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  1. Getting a lawyer won't change anything. You can choose your legal option to go home to your home country and have your wife petition you as the spouse of a permanent resident.
  2. The new U.S. requirement was announced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Jan. 12 and formalized in President Joe Biden's executive order on COVID-19 safety in domestic and international travel last week. it was announced last week. I've seen the start date reported as being today and also as "within a few days" - not sure which news source (any?) to trust. Checking google flights for prices for a round trip ticket to the DR has the caution - new travel reqs in place alert come up.
  3. I agree that it seems unenforceable and ridiculous. It was in the executive order, though.
  4. You could always marry, have her fly home and wrap up the loose ends while you wait until the visa processes, then have her come back in where she is a PR upon entry.
  5. What about those important ties to home she has to go wrap up? 🙃
  6. It shouldn't be a problem as it is longer than 6 mos. You have to have at least 30 months (913 days) of physical presence in the US - PRIOR TO filing. Short trips wouldn't interfere with that requirement.
  7. Do you want to marry or just want him in the country? You said "we would be willing to get married", which doesn't sound promising. There is nothing easy about the process and you have to know that you want to marry for either the K1 (fiance) or the CR1 (spousal) visa. For both you'll need to either find a way to earn more income or find a co-sponsor.
  8. I doubt it would work, and even if it did you would be stuck wondering if you were "married enough" for USCIS the duration of the process. Why not fly to a 3rd country and marry in person in a courthouse? She could also consider applying for a tourist visa to come for the marriage, then return.
  9. You could get married in the US, wait for the travel permit, then head back to her home country to throw whatever party you'd like, free of "are they married or not" scrutiny. You'd have to want for it to process, but by the time it does you two might be ready for a visit back anyway.
  10. Give them what they ask for asap. It's the only way you can move forward. Do NOT go in with a chip on your shoulder or make any passive-aggressive comments in the documents, no matter how right you believe yourself to be, because it can't help you and will only hurt you. Did you really only submit a few pictures and a few screenshot pages? When you resubmit the information, you could consider adding more information (clearly labeled as "additional proof of relationship"). It might be too late to frontload, but maybe you could sideload a little? It sounds like they are asking you for information you provided, and that's sad. However, don't be offended by them asking for info that was not asked for (and not provided). Their job is to check people out! If they have additional questions, answer them! I'm sorry you're going through this, but glad that if they saw something they are checking it out. You had a Chinese fiancee before that you were petitioning? Potential red flag. If your fiancee had an ex petitioning her, second red flag. You only met twice? Possible 3rd red flag. Deep breaths..just give them the info they need and hopefully that will fix the problem.
  11. Pursue her. Do "cheesy" stuff with flirting and flowers. Dress up and put cologne on, and go after her. Sometimes women in particular might like a new outfit or even an updated bedroom to help get them in the mood. Many women have to mentally get in the mood whoch could take a while and she's out of the habit. Make yourself as attractive as possible with whatever wiles you have. You married her and promised to be together until death (not sex) do you part. It's understandable that your needs are not being met and you're frustrated, but that won't change anything about the past. Going forward, though, have you sat down with her and CALMLY explained what you are feeling? Try to use "I feel" instead of accusatory stattements. Try "What can I / we do" to help this etc. A counselor could help. Your wife may not be aware of the issue, or might think it's the reverse, especially as so much time has gone by. Please don't give up on your marriage or break your promise. This is an immigration website, not a marriage one, so I don't see that you'd need much immigration advice that hasn't been offered. Personal opinions are free, though!
  12. Be careful you don't get yourselves into serious trouble. Parents have to be informed and often give consent foe their children to be relocated internationally. Perhaps your wife can apply for full custody in Venezuela. Another option would be for your wife to go back to Venezuela (where presumably she has lots of binding ties if she got a tourist visa...probably needs to go back to wrap some of those up!) to care for your son. They could immigrate together with a CR1 visa.
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