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  1. Deputy Purple


    I know the AWA. I actually know someone who was convicted of an AWA charge as a minor but charged as an adult. His conviction was sealed by the original judge after he completed incarceration, probation and therapy at 21 years old. He even had to spend 6 months on the registry after those laws were passed in the 90's. Many years later he was able to immigrate his wife and her 2 minor children using CR-1/2 Visas and AWA had no impact on their process. Honestly, we believe is all comes down to the background check. In his case the conviction never showed because it was sealed. He also chose the CR Visa because there is less scrutiny at the embassy interview stage. If the I-130 gets approved then the embassy doesn't even question criminal background.
  2. Deputy Purple


    Actually, my personal experiences working within the community (of convicted/registered sex offenders) brings me to opposite conclusions. It has been my experience that most of them understand the danger of secrecy and are very upfront with those in their lives. I have also seen many examples of them finding caring and understanding partners after their recovery who are able to deal with their past and accept them.
  3. Deputy Purple


    First harsh conclusion jumped to is that the OP didn't disclose his past to his significant other. Second hard conclusion is that the beneficiary is more concerned about getting a green card than the character of their potential spouse.
  4. Deputy Purple


    I have to say that you are jumping to a rather harsh conclusion there. Some people are less judgemental and more understanding. Nobody here knows the circumstances around the OP's conviction. It can range anywhere from him being an outright child predator who spent months stalking & grooming a potential victim to a depressed guy who found himself in a situation that would normally be even near his intentions. I've worked with RSOs who fall everywhere on that chart and no two are the same.
  5. Deputy Purple

    adopting niece (split)

    Just asking because I don't see that issue mentioned at all I this topic.
  6. Deputy Purple

    adopting niece (split)

    Has something changed with USCIS? I could swear that unless the child is an orphan then you will have a lot of issues adopting a related child and immigrating them to the US as they see that as adopting just for immigration purposes and the IR/CR Visas are for family reunification. Basically they view it as trying to do an end-run around the restriction on the Immediate Relative category.