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  1. Her greencard was issued in September of 2017 so we're good on that front.
  2. I naturalized based on second marriage to a US Citizen who is not my daughter's father. There is, yes.
  3. Hello everyone, My oldest daughter wants to file for Citizenship under the 5yrs rule. She was over 18 when I naturalized (darn Covid delaying everything) and her 5 yr eligibility is finally here. We tried filing online but ran into two issues: A) In Part 6, where it asks if parents were married before the 18th birthday, is this referring to "at the time of turning 18" or is it "at any point in time before turning 18"? Her father and I were married at the time of her birth, but divorced later. B) Still in Part 6, where it asks if the mother is a US Citizen, we said Yes because I am now, but then were not able to fill out the section on my name, date of citizenship, etc. Any help on these would be appreciated. Thank you!
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