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  1. Hi all, I would like to visit the US for 3/4 weeks this summer. However, I have an I-130 pending (CR1), so I'm not sure if that will make things difficult. My husband is currently in Europe on deployment. One of our friends is "house sitting" his house for the duration of his deployment, since I still live in my home country. I would like to help her settle in, and just hang out with her. An extra complication is that I am about to graduate from my Master's degree, and don't have a job lined up yet (wanted to enjoy my last 'long' student summer vacation). So, I don't have any 'official' ties to my home country, other than the room I rent. I have zero intention of staying in the US, simply because I want to get work experience in my home country first, and there's literally no reason for me to stay since my husband isn't even there (and he's stationed closer to my home country than ever before). I already have a valid ESTA so that is not a problem. I also have Global Entry, but I have not used it since I got married. Does anyone know if I can use Global Entry to enter the county without problems? Or what I can expect? Thanks in advance!!
  2. Hi all, I got married at a courthouse in the US a few weeks ago. In my excitement (or simply a misunderstanding) I accidentally gave them my birthplace address twice, instead of my birthplace and current residence. I did live at my birth address for many years of my life and only moved to my new address a year ago (it's a student dorm, but I am currently registered at that address). I was wondering if this makes my marriage certificate invalid, since I did not give them the correct information about my current residence and if this will impact my upcoming CR1 visa application. Amending this would be difficult as I went back to my home country and my partner is getting deployed soon. Thank you in advance!
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