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  1. This is just getting more and more ridiculous.. it’s safe for ppl to travel but not to open the embassy..smh
  2. I live in Maryland so my congressman for my district is Anthony Brown.. I also requested an appointment with him
  3. Thanks for ur response.. I can’t believe that other embassies r open and the American one is playing cat and mouse.. this truly upsets me.. I sent an email to my Congress man.. I can no longer sit and wait.. I have to make this happen.. MY FAMILY is ESSENTIAL to me..
  4. What one writer said on A Facebook group today: Dear Nigerian Applicants: So I spoke to the US embassy in Lagos this morning and below is what i gathered: 1- The International Airport closure has nothing to do with why the embassy is not processing immigrant routine visas - they are aware people are still finding ways to travel via other routes. 2- Seems they do not trust the COVID-19 #s from 9ja - Main reason and the person i spoke to made this comment. 3- And they are still unsure when they will open🤷🏽‍♀️ Do you guys/ladies think we Nigerian Americans can contact our Congressman/woman and/or senators to reach out to the Ambassador in Nigeria to at least inquire about restarting (slowly and safely) our spouses visa? Just looking for ways to get some traction. Obviously they are not accepting any expedites. And opening the international airport does not mean the embassy will open. And there is no line of sight to when this will end. ***Please mainly looking for opinions from those that have immigrant cases currently going thru Nigeria ***
  5. U have valid points.. this is just to sad that these ppl r only for themselves and NEVER for their citizens.. Smdh
  6. U welcome.. it should be fast cause it’s the last document
  7. The embassy said on their website that they are only doing citizen services now.. so I guess they will continue when they open?
  8. U also have to upload the finger prints.. u should upload a total of three pages
  9. The case can take 6 to 8 weeks for the NVC to receive it.. they will send an email to both petitioner and beneficiary when it’s received. Or the you can call NVC for the case number
  10. That’s a very good point.. am praying 🙏🏿 soon
  11. The embassy is closed and is only processing emergency or expedite cases.. if ur case falls under one of those categories then they will give u instructions on how to expedite.. if not, u unfortunately you have to wait
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