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  1. Sorry to jump on this also, I have a related question. This house is 2 apartments, the downstairs was remodeled for my husband and I. We live separately for all intents and purposes from the other 2 individuals. Is it then correct that our household size is 2 (he and I) and not 4? OR would the government say the household size is 4, as there are 4 under this one roof. Seems a silly question, but I just never know.
  2. yeah I didn't mention it because it's not a requirement for AoS, and I figured those in my situation would already be aware of the form as we already used it for the initial petition thanks
  3. Yes, I said the original 3 including the affidavit which is the I-864. Thank you again
  4. Thanks so much for your speedy response. I will go ahead and submit the original 3 forms with my evidence, including the affidavit.
  5. Hi all, I am a K1 VISA beneficiary, I am now married, and I'm finally able to sit down and start the AoS application. I have read the guide on here, as well as the instructions on the I-485, I-131, and the I-765. In the beginning I thought I only had to file these three forms, and file them together. (with all of my evidence of course) I'm not always the best at filtering through the correct information but I do my best, but somehow I've now ended up with 7 different forms, and I was just wanting to check that I had it right, and that they were all necessary. My queries are with regards to the following forms: I-130 (Is this to be filed separately, or with the the I-485, I-131, and the I-765) I-130a (as above) I-693 (Does this go with the I-485 as "evidence", or does this get given at the interview?) My paranoia is usually fueled by how old the original posts are, and what updates are applicable etc. I'm almost confident I'm on the right path, I was just hoping for further clarification from anyone who has submitted these forms recently, and how the journey has been so far. Thanks all in advance.
  6. This is what the officer told me at the embassy when I went for my interview. edit: however I'm guessing if you are using a cosponsor they may be more vigilant
  7. LeesaMarie

    Doctor’s medical reports

    just put down everything, i off the cuff mentioned i had laser eye surgery and the dr even wrote that down, and kinda shook his head like "why didn't you put this on the questionnaire", but then told me it was fine. at your medical you're going to go through everything anyway and they will add notes, the most important thing to understand is that you have reports for anything "significant" listed on your summary. hope this helps.
  8. LeesaMarie

    Medical at Knightsbridge today - feeling extremely worried!

    hey, i OD'd in 2016, when i went to knightsbridge they just wanted it in writing from my doctor that i was safe, and well, and wanted specific dates, what i had taken etc. whether or not it's true, knightsbridge just told me that they want every i dotted and every t crossed so that they can't be told they didn't carry out a full examination and have the medical passed back. anyway, don't worry, you aren't being judged, just being asked for the whole story. i,e you od'd on your medical summary, but is that due to being a heroin addict, or was it an accident, or did you have other issues? you don't get denied for going through trauma x
  9. LeesaMarie

    Sending belongings to USA

    i used baggage hub to ship 3 boxes. they were great, just bear in mind they have no control over how people treat the boxes once in transit. don't overload boxes, uses the boxes they provide, pack them properly, and do not over pack them so that sides bulge. i think peoples poor reviews are concerning the condition their stuff arrived in, but this will majorly be down to poor packing / weak boxes. hope this helps.
  10. LeesaMarie

    Knightsbridge Medical Exam (review/report).

    you are most welcome! I'm so glad you had everything you needed on the day 😊
  11. I'm not sure if anyone actually bothered to give you a clear or straight answer to this, but the answer is no. they do not do hair tests, if you have a history of alcohol / drug issues they will request you do a supervised urine sample for drug testing and that is all. this information applies to the UK only. I have no experience or knowledge on what goes on in other countries when it comes down to medicals.
  12. LeesaMarie

    MMR/Tdap Vaccinations at GP?

    if you can get another td without too much trouble, get it. mine was in last 5 years and they made me get another at Knightsbridge
  13. LeesaMarie

    Shipping items to America

    my stuff was collected on the 27th and delivered here in Washington on the 8th so it went well. I found them really helpfull, and 3 boxes with a total of 72kg cost me £230 ish. that included: drop off of boxes(highly recommend you use theirs) collection delivery everything is done online via a portal and they are quick to respond to queries. it's important to remember that when your shipping stuff most people don't care, your boxes WILL be thrown around, so take care when packing
  14. LeesaMarie

    Shipping items to America

    thanks for reminding me! yes it went great for me. I had one casualty, a picture frame but that's my fault for not packing properly and kinda over filling that box.
  15. LeesaMarie

    I-134 Support Documents

    they will probably only ask for the tax returns 😛 they passed me with 5 years of w2s and an employment letter.