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  1. Does the money belong to the president? If an individual pays taxes then the money belongs to him.. it’s thinking like this why we r in some situations.. get over this political slavery mentality.. who one support does not have anything to do with entitled benefits.. so if a Democrat and a icu nurse does it mean that I should not take care of republican citizen last.. give me a break
  2. From one RN to the other I couldn’t agree with u more.. am heading up to New York for two weeks to help out.. I don’t understand why ppl will make such statements without facts
  3. How dear u say such a thing of the media hyping thing up that’s not true.. u sit at home comfy and make such a statement.. I work 16 hour days without lunch break As an ICU nurse.. ppl r sooo sick without hospital beds.. PPE are running low..u r part of the problem.. things u don’t know about you should not speak off.. stop spreading misinformation 😡😡
  4. She has to willing admit that she sent fraudulent paperwork before the councilor finds out.. then apply for a waiver.. this can result in a lifetime ban from the US
  5. Yes they do.. I know cause it happened to my in-laws.. apparently someone who had the same name with him was divorced on the same day.. so at the interview they query him to verify which one was his.. there is no way around this one
  6. Am a nurse and this is perfectly legal.. it is actually encouraged.. now if they r paying her to get the kidney then it’s illegal
  7. Go back and read the thread.. I just posted where someone was issued his visa yesterday
  8. They really are looking for petty things.. but it shall be well.. let’s keep praying
  9. Another success story guys.. He went into administrative processing and picked up his visa yesterday.. This is hope
  10. Thanks for sharing.. so am guessing they took ur passport and will have u wait in AP? I guess that’s how they are doing it now? Do they ask for attestation of age?
  11. U shall receive ur visa in Jesus name.. let’s keep praying.. All shall be well

  12. Thank u this helps sooo much.. cause my hubby daughter died.. so this is sooo helpful
  13. Sane here.. I no longer even argue with them.. I just scroll pass them.. they don’t understand everyone is not as privileged.. Smdh
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