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  1. Not necessarily. It's illegal in my state and we've called the police for our pot-smoking neighbors multiple times. They'll go to the door but won't go in, even if they smell it, unfortunately. I don't know why! It depends on the police and the situation but couldn't hurt to try. In the meantime, we're now moving to get away from the pot.
  2. Did your stepdaughter's biological father die? If not, does your wife have full legal custody?
  3. Bring in a printout of the website to the county clerk for the marriage license. Sometimes printouts (and the right person) will work. My husband just showed his password since we didn't have the ss card, but not all of the people across the desk are familiar with the rules. For the SS card they said we had to wait 8 weeks, but went in at 6 for the second time and got it. Maybe you could try for a ss card after 2 if it's not too much hassle to get there?
  4. Also keep in mind that on a k1 it can take several months (I think it was 3 for us but has extended for us) for work authorization to come through once moving to the US. Then for a teaching job you'd have to be sure that your fiancee's credentials (license) and such come through -did he study in the US? I am a Spanish teacher and have seen a few cases where the certification process took a lot longer than expected or the out-of-country license wasn't accepted and the person had to take the praxis and student teaching classes etc all over again. A few military wives I know had a US teaching degree but it didn't transfer state-to-state and they were paid a s a sub for a year after the move In my state the fingerprints alone take 8 weeks, let alone the rest of it. Sometimes you can sub if you can't teach yet for licensure. I hope this helps! Be sure to research the laws in your state, and be ready to explain the niceties of working on an EAD instead of a green card too!
  5. I doubt it will be a problem. I don't have social media but if I did I probably wouldn't provide it. Not everyone has it, and not everyone posts lots of details or uses messenger. She should just be ready to answer if they ask. Good for her for trying to keep what she can private. I don't mind giving out my fingerprints, ssn etc in a petition, but that doesn't mean they need to know everything about my life if it's not relevant. It's not required, no need to provide it. This is especially true if you have lots of other evidence.
  6. If I were a judge, I wouldn't buy that bio-mom left to work (or "work") in another country and isn't sending her mom (and through her, her daughter) money. In fact, if stepdaughter is living with her maternal grandma, that would slant me-as-a-judge toward bio-mom being given custody, whether dad says he has given money or not. (Why didn't stepdaughter live with her dad if they're so close? If he didn't take ber when they live in the DR, how can he be trusted with her in the US?) In my mind trying to be as "Dominican" a judge as possible, Grandma is probably paying for and bringing up this child. Mom had to go away to work and make money for her child. Dad (does he work?) has never lived with her even though they are presumably in the same town. Mom never saw her other kid again (and a kid leaving with a parent for the US and never coming back is a common situation in the DR). I would grant custody to Mom/Grandma, assuming mom knows about and shows up for the court date. I haven't seen TONS of custody cases, but all the ones I know about gave custody to the mom, fair or not. Your best plan is to negotiate..perhaps you can give it a break and do a follow-to-join if it is allowed later. If I were the mom in this situation, I wouldn't allow my child to be taken out of the country, even despite the best wishes of her dad and stepmom when I know that my mom could care for her. Do NOT try to abduct and smuggle your stepdaughter into the US. Besides being wrong, you and your husband could get in TONS of trouble. The DR can be a good place to grow up. Perhaps dad can visit frequently until daughter is 18 and can make her own legal decision. It's a tough situation, and sounds like some hard decisions are ahead. Best of luck!
  7. Here are your options to be together with your husband: - You negotiate successfully and bio mom signs the paper. I like the idea of you flying her there regularly so her mom can visit and she can see her grandma. Stepdaughter could even petition for her mom sometime far in the future after turning 21 (if that procedure is still around) - Husband goes through the court to try to get sole custody - Husband comes without stepdaughter -You move to the DR -You try to get stepdaughter in without the letter (almost certainly won't work and has big bad repercussions!) I hope the first one works out!
  8. She could not legally have filed under the three year union if not in marital union. Being separated and not trying for reconciliation or being divorced would mean the 5 year, not 3 year rule.
  9. It sounds like the problem was a lack of evidence (exacerbated by your husband's time away due to his military status.) The time away wouldn't matter imho if you had enough quality evidence. Reiterating what was already said, dis you show additional co-mingling of finances? Maybe you could add some medical and financial power of attorney documents. Affadavits and (generally) photos are seconday evidence - having five affadavits or 20 doesn't make a difference, except maybe to annoy the person reading your case.
  10. Well, it wasn't allll legal if there was an overstay. I'm surprised he was allowed back in woth multiple overstays. Will you naturalize soon? That would simplify things.
  11. The k1 visa doesn't expire for 6 months after it is issued. You could wait until you have it and then pick a date convenient for you.
  12. I don't know much about the Manila embassy, so I may be shooting in the dark here. However, is the document in English? If it's not (and possibly if it is!) I wonder if you could attach a translation and certification of ability to translate, along with a note explaining the issue. Translating English to English might be interesting.. but maybe you could make it clearer if it's hard to read or rephrase it a little? What is hard to read about it? Anyone else want to chime in?
  13. The UK is our biggest ally. We are NOT going to war with them. Was this a joke?
  14. You could go there for the birth.
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