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  1. edsperfect

    unmARRIED daughter

    how muchg of a delay will that be or is our application really no good because of expierantion
  2. I filed a 130 for my daughter over 21cthat lives in russia but born in Moldova but listed her address in russia filed it along with all the proper docs. over the years I recieved a receipt and number i-797 approval noticewith a jan 2012 receipt date ans a sept 2013 approval notice date after forwarding DDITIONAL INFO i Just reread the I-797 noticeof action dated sept 2013 indicating the petition was approved BUT In the middle of the document which i didnt notice prior to today it says" the information submitted with the petition shows the person for whom you are pettitioning is IN THE UNITED STATES AND NOT ELIGIBLE TO FILE FOR AN ADJUSTMENT OF STATUS". IT ALSO SAYS SHE SHOULD FILE FORM i-824 IN SMALL PRINT. please tell me is her immigration petition in trouble? what does this mean?
  3. I have applied as a citizen to bring my unmarried daughter who is well over 21 to the usa. She has a date of Jan 2012. I notice the date at present is april 2011. Should she be getting some form of notice soon and if when to get her documwents in order? What is that prcoeedure
  4. I am sorry but it really annoys me when people are given the opportunity to come to this country and do. They become citizens after at least 3 years but6 do not have the inclination to learn english. To me that shows an indifference to this country
  5. My daughter has a Jan. 17, 12 date and I notice the bullitn for next motnh might be april of 2011. Does this mean that she will soon be gettinginstructions from immigration? How longdoesit usually take for them to issue the instructions?
  6. I see where the house has two proposed immigration bills and both seem to limit family members of US Citizens. If this bill passes and getb signed will it effect unmarried daughters where the 130 has already been fiiled and she has waited 5years?
  7. when you say "abnornal" what do you mean by that
  8. I read here just a while back that a child that is divorced is considered unmarried. I dont know if that is true but that is what i read in a post
  9. NOw why would that be so? Are you saying that if one files for an F1and gets married it is automatically changed to an F3 or that the F1 becomes void upon marriage? From what i am reading here one would be an F1 when filed and SHOULD NOTIFY immigrations when they marry which would change them to an F3 with the same priority date but when divorced they go back to F1 with the same priority date.
  10. The question probably is if divorced are you considered by immigrations to be an unmarried son or daughter? I dont know the answer to that but you are right. if married divorce your wife or husband apply as an unmarried and then sometime before your due date comes along remarry them. It does seem sort of dumb to me
  11. Interesting. If married and filed for f3 but gets divorced she can move to f1? She keeps the same priority date though? what about someone who files a f1, gets married and then divorced? Do they stay in f1 with same priorty date? Interesting twists always in the law
  12. I am re4ading this post and find it interesting. Does this mean that if one files for an umarried son and he gets married while waiting he can change his status to married son and still keep his priority date.? Not only that he can bring his wife with him? what about a son that gets married and then during the 7-10 years gets divorced?
  13. edsperfect

    1/17/12 date

    no we got the notice that 130 was ok but have been waiting since JAN 2012
  14. MY wife, a us citizen, has an unmarried dauther over 21 with a date of 1.17.12. She has not recieved any norice or info from immigrations yet and the dates according to the processing time is april 2011. Is this normal? I thought by now she would have gotten a notice to accumulate info ofr immigrations
  15. about 227000 in stocks 12000 in cash. Do iras count?