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    Andy & Sue reacted to enoo in 2015 Filers   
    Thanks for your response. However,I think we are talking of two different things. I was talking about F2A visa.....bring alien spouse and children of permanent residents to the US. I guess that is what this thread is all about. It is not about adjastment of status for those who are already in the USA
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    Andy & Sue reacted to sbai2000 in F2A-help with VSC   
    yep - it happens all the time....
    It happened to me....nothing you can do....VSc is slow. My PD was current and we were not even CC because of how long it took VSC to process (or not process) our case, which was eventually transferred to CSC.
    nothing you can do, just hang in there....they will either start processing or at the last minute they will transfer you.
    The good news is that once USCIS approves your case, you will go extremely quickly at NVC stage.
    As another VJer once told me when I was in your position, wondering when VSC was going to process my case, you'll either wait at USCIS or you will wait at NVC. Either way, you will wait!
    hang in there and best of luck!!
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    Andy & Sue reacted to JohnandMhay in HELPPPPPP   
    She's a single Filipina. Highly unlikely to get a Tourist Visa to US. Not quite the same situation as the Northern border ;P
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    Andy & Sue reacted to coloso in n400 and criminal record...any advice?   
    you probably live in NYC I bet you live in there... New york city is crazy.
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    Andy & Sue reacted to Tim/Mav in n400 and criminal record...any advice?   
    Well, at least your staying out of trouble.....
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    Andy & Sue reacted to Boiler in Advice on which visa to try and obtain(merged)   
    Do you share the same religion
    Is he older?
    Same ethnicity
    You mentioned you are divorced and have a child, does he have children, are they a similar age?
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    Andy & Sue reacted to Boiler in Advice on which visa to try and obtain(merged)   
    Well that is a start.
    It take it you have yet to meet, you have been conversing on the web.
    Meet first, who knows what happens after that.
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    Andy & Sue reacted to Name Display in denied petition   
    I do not mean to offend, but you really need to improve your English. You've been here for years now (according to your short, repetitive answers) and you can barely make yourself understandable.
    There's a lot in this process that you would understand if you had learnt enough of the English language.
    If you answered the interview questions in a similar way that you did here, I can see why they would be suspicious.
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    Andy & Sue reacted to Avery Cates in denied petition   
    Your best course of action is the next available flight home to the Philippines.
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    Andy & Sue reacted to lmatos1978 in denied petition   
    sounds like it was not a bona fide marriage and more like an arranged one. You are avoiding to answer our questions, who has supported all this years? sorry but you aren't getting a green card in the situation you are in.
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    Andy & Sue got a reaction from Romet in denied petition   
    Sounds like you're just after a green card to me. I came on a K1 and married and applied to adjust status no problem no interview, nothing. There must have been holes in your application for them to request an interview.
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    Andy & Sue got a reaction from milimelo in denied petition   
    Sounds like you're just after a green card to me. I came on a K1 and married and applied to adjust status no problem no interview, nothing. There must have been holes in your application for them to request an interview.
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    Andy & Sue got a reaction from av8or1 in denied petition   
    Sounds like you're just after a green card to me. I came on a K1 and married and applied to adjust status no problem no interview, nothing. There must have been holes in your application for them to request an interview.
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    Andy & Sue reacted to charlesreco in Is it faster to use an attorney or file the pettition by yourself?   
    Do it yourself, it will be faster and more secure. I used an attorney to send removal of conditions on my 2 years green card last May, he charged me 1500 dollars and he did not send all the papers I gave him. In fact, he just sent 4 documents, the less important ones, instead of the full package which was around 20 documents including military forms from my wife. So, 9 months letter I got and RFE asking for those documents, which I sent, and I am still waitong for my green card almost one year later and no news from immigration.
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    Andy & Sue reacted to Nich-Nick in London 2012- K1s from NOA2 to interview thread   
    There's been many similar threads started in the last week with the topic I got my NOA2--Now what?? If all the questions are in one thread, people may find the information they need more easily. I'll start off with some general information specific to London K1s.
