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  1. Hi there. what apps do you use to call uscis from overseas?
  2. Oh good to hear! Thank you for sharing that, makes me feel calm. I wouldn’t want them to tell me in the future “you never informed us of your new address”..
  3. Did you get some sort of confirmation that they received the form and changed the address in your records?
  4. Trying to update my address through the website. Everything matches but it won’t accept it. So I will just mail the form to make the change.
  5. Hi ! Definitely do some research on what’s best for your situation but if I were you I’d apply now. It took me 11 months to get my CR1 approved and my interview was in Bogota
  6. After about more than 20 attempts on updating my address, I keep getting the following error: New address ZIP Code is invalid. Please try again. After putting all of my info of my new address, i get a pop up message saying: USPS found an address matching your entry. When i select it to confirm it is accurate it then says: The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has updated your address using the USPS format to ensure that your mail is delivered correctly. We are stationed overseas and to receive and send mail we have USPS on base. I'm just frustrated to not be able to keep going forward! Does anyone know any shortcuts or suggestions on what to do besides calling? It's a bit tricky with a 16 hours difference
  7. Alright thank you, I might have to try and do that. I tried to change it through my phone but will try from a laptop and see if it accepts it
  8. Hello everyone. I recently moved to Japan under military orders with my husband. In the Uscis website there’s a box I was able to check letting them know I’m a spouse of a member in the U.S military, however I’m having trouble with the format of our mailing address. I put all the information needed but what I get from the website is the following message: WARNING: There was an error from the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) address service. Please review the address you entered to make sure it is correct so the USPS can deliver mail to the correct address. I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong.. Any help will be much appreciated !
  9. The military is unpredictable but Uscis knows how it works. I just wonder why you didn’t go with your husband and appeal/update uscis that you were going to be overseas under military orders
  10. Just keep in mind that whatever you do .. it will require lots of time, and money of course. We went for the Cr1 visa and it took us 11 months. Look up your options and don’t plan ahead an estimate on when to move to the USA, the embassy will. Best of luck to you!
  11. Hi! He just has to go online and you get one within seconds ! No need for translations or apostillé-such an easy Police Certificate to obtain ! Make iré you read my timeline comments, there’s everything you need to know if your spouse will be interviewing in Bogota
  12. So thoughtful of you darling! We are all good in San Diego but at work we've been getting many people escaping the fires from LA and such. Hope everyone is good! xoxo
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