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  1. I'm sorry to hear. I don't think it's normal, for proof of ID at my interview; I had to show my Green card. Then at my Oath ceremony, they confiscated it (obviously). I will bother them nonstop about the passport. It doesn’t seem right to be holding on to it
  2. It depends on the circumstances that you are applying to remove the conditions. For example, I had to send fingerprints and photos with my I-751 package because, at the time of filing, I was a military spouse residing overseas
  3. For real! Getting expedited is something I have never got to experience but I’m still happy it’s finally over! 😝 and yes will do 🫡
  4. If it makes you feel more at ease to hire a lawyer go ahead. We had one but I personally don’t think made much of a difference, the members of Visajourney seemed more knowledgeable than our lawyer. I know it’s a stressful process, but all there is to do now is for her to show up to her interview and answer all the questions the Officer will ask her. My interview lasted 30 minutes and even though it seemed it was never going to end from the many questions I got asked, I got approved. Good luck 😊
  5. There are different types of ways you can apply as a military spouse. I applied, so I didn’t have to travel back to the U.S. for an interview & oath. Now, was I supposed to be expedited or not? Who knows… all I know is I’m going back to the U.S. after 3 years with an American passport 🤗
  6. Hi Paula! I was in Colombia while we filed for my I-130. 1. We only sent affidavits, photos, flight itineraries, hotel reservations, and chat screenshots because that’s all we had. 2. I don’t think a lawyer is necessary; just take your time to do your research and ask for any doubts you might have. 3. No, my I-130 took 7 months to get approved, and then dealing with the U.S. embassy in Bogota + 4 months, altogether 11 months - a year! Check out my website, there’s excellent information on what I did in Bogota for biometrics, medical appointment and interview review Vsjourneys.Wordpress.con/inmigr/
  7. I'm unfamiliar with K1 Visas, but right after you guys get married, go ahead and enroll her in your DEERS. Maybe it'd be best if you apply for a Spouse Visa. Right after she gets her Green Card, she can move to Japan with you and legally live there under SOFA, and her time in Japan will still count as residence in the U.S. - AS LONG AS SHE'S IN YOUR ORDERS. She will also have the option to apply for citizenship immediately without waiting 3 years of permanent residency; the only requirement is to go back to the U.S. for an interview and oath.
  8. The foreign spouse will be granted a Green Card, and will be able to stay with you overseas as long as your spouse is included in your orders to accompany you. No need to have US citizenship, GC will suffice. When and if she decides to apply for U.S. citizenship, she could also do so the moment she gets her GC, but she'll have to go back to the U.S. for a Citizenship Interview & Naturalization. N-400 (319b)
  9. Yes and at port of entry the Officer will open it
  10. The Officer at my interview told me I didn’t need to keep updating my address anymore once a citizen. Plus, every other missing Notice will be visible on the USCIS online account.
  11. My immigration journey has finally come to an end. Good luck to everyone and let’s not forget to share information about this process to those who need It 🤗
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