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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, this gives me a lot of hope. Thank you so much!
  2. Yeah, basically things in life happened, like covid and we weren’t in a good spot financially but we are now, and I want to start with this journey to finally be able to enjoy life as a regular resident with my husband.
  3. I didn’t know my husband before coming to the US, he’s American, i’m from Latin America, when i marry my husband in 2019 my k1 visa was already expired.
  4. I’ve heard i can apply for the waiver inside the United States, if things go well, and waiver is approved, should i take the risk to leave the US and go to the interview in my home country?
  5. Hello everyone, i entered to the US 5 years ago on a k1 visa but the person i was engaged to did terrible things to me, i decided not to get marry because i was been mentally abused, with the pass of the time i meet my current spouse, we go married and now my question is if through this marriage we can do a petition to obtain my greencard? Does anyone else has been in this situation?
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