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  1. I would pick the older one, but include a note of explanation with copies of both cards, along with documentation of yourbattempt to fix it. You're within the 90 days window prior to applyong for citizenship, so I think you can apply.
  2. Here is a link describing divorxe in absentia. Double check for specific state rules. https://www.rocketlawyer.com/article/divorce-by-publication.rl
  3. Good, glad to hear it. You guys still have option to apply for AOS
  4. I recommend: 1) Withdraw your wife's petition and includeba letter saying you guys misunderstood the age specifications. 2) Head back to Nepal and get legally married. Or meet in a third country. 3) File for CR1 with an added document explaining the situation. It should be 12-14 months or so without difficulty.
  5. Kavanaugh is just "better than" for me. Many laud him as a conservative judge, but he is not conservative enough on the issue most i portabt to me - abortion. He's "better than" a truly liberal judge, but let's not ptetend that he's another Scalia, or that Trump is another Reagan. On the other hand, I would rather have even a populist or reactioary wolf in Republican sheepskin elect the next judge than a libreral. Ginsburg hired aides until 2020, but plans can change!
  6. "They" also advocate for the euthanizatuon of older people or those with diasabilities, sayibg that it is necessary for "quality of life". I thought the post-birth abortion position was ludicrous and mostly exaggerated, but my brother tells me that there are a lot of college kids that believe it. Strangely enough, I haven't heard any old people or people with disabilities advoxating foe their own death.
  7. I have a brother debating this in college classes right now. He said that there are a LOT of studebts in his class that argue for the "right" to murder babies even AFTER they are born! Babies are babies are babies. From the moment they are conceived until they are born (and after for a while!) In my lifetime the media has been changing the "pro-life" label to "anti-abortion". I noticed that the "pro-choice" label has not been changed to "anti-life" though. This talk (and sadly, the actions) of abortion remind me of the biblical counts of peoples throwing their children into the fire. 😢😩
  8. Why was her CR1 spousal visa denied?
  9. One time American airlines wouldn't let me (US citizen) go to the Dominican Republic on a one way when I wasn't sure if my trip would be 8 or 14 days. I had to buy another ticket at the counter, and I cancelled it the same day as soon as I arrived. The crazy thing is that the irritating lady at the gate didn't even buy me a ticket back to the US -she got me a ticket from the DR capital city to another city in the DR. She tried to force my Dominican husband to get one too until we pulled our his passport. This happened in Detrout, but there might be a similar solution available. You could buy him the ticket you want, then the day of the trip get him the cheapest returning ticket you can find within the next three months. When gets to the US, cancel the ticket for a full refund!
  10. There is such thing as a "chain migration petition". There is an I-130 Petition for Alien Relative, and there is nothing wrong with filing one legally (or morally, imho). If OP is a US citizen (I can't tell based on who is using whose account) than he can legally petition for her with the I-130. If approved and the stars align (the category is available or was available when he petitioned and they allowed the petition to continue) - approximately 14 years for most countries - the sibling could then move to the US. She will need to wait in her home country.
  11. What a double standars. Imagine the outrage if an event were cancelled because for being "too black".
  12. When we went in in KS to renew DLs we could pick if we wanted to get it or not. I don't think it's mandatory yet but is coming.