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  1. Hello family! Finally I booked my travel to own country! After 8 years I will travel for 42 days with my advance parole and vawa approval. I will keep you posted
  2. I have been researching about this for a while and I saw several cases where people were able to sponsor a new spouse without problems. However Sandra (and later on Demise) were extremely clear about the process. I feel quite scared to go through this process after I will obtain a green card. If anyone else has case studies to bring to this forum please do so! I will bring what I found!
  3. Hello Sandra! Hope you are doing great! Do you know why on the website you can see up to 46 months as processing time (Brooklyn for example)? Do they do this to avoid people right to make an enquire in a “short” period?
  4. Hello Family! Yesterday I had my appointment for biometrics (again…) my initial fingerprints were applied to my case in 2018 when I applied currently I485 and I360. my vawa was approved in August after almost 3 years. hope this part of the process would be “fast”. I heard here that nyc is on 12/16 months of wait. (Per real timeline experiences, not looking at the processing case online)
  5. Hey all! I just received notice of appointment for biometrics for i485. Weird because they just reused old biometrics for ead card renewal. Would this extra step add extra wait or slow down the process?
  6. Vawa approval letter received September 10th! no online updates.
  7. Hello family, I just received a orange letter from National benefit center said that my medical are expired but I don’t have to send anything at the moment. Looks like I485 is moving to local office, am I right? case was officially approved 23 days ago while “card being produced” update was received 10 days before. im from nyc (brooklyn), hope to receive soon interview notice or RFE for medicals! if anyone want to share timeline for reference please send over!
  8. Yes! I got the number! Such a patience you have balo on calling them 2 times LOl. I waited 68 minutes. Anyway... What was the reason of the appointment? Issuing advance parole?
  9. Thank you for sharing your experience! I will try a service request as well if they don't call me!
  10. Hello all! I just ended a conversation with tier officer 1 for a potential infopass appointment. I would request a “speed up” according to what suggested on my c31 ead card.( Attached here) I also mentioned to the tier officer 1 that the reason of the request would be financial. I have a company and several almost-signed-contracts has been paused by clients because of my impossibility of traveling to their locations. Does anyone have experience in receiving a call from them? Does this happen for real in 72 hours? And how longwould be the wait for an appointment? Days? Weeks? Months? Also, I received today notification that my case is officially approved!!!!! AFTER 14 days from my card being produced. Super happy! For whom is still waiting... It's not easy, I, myself, waited 33 months! Stay focus and don't lose hope. Come here and find comfort. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  11. 4 months 😩 should I call uscis or how should I do to have infopass?
  12. Hello all, my vawa is approved and on the EAD CARD that I received c31 I read:”use this tearoff to spid up your renewal or application”. What this mean? Can I have an infopass appointment? I really want to go in my home country after 7 years and still my advance parole is pending.
  13. Hello family. been re- reading about all your experiences post vawa approval and I just want to confirm data. case approval after card delivered will be received approximately between 7 to 45 days, correct? transfer to local office should be expected in 10-60 days, correct? for whom is from Brooklyn/nyc area: I really appreciate some info about timeline on potential interview!
  14. Thank you dear. Here the complete timeline. 19 Nov 2018 - sent I360, I485, I765, I131 02 December 2018 - prima facie and biometrics 04 January 2019 - biometrics appointment 03 March - EAD card + advance parole approved prima facie every six months after first one. ead card renewed 2 times November 2020 - first inquire (via lawyer)- case pending security check March 2021 - second inquire (via senator) - case with agent August 2021 - third inquire (via senator) - waiting for uscis answer after 4 days from my thirds inquire they approved my case!!!! now waiting for case to be transfer to Brooklyn!
  15. Thank you so much for your constant support!!! Wish I could hug you!
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