    Advance preparation for the London part of the K1 process
    When your NOA2 is near, it’s a good time to start your preparation.

    Order your tax transcripts. Only the most recent tax return is required, but you can order three years at a time for free from the IRS. Tax transcripts are summaries of your whole tax return provided free by the IRS. They can't be faked because it's a copy/summary of your whole tax return picture, basically certified by the IRS because it's issued by them. That's why you don't have to include any 1040, Schedules, W2s or 1099s if you send a transcript. They are free from the IRS. Transcripts take the place of sending a complete tax return.
    If you call 1-800-908-9946 (the transcript line) , there is an automated system for ordering transcripts. You'll have to enter your Social Security number and the numbers of your street address. It will generate an automated request to mail your transcripts. You can also order online on the IRS website http://www.irs.gov/individuals/article/0,,id=232168,00.html
    Start filling out the I-134 Affidavit of Support. It will have to be signed and mailed to the UK the slow way. Get familiar with the form. When the NOA2 is received is a good time to finalize it with the supporting documents and get it in the mail.
    Don't obsess printing Skype logs, emails, photos, or Facebook status. London does not want to look at that. Really they don't. London does not want to see a copy of your I-129F petition or NOA2. They got that in the file from NVC.

    UK beneficiary:

    Get some passport photos taken. You will eventually need
    2 US sized for the Embassy
    1 UK sized for the police certificate
    1 either size for the visa medical exam.
    (and for AOS in the US, 6 more US sized photos)
    You can take your own and size it using this uploader tool from the Dept of State. Scroll halfway down the page. http://travel.state.gov/passport/pptphotoreq/pptphotoreq_5333.html Save the jpg file and print at home or at a photo place. Also available at Snappy Snaps, Photo-Me booths, Jessops, Gould's Pharmacy (by the embassy), near the Bond St Tube station (Oxford St) which is closest Tube to the medical exam.
    Go to your NHS doctor and get the immunizations you will need for Adjustment of Status. You can get a K1 visa without having any shots, but you will need them before AOS. It’s really wise to take care of it before getting to the US so you can aviold civil surgeon hassles and $$$. Many NHS doctors will do them for free, but they are not obligated to do so for immigration purposes. If you had these shots as a child, Tdap/Td must be no longer than 10 years ago or you have to do them again. Get the shots documented by your doctor to take to your visa medical exam. Here’s the shots needed for 19 through 59 years of age:
    Td or Tdap - Maybe not available in the UK, so get DT, DTP or DtaP and it will be accepted for AOS
    MMR (if born in 1957 or later) Get a second shot 4 wks later if you have time
    Varicella – Not routinely given in the UK ; a history of having chickenpox excuses you from the shot. They take your word for it at the visa medical exam.
    Influenza - During flu season only, October 1 through March 31. This was a new recommendation dated November 2010 for all ages over 6 months. Older lists will say flu shots for over age 50. It changed.
    Order your police certificate. It takes some preparation because you need a passport photo signed off on by somebody officialish who’s known you two years. Here’s the application. Read the instructions. A police certificate is good for 12 months. Must take it to medical exam. http://www.acpo.police.uk/documents/Application_Form.pdf
    Look at your passport and make sure it will have 8 months remaining after visa issuance. If not get it renewed now. If you've damaged it or gotten it wet, it will need to be renewed.
    Study the list of original documents London wants you to bring to the embassy and get those in hand or ordered. http://london.usembassy.gov/application_documents.html
    Make photocopies of any document you want back. They will verify the original and file the photocopy.

    Ready, Set, Go!! - Ask your questions or post your tips...........
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    Andy & Sue reacted to jac_chappin in fiance cheated me :(   
    OP - Sorry for what happened! The positive is that you found out before you got married. You'll be ok! Just move on with your life.
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    Andy & Sue reacted to belinda63 in What are my chances? Prostitution charge and used a alias.   
