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  1. Thank you , that is how I interpreted it also, I just wanted to make sure I understood it correctly. I have not been able to find the word stepchild anywhere.
  2. I have been looking for this, do you have a link where it mentions Stepchild ?Please.
  3. if you wanted to use Assets for IR2 stepchild is it 3x or 5x times the amount of any shortfall on the I-864 ?
  4. Thank you for the reply , I know in 2 years things can/may chance , any one else have any recent I-751 bio-metrics and interview letter appointment letter to appointment date times.
  5. I-751 : How long after receiving the biometrics and interview letter in the mail is the appointment date normality , basically how much notice are you given for each appointment.
  6. thank you again, when approved at the embassy how long before you receive the visa?
  7. Thank you for this information, once petition is approved and you need to submit I-864 information how long do you have to gather the information ( supporting document ) and submit them ?
  8. Assuming no RFE. what are the next steps and time frame. If I have missed any steps please correct or add. Filed I-130 for US Citizen stepchild: how long to receive NOA 1 and how long to go to next step NVC assuming no RFE? NVC: how long to receive NOA 2 and how long for next step? DS-260: At which point do I fill this out? I-864: At which point do I fill this out and how long/ how to submit ? Interview appointment: Do I pick the date or do they?( how long from I-130 file date ) Medical is right before interview (within two weeks?) Thank you in advance for you help.
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