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  1. Thanks guys for the feedback. Can we just submit a copy of the filed 1040? My husband has hired an account to sort everything out since he was outside of the us till recently and didn't file taxes properly while he was abroad. All of his previous tax filing are being processed by the IRS but he did submit 1040 for 2021 income made in the US as soon as the IRS opened up. Given that he doesn't have any records/transcripts, do you think sending a copy of 1040 form for 2021 would be sufficient? We had provided W2s, notarised employment letters, paystubs but still got the REF.. Thank you so much for your help in advance.
  2. Hi everyone, I got a ref for my green card application in Nov 2021 and the deadline is coming up but I haven't collected necessary evidences related to the affidavit of support. I think my case is eligible for the uscis' covid extension (extra 60 days to respond) but i'm wondering if i should submit whatever i have now before the deadline and send the outstanding items later or do you recommend submitting everything at once before the extended deadline? fyi, i'm waiting for my husband's irs transcript which be out soon hopefully. Thanks so much for help.
  3. thanks guys.. always very helpful. we will try to find a joint sponsor or something. thanks again
  4. Hi guys, Is is possible to get a ref again? We got REF for AOS last month and are trying to come up with evidences that prove that my husband can support me without finding a joint sponsor (as none of his family members are USC or PR). Bur we are afraid that we might get another ref or rejection if USCIS deem our additional evidence is insufficient.. Thanks again for your help in advance..
  5. You can speak to an agent through Emma, uscis’ virtual assistance. this is the hack to get an agent. The website is in Korean but just follow screen shoots https://www.milemoa.com/bbs/board/7796727
  6. Thanks guys.. really appreciate your advice/thoughts. We might need to find a joint sponsor which might take some time but our deadline is in March. I probably got this generic message as a response to my biometrics
  7. Hi guys, Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. I just received a notification that my I-485 is being actively reviewed and “nothing is outstanding at this time”. I presume this is usually a good news but its troubling me because i got REF on Dec 16 and didn’t sumbit requested evidence. fyi, REF was regarding my birth certificate (which was in line with the guidance and was planning to submit the exact same docs) and the affidavit of support (my husband makes enough income but his fed tax filing hasn’t been properly recorded due to his overseas residence and it is being processed by the irs. We also explained the situation in the application and submitted evidences of other financial assets). I spoke with a live agent via chart about this but she just recommended to response to the ref and disconnected the chat.. Did anyone have the same issue? Can i take the latest update “nothing is outstanding” at face value and not submit previously requested evidence? If it’s the case nothing is outstanding, I just don’t want to respond to an REF and create any confusion to my case... Appreciate any thoughts / advice.. Thanks so much!!
  8. Hi guys, I came to the US on K1 visa a month ago but we haven't got married on the paper as I wanted to apply for SSN first. It took me hours of waiting on the phone but I was able to schedule an appointment (Nov 5). My question is - if the application was successful, can we get married the next day? or do we have to wait till i receive the physical ssn card? Thanks so much for your help in advance !!
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