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    Two years ago, Rohit and I met while working on board a cruise ship. What started as a friendship, grew into something so much more! We spent two contracts traveling and working together. We fell in love and I decided to leave ships so we could start our K1 process. Despite the 8,000+ mile distance and time spent apart, we have grown stronger. All we want is our happily ever after and to go from worlds apart... to a lifetime together!

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  1. Hey, Everyone! I need some serious guidance! We tried to apply for my husband's SSC shortly after he arrived (not married yet). We were told at that time his status didn't match and they would send a verification. After several months of going in and calling to check, there has been no luck. Fast forward to yesterday, we're married, we have received his Work Authorization Card two days prior and we completed our interview for his Green Card yesterday (Approved!!) We figured it would be safe to go back to SSA and get the situation fixed. We went to a different office and they told us the SAME THING! His status isn't updating... Yet we have his work authorization card in hand. They told us the same thing "we'll send them a verification request, fax a copy of a card, blah blah blah." I understand that the whole "status not updating" is a thing, but this is starting to get ridiculous. Does anyone recommend a number I can call or another way to go about this? I'm stuck!
  2. We got letters too! They came in yesterday and our interview is on Thursday! I hope they come in sometime today or tomorrow... but that maybe a bit of a pipe dream
  3. Our interview is December 5th and as of two days ago we got notice that our combo card has been approved. We’ll have to see how long it takes to get to us
  4. This is SUPER helpful for me! We have been waiting for our status to change for three weeks now. I see others from the same office getting the notices after a couple of days to a week tops! I told myself to give it at least a month before getting nervous.
  5. 20 days since our status changed to "Ready to be Scheduled" No interview date yet. Hoping it won't be too much longer now
  6. Today is two weeks since our status changed to Ready to be Scheduled. No interview date yet
  7. Wow! We had no problem with the bank. I added him to my existing account with his passport and visa information. No issues there.... There really is no level of consistency haha!
  8. Interesting... That's the same thing that's happening to us!! We applied for my husband SSN a few days before our wedding and we've had no luck with getting the status to verify. I know this may not help you, but I'm kind of glad to know that it wasn't just us!
  9. Gosh! A few months would drive anyone crazy! My home office has a current trend of a week to two weeks. I was curious what other offices experience!
  10. Does anyone know how much time goes between "Interview Ready to be Scheduled" to "Interview Scheduled?" We're on Day 8 of the wait!
  11. No changes for us since Wednesday. Hoping we'll hear something within the next day or so about the interview being scheduled!!! 🤞
  12. No word yet for us about the interview date and time. Wednesday will be one week since the status changed to Ready to be Scheduled. Hoping we'll hear something soon!
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