    I think I have a grasp of this. You were arrested and charged with prostitution (which is a crime of moral turpitude and will result in a denial of AOS if convicted), lied to the police about who you were, and never followed up on the charges. Then, knowing you were fingerprinted when you were arrested and you were fingerprinted when you applied for AOS you thought you could get away with lying on your application about the arrest.
    Now, if I understand correctly, you are being told you need to take care of the criminal charges before they will adjudicate your AOS application.
    Time to pay the piper. Worst case. You will return to where you were arrested and be held until the charges can be heard. Since you lied to the police and skipped out I doubt they will grant you bail. If you are convicted of prostitution very small chance you will be granted a green card. Even if you have the charges reduced lying to immigration, the police, failing to meet your obligations by not appearing in court, and all the other things give you a slim to no chance of obtaining residency in the US.
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    Andy & Sue reacted to Justine+David in What are my chances? Prostitution charge and used a alias.   
    C'mon Gabbi, really? Stranger things have happened?
    Have you heard of a case that's worse than a) Misrepresenting yourself as a US citizen b) Being charged with prostitution c) Lying to an immigration officer ... and gotten approved? Any one of them is extraordinarily serious and all three combined? I think it's a snowball chance in hell and all that will happen is that the OP will lose lots of $$ to the lawyers, better spent on moving herself and hubby to Europe. America is a dead end for them, if they want to be together. What she did comes with serious consequences. Lesser mishaps have caused people to be banned...
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    Andy & Sue reacted to Deputy Purple in What are my chances? Prostitution charge and used a alias.   
    Part of your problem is that you're on record as admitting to evading Prostitution Charges by committing another crime.
    Another part of your problem is that you're on record has having Misrepresented a Material fact during the interview (concealing the arrest).
    It really doesn't come down to if the IO believes you or in second chances, the law is the law.
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    Andy & Sue reacted to Fandango in Anyone wish they were back in the UK   
    Misused apostrophes grates on me like no other, but even with that being said, this is unnecessarily pedantic and quite rude. Intelligent people make this mistake all the time, and to imply that the OP is unemployable due to ignorance is, well. ignorant.
    It's 'for' not 'foer'. You might be unemployable, Bob!
    However, I somewhat agree with the rest of your post. Not that SC as a whole is undesirable...but that there are a lot of different places within the US which might be a better fit.
    William, the wal mart story sounds awful! Did you call the police???? Obviously, JB ignores the economic climate these days, and his solution of possibly moving within the US might not be so easy with the employment factor. But if you can plan a move, perhaps you two should contemplate moving to another area. Even if the long term plan is to move back to Scotland...maybe a domestic move in the meantime could help out. Life is too short to live it miserably.
    Good luck.
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    Andy & Sue reacted to VanessaTony in Should I rat on my scammer girlfriend?   
    That's all you can do. I personally recommend you do. I don't believe you should just "let it go". It's not JUST about revenge, it's also about protecting other people she's scamming. People who tell you to let it go are the kind of people who walk the other way if they see a crime being committed, it's the same situation. You're not demanding retribution, you're handing over your information and if it helps someone else, it does. If it doesn't, oh well, you tried.
    I would also put her on that Dragon Ladies site.
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    Andy & Sue reacted to mr and mrs in Interview At Embassy :'(   
    you may not be trying to, but you are implying that a lack of a US visit is a determining factor in the issuance of a visa. this is NOT the case.
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    Andy & Sue reacted to Leatherneck in Fiancee left me after 3 weeks   
    No, she can only marry you, no way can she marry another man then adjust her status. She is hosed unless you marry her.
    Like I said OP, she was planning this long ago, even before she arrived at her POE, you can take that to the bank!
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    Andy & Sue got a reaction from sachinky in Burka's... stays on during Childbirth.   
    What amazes me is they emmigrate to a western country for a better life and then spend their whole time trying to change it to the #### hole they have just left.
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    Andy & Sue got a reaction from NevermindVz in am i overreacting about this porn thing?   
    I agree watching porn is one thing but paying for interactive webcam sex is another.
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