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  1. Hello





    i have read on these forums that you are a tax expert? I posted a question in the tax and financial section but didn't get a reply so I was really hoping if you could answer my quick question. 


    When the USCIS asks if you have ever filed your taxes as a non-resident, do they mean have you ever used 1040NR instead 1040 for filing you returns ? 


    Or are there any other tax filing/exemptions that show you as a nonresident e.g taking FEIE based on physical presence test? 


    Thank you. 

  2. What's the big deal? You pay the ticket (hopefully the driver will reimburse you) but no point on anyone's license. There are already speed camera traps in many US cities.
  3. Bk changed A LOT in the last 10 years
  4. I hate it. But I guess it does its job.
  5. They have cameras every x kilometers and calculate your average speed, so way worse than speed traps. http://www.autostradetech.it/en/solutions/security-access-control/tutor-system.html
  6. Such a waste of money. I thought Hillary did a pretty good job herself with the discredit. Everytime she opened her mouth.
  7. I'm pretty sure that it's safer knowing that everyone is armed.
  8. There is no 8 train. And several parts of Brooklyn are more desirable than most parts of Manhattan (try $1,500/sf, at least).
  9. In Italy there is "Safety Tutor" system on most highways. Efficient AF. I hate it.
  10. Texas by far the best State in the country, by far. Don't love Houston though.
  11. Brighton Beach isn't bad. Excellent Russian food. And I met my wife in a club there.
  12. I always stay by the Paddington Station area (easy when you come from LHR). It's ok, don't get me wrong. I just feel safer in NYC, especially when walking alone at night.
  13. Cleaner no doubt (but NYC is way too small for 8.5 million people), but in NYC we have cops (with guns!) everywhere and I feel in peace of mind. And yes, I live in Williamsburg (a posh Brooklyn neighborhood) and I avoid doing drug deals in the projects, so that helps as well.