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  1. (You had forgotten the word, in there.) I have no experience at all in this but your letter sounds sincere to me. I wonder of including proof would be valuable: ticket receipts, boarding passes, funeral receipt, that sort of thing.
  2. Thank you for the replies so far, some good ideas on on here! Yes, they joined me later, and simply because of how things had to be done in our particular circumstances, their whole process is about a year after mine. AOS for them happened that way too, that's why we're only filing for ROC for them now (given the 90-day window for filing) while mine was approved already.
  3. Hi everyone, I filed for my own ROC a while back and it's already been approved, so that step is handled. However, it is now time to file for my own daughters' ROC and I'm not quite sure of what evidence to include. I was thinking of a few new bank statements from me and my husband (the USC), some photos of all of us at outings, a copy of the approval notice of my ROC and a copy of my 10-year GC. Not sure of what else to send... any suggestions, ideas, thoughts are welcome! Thank you!
  4. Hey everyone, haven't posted in a while but figured I pop in with the news that I received my new GC in the mail on Saturday (the 26th). Took about 15 months for ROC to be processed, and I had no interview. My case status on the USCIS website still only shows Case Received.
  5. Did you close and reopen the browser? I had to do that for the new settings to take effect.
  6. Ok, this stuff is amazing: I snagged an appointment already! The Check4Change extension on Firefox dinged, I saw the possible dates, chose one, clicked on it, filed in my info and voila! One hour of running the tab in the background and I now have an appointment. This thread has been yet another amazing resource on VJ!
  7. Sweet, that worked for me too! Blocked the pop-ups for the specific page and it seems to be running fine now! Thanks for the tip!
  8. I'm having the same issue with the Confirm Form pop-up. Dang annoying. EDIT: The pop-up happens in Chrome, so I've disabled the Auto Refresh and I'm using only the Visualpaging extension. I'm also using Firefox with the Check4Change extension and am just letting it run in the background. Hopefully between these two I'll be notified of am opening. Will report back when I have something happen.
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