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  1. Please, Site Moderator can delete the first post since the size is small t read so i replied with edited version. Thank you
  2. I-751 Applied based on Divorce Waiver OCT 2017 In Florida. Moved to Atlanta in July 2019. Had I-751 interview on March 02 2020 at Atlanta USCIS Office. Interview went well and IO told me she will notify decision through mail. ** I don't see any updates on USCIS CASE STATUS PAGE** Last update was in March 2018 saying "Case was received at my local office" i was living in Florida back then. As per USPS-Informed Delivery Service i was supposed to receive a mail from Atlanta USCIS Office on April 11 2020 and was mailed on April 08 2020 and i never received it till today. When i double checked the USPS-informed Delivery email sent to me on April 11 2020, i see the USCIS Atlanta Office failed to my mention MY APARTMENT #### on the mail and i checked with Post office on April 11 2020 and they said they usually send back to the sender in such cases. I received 2 mails to the same address so far in for this year 2020. April 20 2020 i called USCIS CUSTOMER CARE and it was of no help and she said she is seeing same thing as me. All they said was i have to wait 120 days. April 08 2020 to April 202 it's been more than a Week of working days and no new mail yet or Online Update. Going crazy thinking what the mail could have been since i don't see any updates online. Anyone experienced same? Does local USCIS Office send Decision- Approval or Denial or RFEs letters after I-751 interview? or the decision letters come from Main service centers? Thank you,
  3. Same boat here Divorce Waiver I-75I Removal of Conditions. I had Interview with out any RFE. So no worries. You will be fine.
  4. I JUST GOT A TEXT MESSAGE with USPS TRACKING NUMBER from expecting a package from - CHATSWORTH CA 91311 Is it the GREEN CARD production center ?
  5. Like Joint Tax Returns, Joint Ownership of Home, Car etc, Or Both Names on Apartment lease agreement, Health Insurances together, Bills with both names like light bill, Phone bill, Life Insurance or 401K beneficiary listed as spouse etc might help to prove continuous Bonafide marriage.
  6. Fellow applicants from Atlanta field office waiting on decision after attending i-751 interview. Please share your experience. Any idea usually how long they take to mail or online update the decision? I had my I-751 Removal of conditions Divorce waiver interview on March 2nd 2020 and was told by IO will mail the decision. As of today No Online update or decision mail was received. Married USC in Apr 2016. Divorce in July 2017. Applied for i-751 on Oct 2017 based on Divorce waiver. No RFEs. Attended I-751 interview on March 2nd 2020. Interview went well IO said you already submitted enough evidence in 2017 just update me with only evidence not submitted before in 2017. So just gave the ones i dint submit before. IO dint ask for any additional evidence.
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