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    My dad's sister filed for him back in 1995, included my brother and I. We both aged out by the time his interview came around in 2009, he migrated in October 2009 and then submitted I130 for us both in 2010. LPR from June 2017. Citizen as of March 2023.

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  1. Oath ceremony complete, certificate in hand. I'm hoping all of us are now sworn in and good to go!
  2. It varies by field office. I'm in Philly, had my interview Nov 22 - asked to go back to my maiden - had my oath today - so 4 months? Also, they take your green card from you so you'll need to get your passport asap to travel after oath ceremony.
  3. Oath ceremony scheduled y'all! We're in the home stretch
  4. I had mine Nov 21 last year. Fingers crossed you get good news soon.
  5. Nice! Congrats to you and your wife! Alas, I had a name change request at my interview, so I anticipated a delay.
  6. Hi all, just checking in. Still no word yet on my oath ceremony. I did manage to get thru to an immigration rep at the USCIS office and she told me that they requested the oath ceremony the day of my interview, but that there was a backlog after the holidays. Seeing as there were three major holidays after my interview date, it's understandable. Hope everyone is doing OK with the new year!
  7. Wait - you never received a piece of paper indicating that you'd passed and what next steps would be? I mean, some IOs might be overworked, but fam.. he sounds hella cranky.
  8. Just an update: I requested to change my name back to my maiden name, its been almost two months since my interview. So. Be prepared for a delay if you do!
  9. Alas, I'm in Philadelphia. I'm hoping I get my current name (FirstName MaidenName) on my cert for the oath ceremony.
  10. This is my current situation, re name change. I had my interview back in Nov 2022 and asked to revert back to my maiden name: all my IDs still had it and decided to keep as is. Hence the delay, my status online just said I'm in line for oath ceremony.
  11. Awww! Congrats on the finality of it all!! Same day interview and oath, awesome! And congrats on the babe. Long as you don't need to go anywhere, no harm in waiting!
  12. Yay! I won't have to do a name change. I just have to wait for my oath ceremony. I'm impatient, lol!
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