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  1. Are they made of glass? If so (and they aren't a weapon), she could be overdressed!
  2. Did you get your WAC number? It should be on the letter you got a week or two after submitting the K1. You can check for USCIS status updates with that number. It just took a family member 16 mos to reach the point where he can schedule the interview at the consulate in a month or two. 😕
  3. I think that would be accurate if the file has reached the embassy, but it unfortunately has not even been received by NVC yet, much less sent to the embassy. 😕
  4. It's not the embassy, it's NVC. The last update was that they had the file but have not entered it yet. They said they're working on files a week before our NoA2...which is the same thing they said three weeks ago and also 3 weeks before that, so not helpful. Yep, we do this periodically.
  5. We're going on 105 days from Noa2 and they haven't received the case yet so we don't have a case number. So far we've done inquiries and contacting the senator, none of which seemed to help. 😕
  6. I got some new information from other people saying it can take up to 90 days - not for the actual transfer but for them to do the data entry. Ughhh. Then more waiting after that!
  7. It seems strange to see so many have the case received by NVC in 6-8 weeks and still be waiting at 12 plus. I'm not sure where the January number comes from - are you estimating that that is for NVC receiving the case or for the consulate receiving it?
  8. Yeah. NVC responded that they HAVE the papers, they just haven't processed the receiving paperwork.
  9. You mean the USCIS general number? No info there either. Sorry I didn't understand what you were saying!
  10. Hi all, my family member and I are writing in with a question - he had trouble locating this specific forum. It's been a long time since I did a K1 and all the times have changed a ton since I went through it. Family member (USC) is petitioning his fiance (Dominican Republic) on a K1. He got the Noa2 in mid-October. He can't call NVC..they only have an unmonitored line now "because of covid". He has emailed NVC several times but the emails back say no case has been received yet and to wait at least 6 weeks from NOA2...even though he didn't email prior to 6 weeks (!!) and only emailed around 8, 10 and 12 weeks. Is there anything else he can do? He's worried that they've lost his petition. Does waiting 80+ days for the RECEIPT (not that it's left NVC or that the consulate's received it but that NVC has received it) seem normal?
  11. I'm not looking for creating a case and having it ready, just if NVC has received the case yet. It's ok if you don't monitor it - I was just trying to figure out if anyone who got their Noa2 around the same time we did (mid-October) hasn't gotten it received by NVC yet.
  12. We can't call NVC...they don't accept incoming calls "because of covid". We emailed a few times over the past few weeks and get back a no-info form response back saying to respond after 6 weeks from Noa2 (even though we didn't email prior to 6 weeks - it was 10+ weeks past!).
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