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    Well my partner and I met on facebook group. It was I who made the first move. I was depress that time and kinda scrolling the facebook till I saw his post. I find him interesting since were both in medical field. I was in my 3rd year of college taking up Respiratory Therapy. From then on, we begun chatting everyday. And he said that he always wanted to have a Filipino partner and when he found out that im Filipino thats what makes me more interesting to him. So to make the story short, we planned to see each other personally. In September 22, 2014 he flew to Philippines just to meet me and from there we became more closer and we get along well.

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  1. Residents since 12,6, 2017 and just had my ROC approved
  2. Recently had my ROC approve, I haven't received the actual cardthinking about filing for citizenship. Do I need to wait for months or years before I'm eligible for citizenship?thanks
  3. Check the case tracker app and it says the card was mailed to me. Wonder when my card will be delivered
  4. I file Dec 9, 2019 and after 2 years i had my interview last Tuesday of January.
  5. It wasn't that hard, asked pretty basic questions, you and your spouse birthday, address, social. She went over the paperwork just verifying each answers. We don't have lease since we kinda jump from one place to another and explain to her as to why and she understand.She asked why we decided to move to Washington. Did we travel outside of the united states We only have banks statement, taxes and the insurance. We didn't bring any pic but she said if we have it on our phone she wanted to see it. It lasted for 25 minutes.
  6. I had my interview today as well. It went for like 15 minutes then after 10 minutes I got a notice from the case track card is being produced. Good luck everyone
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