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  1. It's about 4-6 weeks for normal processing and 2-3 for expedited processing (you will need to pay a fee to expedite it though, 60 USD)
  2. Hi there! It took about a week to get my Oath ceremony notice from when I was approved. I had my oath ceremony yesterday at noon timeline: July 14 - interview july 19 - oath ceremony scheduled august 6 - oath ceremony best of luck!
  3. Congrats! Also had mine today. Feels so good to be done with our immigration journeys! best of luck to everyone!
  4. Congrats! My Oath ceremony is also scheduled for August 6th
  5. Got an update in my account today - Oath Ceremony scheduled for August 6 (In Atlanta, GA). So excited!
  6. I also did not have this paperwork. I was in a car accident in 2018 (no one was hurt, insurance paid for everything) and I got a citation for "basic rules violation". I mentioned this on my application and the officer as me about it so I told them everything that happened including the fact that I ended up paying a fine and the case was closed and they didn't ask for any proof.
  7. Hi everyone, just wanted to share my experience at the ATL field office today. I applied for citizenship in Oct 2020 based on the 3-yr rule. I had a pending I-751 at that time and today's interview was a joint I-751/N400 interview. My appointment was for 12:55PM. My husband, 2yo son and I arrived there at approx 12:40, went through security (bags, belt and watches go through the scanner), then we went up to the check-in area, presented my interview notices and they took my picture and fingerprints. We were then told to go to the third floor. We entered a large waiting area where there were approx 30-40 other people. Every once in a while an immigration officer would come out and call someone's name. I waited about 1h20 mins until my name was called. The IO called my husband and our son in as well, but after a brief chat with him, he asked my husband to leave because he had enough proof that we both had entered the marriage in good faith. He then asked me for my interview notices and my green card and told me that he was going to start the test portion of the interview. He asked me the following questions: 1. Why did the colonists come to America? 2. What is the highest court in the US? 3. Name one of the authors of the Federalist Papers 4. Name 3 of the original colonies 5. What group of people were sold as slaves in America? 6. What is an amendment? Once this portion was done, he asked me to read something off the tablet that was on his desk - "What state has the most people?" and asked me to write "California has the most people" on the same tablet. He then asked me the eligibility questions and I was done! He said he approved my application and that I was going to receive an Oath Ceremony notice in the mail. He did not ask me for any of the documents I had prepared, probably because he didn't actually conduct a I-751 interview. I came prepared with tax returns, bank statements, life/car insurance, photos, son's birth certificate etc etc. Overall, the experience was pretty good (except for the wait - getting a toddler to sit still for more than a few minutes is nearly impossible). I'm so excited to be almost done with my immigration journey! 🎉🇺🇸
  8. Just checked the documents Tab in my account and interview was scheduled for July 14 at the Atlanta office! So excited!!
  9. If I were to guess...I'd say their website is pretty buggy and the timelines are not.reliable.at.all 😅
  10. Hi guys, time I revive this account. My husband and I are in Atlanta, GA. Filed N400 online on Oct 30 2020 and received a notification yesterday that my interview was scheduled. Anyone got their interview notification yet? How far in advance is your interview scheduled? Good luck everyone!
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