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US Immigration from Netherlands

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Wrong place of Birth
7:44 am May 30, 2024


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My US fianc filed his place of birth on the petition as Springfield, now i received the i-134 bij mail, and he Filed Decatur there...

We are screwed arent we?

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Packet 3 - Frankfurt consulate in Germany
6:43 pm May 8, 2024


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Hi everyone,

On the app I have on my phone, I was notified I'd get mail today with a picture of what I would receive. And one of the envelopes was the letter from the frankfurt consulate.

Unfortunately, they had a wonky way of putting my address on it, and it was never put in my mailbox today. Even worse... the app doesn't even show the envelope anymore!

Can someone please put my mind at ease and tell me what to do if that letter never reaches me? I fear the address confused them and they just didn't deliver it.

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I-129F no NOA2 yet (filed in november 2023)
2:56 am May 4, 2024


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Hey everyone,

So me (beneficiary) and my fiance have filed our I-129f at the beginning of November 2023. We noticed the vast majority of filers that month have had a response by now.

We're having a hard time keeping a cool head under these circumstances (but we're not panicking..we know it's a long game!). Have any of you experienced this situation and do you have any tips on dealing with the pressure of the wait?

Thanks in advance!

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Questions on DS-160 (K1)
8:27 am May 1, 2024


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Goodmorning all!

Again i have been searching to find my anser, and my questions may be too specific for an complete answer already given somewhere

Therefore reaching out to the VJ-Community :)

All info applies to the Conuslate in Frankfurt, even though i am from the netherlands (AMS consulate stopped visa operations!)

My questions:

After Checking CEAC, the status is Ready, with a short text on how the consulate is ready for my interview.

1: Do i Immediatly fill out and submit completed DS-160? Or do i wait for the letter from the consulate to arrive?

I've read some information online that stated to bring the printed confirmation page to the interview, but also found a statement it should be mailed to the consulate email.

2: Which one is it? Either-Or? or both? Instructions not clear (if answer to question 1 is to wait for the letter, i assume to find my answer in this letter)

Something im confused about:

3: Do i have to send all my documents ASAP after submitting DS-160? (which indicates me to wait because we are missing a couple of documents at this moment)

Or can i Submit and continue collecting missing pieces.


4: Can i Go ahead and schedule my medical or should i again wait for the consulate letter? Im getting mixed info on this, i think i need to wait until i have an interview date, i just want to be 100% sure.

Thanks in advance and apologies if i overlooked a similar topic or guide on this.



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Noa2 Expiry date.
12:25 pm April 26, 2024


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Hello everyone, hope you are all well!

I have been searching high and low on the forum for a topic with a similar question I have now, and I couldn't find it.

My apologies in advance, in case I overlooked it.

A bit of info:

My fianc lives in Florida, I live in the Netherlands. Consulate will be the one in Frankfurt, Germany (Amsterdam stopped Visa operations as of May)

Our petition got approved on March 29th. Our Noa2 expiry date is 4 months later, July 28th.

Naturally we started collecting needed documents soon after, however, we encounterd some delays in waiting times for those to arrive.

Also, the consulate seems to want all original paperwork Plus copies of it send to them in packet 3.

Therefor my fianc has to send me his original I-134 form, with signature in ink.

It shouldn't take all too long, I think, so I wasn't worried at first.

Today, April 26th, I checked up on the visa status (CEAC) and it said Ready!

Overjoyed of course, but now also slightly nervous because I feel we aren't ready in the sense of our documents not being here yet.

With that comes that I do not know how long Mailing everything will take from USA to me, and then from me to the consulate, let alone their time needed to review the documents.

My question now is this:

Do I have to attend my interview before the expiry date?


Can the interview take place after it expired, as long as the appointment was scheduled before it expired?

To be clear, I think we will have everything ready well in time, I also know I could apply for the approval to be extended. Is that something I could already do, just to be sure?

Thankful for all answers given and any information provided! :)

Love, Rosa

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