeline. Thanks
  14. Yes we have the original and also a scanned copy. We just wait and see what happens.
  15. Now that the CDC said that the Covid vaccine is required when doing your medical exam, not sure who that will apply for a AOS application from a K1 visa as there is no medical as you submit your vaccine records that you brought from the Medical Exam in the country you had the interview at. It will be interesting how they will handle. My spouse was vaccinated on the 4 day from arrival so that is not an issue, just how we provide the proof.
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