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  1. I'm a U.S. Citizen as of today! Applied 3/30/2020. Questions: chief justice what was one important thing Abraham Lincoln did Representatives are elected for how many years how many justices on supreme court how many Senators what month we elect president Then, a lot of the N-400 yes/no questions Writing: We have one hundred Senators. additional questions: how did you enter the U.S. / how did I get my green card (through employer) Signed a few forms (name change), same day Oath: 9am Newark appointment, Oath around 11am, by 11:30am left the USCIS building. GOOD LUCK to you! You will get there!
  2. Correct. Friday May 14th. It's at 9am so fingers crossed for same day Oath !!!
  3. took about 27 hrs notice on monday morning, letter on tuesday noon.
  4. Thanks. Agreed, it should be that week. I'm targeting May 11th or 12th. Will find out soon!
  5. I received a notice in my online account that I am being scheduled for an interview. How long does it take from the "initial notice" to the "interview letter" being downloaded to my "document" section. Is it 24Hrs, 48, 72? Can't wait lol
  6. YOU ARE GOOD. you just reading it wrong: it is not "“Invalid Case date and notice of Receipt was emailed.” It is "Invalid Case date" PUT VIRTUAL PERIOD, then "notice of Receipt was emailed" - meaning the system could not feed proper date to the statement, so it spit out ""Invalid Case date" and continued with the statement ""notice of Receipt was emailed"" I had this appear on my account for a full year, until just yesterday got notice I am being scheduled for an interview! Good luck.
  7. I am very HAPPY to report to our "Newark filing location" group that TODAY I received a notification in my online account that I am being scheduled for an interview!!! I'm expecting a formal letter in "document section" within 24-72 hrs, and of course will share the interview date. As a reminder (and as per my Timeline) I filed on 3/26/2020 with NOA date 3/31/2020. Case history updated to: March 29,2021 Interview Was Scheduled. SIDE NOTE: my estimated case completion date was "updated" to Dec 2021 (9 months) - (of course, this is not reliable, just FYI).
  8. Annabanana316 & Hariram30: Thank you very much for sharing your dates on this thread. What I was referring to when asking to update Timeline, I meant the Timeline that is part of your "profile" visible to ALL through the link "Timeline" displayed on the bottom left of your member icon under your "coutry flag" (within the margin on the left). To update your "Timeline" in "your profile", simply go to upper right corner, click drop down box next to your user name, click Timeline, then look for "update" on upper left, and enter appropriate dates/comments under N400 of the form. This "Timeline" is now visible to ALL, and you can filter through filing location etc.... Thnak you! Let me know if you have any questions.
  9. No updates. Are you willing to share your Timeline?... if everyone was doing it for the group benefit, we would have had abundance of data/updates.
  10. Great news! So are you saying that you received an email, but no reference on your USCIS online account? If January filers are being scheduled now, I need to take a chill pill for the next 2 months (March 2020 filer) lol
  11. I would invest in a quick phone call to immigration attorney to potentially save you the trips back and forth. Specific question is if USCIS officer can decide on your case on April 5th IF you no longer live in that jurisdiction at the day of the interview. It’s a jurisdictional issue here. IF attorney confirms it is not a problem for USCIS I would keep my appointment in CA. Unless you are OK in delaying your case by USCIS moving your file to the respective office location handling MD State. IF your new location will be a jurisdictional problem, then ask about proper quickest way to move your case. Note, I am not advising you to call USCIS and ask (I wouldn’t, you can) as you may encounter a low tier individual with limited knowledge that selects definitions or pre-recorded responses that may or may not apply. However, regardless of what you decide, file AR11 electronic form on the day you move, and bring printout confirmation to your interview.
  12. The fact we do not subscribe to euforia of mass issued bio re-use across 2019,2020,2021 filers, does not mean we do not welcome the step (we do) or does not mean that we would prefer "being stuck at biometric appointment or stuck at interview appointment" For me, I recognize that we CONTINUE to be stuck at the respected positions, either weeks (for 2019) or a year (for 2021 filers), and it was purely a "psychological maneuver" to issue a bio letter EARLY to many people who are exahusted with prospect of waiting for a very long time for interviewes. To my interpretation, the move does not indicate any acceleration to the process. However I recognize the psychological value, which works better on some than on others.
  13. Not much of a calculation, in this example, simply a copy-paste assumption based on specific case of bkoz. Of course it is never ever a linear process. Due to the fact no one here has access to USCIS logic in interview selection process, all we can do is generate an educated GUESS based on specific assumptions/references etc.
  14. based on bkoz's feedback, it appears your notice should not be more than 7 weeks away (the latest). Almost there.
  15. Thanks for the feedback! that helps to put things in perspective. Good luck to you, I'm sure you are excited the journey will be concluded within a month.
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