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  1. Received a text notification this afternoon in regards to my other kiddo's ROC - logged on to see her new card is being produced. Expecting a bunch of notifications next, with all the little updates that follow, but this was the one we were hoping for.
  2. Hi all, Just got a text/email that one of my kiddo's ROC was approved and the card was issued for production. The other one had a soft update on May 06 but no approval yet, even though her number is immediately right after the other. Hoping for another update for her soon. Just as a reminder, they're both SRC receipts, filed on September 06, Biometrics done on November 14.
  3. Just wanted to chime in that timing of the N-400 is important to me. My oldest child will turn 18 in October. If I can somehow finish my naturalization process before her birthday, she gets derivative citizenship. If I can't, she'll have to wait a few more years then re-apply as an LPR with the 5-year rule. So, it's a time and cost issue for us, plus the weirdness of having everyone in her immediate family be a citizen except her. Now, is it somehow life-threatening or crucial? Obviously not. But in our case, it's clearly not a matter of simply "waiting a few more months".
  4. Did my biometrics yesterday, too. The place looked as busy as usual. Both websites have updated, for me.
  5. Hi all, I went in for my N400 Biometrics on Friday. This was my 5th time at the ASC, between AOS & ROC for both myself and my daughters. Before, I would stand in line to hand out my papers, get called, have my hands checked and the papers reviewed/stamped, then I would be given a ticket number and asked to wait in the waiting area for the number to be called. This time, though, I was given a different-looking number card and told to wait in a different area, then got called into an office where the person behind the desk looked at my stuff. Then he asked me if I had any other forms of identification, so I showed my driver's license and my homecountry's national ID card (both of which I always carry with me). He looked some more at his screen, added the names on those cards to my paperwork, and said I was done. I was then asked to wait for my regular ticket number, which I did, and then it went back to what I had been through before. Fingerprints this time around were simply my right index and middle fingers. Of course now I'm wondering why I did that extra in-office step. I certainly wasn't the only one, nor did it seem like I was some sort of special case. From what I could see, all of us had the citizenship booklet, but I saw other people with the booklet that did things "normally". For the record, I filed online under the 3-year rule, and requested a name change. Anyone know what's up with that extra in-office step?
  6. I don't use the app, just the website. Between the text notifications and the emails, I personally saw no real use for the app...
  7. My Biometrics notice was available on the website today, for 2 and a half weeks from now. It's a date and time that's actually very convenient for me - super thrilled!
  8. I just provided what they asked for, honestly. I'm filing with the marriage 3-year rule so I did my greencard (ROC already done with), marriage certificate, transcript of the previous 3 years of tax returns, birth certificate for all my kids, divorce decrees for both me and my husband plus the translation for mine, and my husband's passport (proof of his citizenship). I hope it's enough - we'll see! I received my paper NOA in the mail, today. Now waiting for Biometrics and trying not to obsessively check the USCIS websites. 😜
  9. Maybe try a different browser? I used Firefox and had no issues. The website uploaded all my PDFs and JPEG files with no issues. I did the entire application in an hour or so.
  10. I changed my name with marriage, initially (took my husband's last name and dropped a middle name), but now I want to do a name change with citizenship. My legal name is way too long because that's how we do things back home. I want to drop a few of the words in my name and just stick with the First Middle Last that most Americans have. I'm not changing any name per se, just losing some of them.
  11. This tool is awesome. I like that it doesn't give out the answers until you tell it to, so that you can first answer on your own and then check to see if it was correct or not. It DOES need to be updated for the current President, Vice-President and Speaker of the House, but other than that (and you needing to know your own state Governor, Capitol, Senators and Representative) it's great for studying. Major kudos, @seakayaker !
  12. Fellow Greater Atlanta resident, here. So encouraging to see how fast this office is moving! Submitted my application online last night, with the 3-year rule based on marriage and with requesting a name change. My ROC had already been approved so hopefully things won't get delayed for me much.
  13. The instructions I'm seeing DO ask for divorce decrees, tax documents, etc. It also doesn't say anything about translated documents but I'm assuming they'll want a translated version of my divorce decree, no? Also, wouldn't they already have all of this on file, anyway?
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