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    I met David on the playstation one night, just by random. We became good friends instantly. We spoke for 5 years before we met each other. We've had multiple visits back and fourth because we just can't stand to be without each other! Its now been 7 and 1/2 years of dating. We are now waiting for my visa! Applied in May 2017

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  1. Hey all I assume you are filing the I-175 because your greencard is soon to expire. I was issued my GC July 2019 and it expires july 2021. Does that mean i must apply 90 days BEFORE july 2021?
  2. Yes, we are doing ok financially. She just had to have her opinion on our personal life. lol
  3. My husband stopped working Jan 2018, so for him it was 2018 tax return Bring copies of everything you already submitted.
  4. Here is my experience with San Antonio interview. “Word of advice to the interviewers - Keep the interview professional and dont let your emotions/personal past experiences get in the way of how you view people. My husband and I had a unexpected, very uncomfortable interview. Conversation started off well, so we thought. She said we had to be wealthy coming into this country, made us feel as we were poor and unworthy. My husband does not make a lot (which is why I have a joint sponsor) But yet she felt the need to target my husband and tell him he needs to pick up his act and find a better job, even move towns if that helps. I submitted my husbands Tax return a couple months ago when I received a RFE. However I did not make a copy of this paper (my fault) and she wanted to see it. I said you must have it because we sure sent it. So i assume they lost it and she said because of this missing paper she would deny me if it was up to her. Very rude of her and thank God she does not have the final decision. She seemed out to get us because we were gamers (no longer) and that made us seem incompetent. We both have jobs and are getting by but for some reason that was the focus of the interview instead of asking us questions about our relationship. She had no interest in looking at the evidence i gathered about us. Which is the whole point of this interview. This lady told us personal things about her life which wasted time and was totally irrelevant to us. She had a bad experience with an Ex husband who was only interested in games not her. And that left her bitter, thats why she targeted my husband because he is a gamer. But he is not like some other gamers in the sense that he cant hold a relationship. I have no problem in the way that he spends some of his time playing. In fact he has given up most of his games but she didnt care to know that. She casually joked the reason why we forgot his tax return was because we are gamers. Just because we met playing a game online 8 years ago does not mean till this day we are still playing and have no life outside games! Ridiculous assumptions. We were asked if we had children and after saying NO she asked us 2 more times. I felt offended by that because she does not believe us for some reason. Overall we felt like we got a lecture about our lives more than anything. We are doing everything right legally to be approved and because we are not rich and have a history of playing games she looked down on us. She also spoke over us often. My greencard was approved via online app that same night. Thank God! “
  5. I had my interview in San Antonio and I was not sure if I was approved or not. The that same night I received “new card is being produced” update How long typically can i expect to wait on my greencard?
  6. Is anyone here from TX? My local office is San Antonio. I am awaiting my interview letter. It has been 6 days since the good news update Was curious to know how long anyone else waited?
  7. Guys my interview is scheduled! After waiting 70 days they are finally sending me a letter😊😊😊
  8. I just received the “case is ready to be scheduled for interview” I also just received my EAD card in the mail 😊 Im guessing its going to be a while before the interview?
  9. It is the EAD card! 🙂Im so happy, this came at a much needed time.
  10. Omg I received this update tonight, does this mean im getting a green card or work card?.. 😃 I have been waiting just over a year for this. My AOS was denied last november and we had to open a motion for reconsideration. I guess they approved me now😊 right? lol My heart is beating with joy! God is so good I prayed hard for this and literally today I prayed and now this.
  11. So i am back with some good news Last October my adjustment of status case was denied so I applied for motion to reconsider (I-290B). After 89 days of waiting i finally get an update online saying my case has been reopened and I am to receive a letter in the mail. I hope this is it, I hope to God it is the good news i have been waiting for.
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