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  1. Memphis

    POE questions for 1st timers with tourist visa

    These are my parents questions from the Consul: As far as they could remember. What is your occupation? How about you? Referring to my mama When did your contract end? Do you have a contract now? Are you still planning to work? Have you both travelled outside the country? When was that? Your mother is a USCitizen? Where is she now? What is your purpose of travel to the US? How many children do you have? When did your daughter came to the US? How did your daughter enter the US---What type of visa did she have? How long has your daughter been in the US? What is her status in the US now? Good luck and tons of prayer helps too.
  2. Memphis

    POE questions for 1st timers with tourist visa

    We are not rich, my Mama is a housewife, my Papa is a Seafarer for 15 years until now. They just own a house ( lot is still not fully paid), 1 car. They prepared bank statements, seaman's book and documents for the car and lot, employment records for my father BUT the Filipino pre-screener AND the Consul never bothered to look at them, that is what they told me after the interview. The whole processing & preparation only took them 2weeks. Though I briefed them thoroughly about the possible questions and answers that I have read here on VJ. I am just beyond grateful for this blessing! *They both just travelled together in HongKong twice last year. * No documents from me, it is just from my father. I am still a Permanent Resident here.
  3. Memphis

    POE questions for 1st timers with tourist visa

    So it would be mostly the same questions asked by the Consul at the Embassy. Thanks!
  4. Hello all! My parents ( both in their 60's) applied for tourist visas and were approved last March 2, 2018 at Manila, Philippines. Thank you VJ for all the tips that I have read here. I have been reading POE reviews for Chicago O' Hare, but mostly were those with K1 visas and IR/CR. Would it be the same manner of questioning/procedures from the Immigration officers for those entering with a tourist visa? Thanks.