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    summer777 reacted to dwheels76 in August 2013 Interviews   
    LOL Summer I swear I am putting you in time out. hehe You will get your email for sure and can run not walk to the doctors.
    So as darnell always ask "what you cooking tonight to celebrate?"
    And really people I should be personal invites to each meal. Oh I know Potluck (do they do that in foreign lands). I am just hungry people. LOL
    I feel like its me all over again........
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    summer777 reacted to dwheels76 in August 2013 Interviews   
    Sweet Lord My inbox is full of this thread. Looking at this. Okay let me start updating. Congratulations to you all.
    Now see did Dwheels tell you. How does everyone feel. I hear ya crying and yelling and you are like running around the house to hug or kiss somebody. Well Big hugs and kisses to you all. So thrilled for you. Now to the prep work.
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    summer777 reacted to dwheels76 in August 2013 Interviews   
    Last month it seems UK and Canada were like the last. No rhyme or reason. Its like right when we think we figured them out they change up.
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    summer777 reacted to dwheels76 in August 2013 Interviews   
    Just hang on your turn will come. I have a friend dealing with Lagos and they had to change interview twice it was changed within 24 hours.
    So imagine all the different embassies and they have DCF, and cancellations, moving around, postponements.
    Now we have NVC in the mix and frankly in the last 6 months they have gone from bad to worst.
    i remember when i filed March of 2012 and read about NVC and saw the record was 10 days. I was so going to break that record. Ha. My case was no where to be found for 30 days.
    You just have to hang on and of course call or wait for interview letter.
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    summer777 reacted to Hilario in AUGUST INTERVIEW !!! CR-1 . IR-1   
    for my family and I NVC GROUNDHOGS DAY IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    summer777 reacted to Hana&Reda in AUGUST INTERVIEW !!! CR-1 . IR-1   
    Wahoo! Fingers crossed for August interview
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    summer777 got a reaction from Hana&Reda in AUGUST INTERVIEW !!! CR-1 . IR-1   
    no i didnt but it will be very possible for all of us to get it on August as our timeline is similar lets just see
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    summer777 reacted to rawas in New I-864 version   
    nothing new concerning re-submitted i-864 ?

    dont cry : ) if i know the answer why dont answer
    i assume they will shedule an interview date , a soon a possible , your case jut complete 13 days ago you still need to wait a little bit more, im sure you'll have interview inchallah in August be happy
    good luck to you
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    summer777 reacted to speedwell in Approved and thanks to everyone!!   
    My husband just got his visa approval today!! It feels like a second wedding day because they are finally letting my man come HOME. yes we cried!
    Thank you everyone who put up with my fretting and thank you everyone who read and commented and thank you ESPECIALLY to the mainstays on this forum who always have a word of sense and advice. I won't name you because I don't want to accidentally leave anyone out, but you know who you are
    Let's all be good to each other, folks. I want everyone to have this feeling of joy and relief.
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    summer777 reacted to aki in New I-864 version   
    Beneficiaries can call too.
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    summer777 reacted to Memphis in New I-864 version   
    My hubby (petitioner) is also super busy, good thing he sent me a 'magic-jack' so I can call any number in US for FREE. I'm the one who calls NVC once/twice weekly to ask for updates on our cases.. I do not know if calling everyday speeds up the process but NVC logs each time we call..
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    summer777 reacted to The Mean Lady in How long it will take after you sent you form I -130?   
    Everyone's is at NBC since Aug 15.
    It's more reflective of your local office than the service center.
    Locate your office:
    Post your local office here or fill in your profile info.
    Get better responses.
    Or, narrow it down yourself here:
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    summer777 reacted to Natsukiii in If you are waiting on your NOA2... TAKE A LOOK & SIGN!!!   
    You probably would get more signatures if you included CR-1 in your petition.
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    summer777 reacted to Ronn63 in Interview in 6.5 hours!!!   
    thanks..I'm breathing. I'm wide awake at 1AM 6 hours before the interview, and someone is upstairs snoring. Who's visa is this anyway?? LOL
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    summer777 reacted to Chloezilla in New I-864 version   
    C'mon NVC let's have a productive Monday!!
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    summer777 reacted to rawas in New I-864 version   
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    summer777 reacted to preethyv20032003 in Alert!! Do not send new i864 (AOS)   
    NVC doesn't know how to process this new form and all that are submitted are placed on hold, soo as of now now send the old version
    My AOS is on hold now...
    Just got off the phone with homeland security their telling me they don't know why NVC is telling me this just the format has changed and they will contact them and let me know in 3 to 5 days..
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    summer777 reacted to BABA70 in INTENT TO DENY LETTER   
    You don't need to worry or cry about the notice the USCIS are so crazy frustrating petitioners, that notice may even be asking you to submit what you've sent to them before. There are crazy adjudicators there at the USCIS. Waiting untilu get the letter follow the instructions and will also advice you to contact your district US Congressman/woman for genuiness of your case. I did that and it worked. Let me know how far it goes we will get your petition approved at by all means. GOOD LUCK.
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    summer777 reacted to Darnell in October 2012 I-130 Filers   
    When you call in , punch no buttons after the phone starts ringing.
    Wait about 5 minutes, you'll be transferred to a Spanish speaking person .
    Let them unwind, then say 'English please'
    then you go forth from there.
    ISO - http://www.dhs.gov/files/publications/gc_1305658440339.shtm
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    summer777 reacted to Darnell in i am just so confuse   
    ya, I know.. tell your friends, ah?
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    summer777 reacted to Darnell in i am just so confuse   
    the 'old fiance file ' will get sent to storage at the National Benefits Center. This concept of 'London still having it' - don't fret that..
    When an adjudicator sees the prior K-1 in the system, they'll request it, maybe, or just look at the electronic record.
    OUTCOME on the prior K-1 is considered, but the I-130 petition gets adjudicated at USCIS, by their rulebook.
    Later on, the Consular Officer at London will adjudicate the Visa Application, and of course will see a record of what happened on the K-1.
    The Visa Application, CR-1, would be adjudicated on it's OWN merits, and the totality of the casefile .
    IMO, the prior outcome on the K-1 will be a factor, but a SMALL factor, if the I-130 casefile is complete (hint, read the instructions and know what to submit for the 6 types of bonafide marriage evidence)
    Good Luck !
    /the above is solely my opinion - take from it what you paid for it
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    summer777 reacted to Mufmer in i am just so confuse   
    U filled this time I-130, so dont worry, old case closed on the day they stamped ur passport for cancel ur K-1 visa.
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    summer777 reacted to rlogan in 23 December !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
    It's amazing how this idiotic meme got so much traction. The Mayans did not claim the world was ending in 2012.
    The fact they could put out a calendar so accurate centuries into the future shows how much smarter they were than the people who buy this silly new-age meme.
    Make intelligent plans and trust in reason and the scientific method.
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    summer777 got a reaction from Nana098 in Appealed & Approved   
    congrats my friend can u tell us what happened that u needed to appeal???? as so many of us are new and dont know your story
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    summer777 got a reaction from Asia in DX Envelope with passport/documents   
    oh i see sorry i didnt catch that part ... soooo you are talking about the envelop that the DX handed you???? if so then you should open that cuz it has your passport in it the sealed envelop is always inside the first package .
    open the first package and keep the sealed envelop safe
    good luck
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