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  1. Once my application for naturalization is finalized an approved, almost there
  2. Yes I said I got approved 2 days after USCIS receive my response from the RFIE I received ^
  3. My status changed to Fingerprints were taken on February 17th and on March 1st I received a RFIE, in which I sent my response in May, and got approved 2 days after USCIS received my response. Bring what your letter say, it’s simple as that. And if you bring your passport, even if it’s not required, you never know. It’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Good luck!
  4. You gotta understand the situation in Colombia right now is not the greatest, so there is nothing wrong with them wishing to immigrate to the US; the possibility is there. I also understand that if your mom and sister in law go to the States, they will start from nothing. I am Italian/Colombian and in my dad’s side (Italian) it is like in the US, you would never think or feel obligated to help your parents financially, but the Colombian side, it is the Latin culture itself to help and be financially responsible for your parents. If your wife is a US citizen and wants to petition her mom, she could, but I get it is not ideal for her to move in with you as she would depend on you for pretty much anything, so I understand your point. When I went to Bogota to obtain my CR1, I realized Colombians that applied for Tourist Visas and got approved, was because they could demonstrate they had money, also you said it yourself, they live good where they are, so maybe there’s not really need for them to obtain PR in the US. It could be just a whim. In regards of your wife’s sister, it’d be easier for her to forget about it or look to apply for the Green Card Lottery, that could be an option. Hope all goes well and don’t sweat it out! Nothing has really happened if you think about it, they just threw their wish in the air but it’s not like you have to go and get it done, it’s your decision. Good luck!
  5. What are the timeframes for the N-400? They're not as bad as I-130s and I-751s for instance, correct?
  6. It all depends…and all you can do is wait. I entered the US on a CR1 so I never got interviewed in the US and upon responding to my RFE they just approved me, even though on my RFE they said I needed to go for an interview 🤷🏽‍♀️ My service center was MSC and that center is known to not skip interviews, but like everyone says every case is different. Good luck to you guys
  7. I sent biometrics last June with my I-751 and resent biometrics with my n-400 this June because it was a requirement for me, and they destroyed the biometrics I sent last month…so it looks like they’ll go again with the ones from last year. I just wish I didn’t waste my time and money, seeing they destroyed the new ones like nothing kinda made my jaw drop 😧
  8. Right?! The I-130 was a nightmare!! My case’s status is currently at “Case is actively Reviewed by USCIS” and a Naturalization Officer emailed me that once background checks are completed, they’ll send my case to my Local Field Office, so it looks like things will be faster indeed. Good luck and let’s keep this post updated! It’s nice to see others going through the same and advancing with this “almost at the finish line” process 😂
  9. I filed by mail and on the same day that USCIS received my package, they input my Receipt number online and sent me my notice! I also saw what they destroyed on my file! I applied for my I-751 last year, so I’m used to send lots of documentation even if it wasn’t required 😅
  10. I only lived in the US for 9 months and then moved here to Japan 😅 so I sent my biometrics with my ROC packet. And my RFIE was asking me to respond back with a location in the US or US territory for me to fly to an attend my I-751 interview. I gave them a location but also mentioned that in a month I was going to be elegible for expedited overseas processing, and to please merge my I-751 and N-400 interview together. USCIS response to it was that they approved my I-751 😄 I have my new GC in hand and applying for my N-400 in 2 weeks so I can't complain 🥰 We're back in here for one last ride 😂
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