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    Engaged in what seems a long journey. Met Agus in FB in October 2016, then in Jakarta and Bali in May 2017. Ten glorious days in Bengkulu and waiting for a lifetime together. Been back to Indonesia 8 more times since then and visited Bali, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur together. Certainly my process has not been the fastest process and still we wait. Faith and hope.

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  1. My husband, we just go married last Friday, came in on June 18th with his K1 visa approved and we have a 41 year difference, however, I did travel to visit him 8 times in the 3 plus years it took to get the whole K1 visa process completed and we spend over 150 days together in all those trips.
  2. This is just a question. So your beneficiary arrives with the K1 visa which has a 90 day expiration, you get married and quickly apply for the change of status and while in the process of waiting for that to be approved, the K1 expires, should there be a concern?
  3. My fiance visa was approved June 3rd, 2021 and we have a 40 year age difference. Same sex couple and I visited him 8 times and spend over 150 days together in the last 3 years. But I honestly do not think there is a 100 percent process to get approval, if you are in love, that should come throght. Good luck.
  4. Oh ok.....yes, then really he must have misunderstood, what will expire on June 30th is his medical exam. Thanks much appreciated.
  5. On the actual medical took place in January 11th, 2021, however, the hospital requested a sputum test to test for tuberculosis, which took 3 months to wait for the results.
  6. The final results were delivered to the Embassy on April 18th 2021.
  7. I have the following question regarding the following. My NOA 2 was approved in March 2018 and for logistical/medical reasons, my fiance finally had his interview yesterday and his visa was approved. In the closing comments the consular officer asked him when he was flying to the US. He told him mid July, however, the officer said, your petitioners application expires on June 30th, so you should leave before then, if you decide to stay then you have to go through the Medical exam again, (something we certainly do not want to do because every time he has done so, its been a 3 month process.) In any case he already bought his plane ticket to come to the US, I was just interested if anyone knows what the officer's comment are all about. Thanks
  8. I see, well the medical was delivered to the Embassy on April 16th 2021 and the interview will be on June 3rd, already scheduled, so it should be well within the 6 month period.
  9. What does a 90 day medical validity means?
  10. Well, he did go to the interview at which time they told him the medical was expired and needed to have another. Went to the hospital the next day and had the new medical, however, they requested a three month TB test, which results coming back on 4/16/2021 as negative and the hospital then sent the results to the Embassy at which time was able to schedule a new appointment for interview.
  11. Good progress and good luck.

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  12. He never had the interview, when you go to the Embassy before you speak with the Embassy interviewer someone reviews all your paper work to make sure all is in order. At this point they informed him his medical was expired, over six months old, and was told to have his medical test done again.
  13. My beneficiary had an interview at the Embassy in Jakarta on February 11th, 2021. In the process of reviewing his application, they iformed him his Medical record was now too old, (because the Embassy was closed for so many months because of the pandemic. In any case, he had paid the Visa Fee as instructed and has his receipt from the bank. So he left and went through the medical and the hospital has submitted the new report to the embassy. The problem is that he tried to reschedule a new interview - once as a new interview and a different time as a follow up interview - on both instances the online tool request to enter the receipt number of the Visa Payment and it says it cannot recognize the number but the visa fee is paid and without entering a good number on this field it will not take you to the next page to find available times. HELP. what to do? Thanks
  14. Congratulations on your visa approval!

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