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  1. I visit my husband on esta without problems, i have return ticket. Been asked a few questions, but no problems at all !! You are completely fine staying your 90 days on esta or the full length of visa !!
  2. Thank you !! for comforting words. i do feel hopeless right now. I even have an education wheres theres a ton of jobs, so i wouldn't go without work anyway. Ah this is such a depressing difficult journey
  3. No DQ yet ... trying to prepare for it. He just filed taxes for 2022 so thats done. Im just really chocked... itdont really make sense to me, but thats just me.
  4. Oh so when asked recent paystubs will work ? I hope so, just seems completely crazy having a minimum criteria and then not accepting it even when over that limit. Thank you so much for answering
  5. He is an employee and is back fulltime at work so he will make sround 70k in 2023
  6. Im in chock right now! My Husbands income fir yesr 20 and 21 was 70k, but due to illness 22 is much lower but still meet minimum requirement and is over at 26k for 2022. In another forum everybody says that NVC most likely will require a joint sponsor despite qualifying income requirement. Is this true ?? Im heartbroken right now - we have no way of getting a joint sponser in anyway. Anybody here has that experience? (My husband is alone in his household, do we look at min. income for 1 or 2 persons (2 would include me) ??
  7. Dont worry !!! Im Danish married to US citizen since 20th September 2022 and just been in Michigan for 3 weeks and now back in DK. They pulled me aside and asked me some questions, I didn't have to show anything. U can PM me if you want
  8. Im Danish, my hubs is American. We filed i-130 yesterday evening, and allready got noa1, receipt is from Texas, hoping that is a good thing.
  9. Too many personal opinions in this thread. This document explicit says you can seek Aos on esta if you immediate relative ..even if you overstayed !!! https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/document/memos/2013-1114_AOS_VWP_Entrants_PM_Effective.pdf
  10. Is it necessary to file the G-1145 to when filing online ??
  11. I had no idea you could get scan apps 😁 Thank you we gonna see if the turn out better than ss
  12. Will they accept screenshots of documents if they they are eadily readable ? we are having trouble getting things scanned.
  13. Thank you ! filing paper seems "oldschool" in these online times. Wow thats amazing 🥰 Married local Bay city man 😁 Sometimes the world is a small place.
  14. What are the different experiences on filing online verdus in paper ? Off the bat online filing seems easier when we are in different parts of the world... Another practical question , you need to submit 2 passport photos of both Petitioner and benificiary... well i need to have them taken and snail mail them to my husband ?
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