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  1. UGH! I can't believe there's still some of you who have yet to become citizens! Hope you get processed ASAP!
  2. WOW at all of you fellow filers still waiting to become citizens! I can't believe it is taking THIS long! 😩😤🤬🤯
  3. No kidding! Could be, but I doubt it. I think it has more to do with the fact of sending a paper application vs online filing (my case). Also this potentially, sure. At the local field office in Oakland Park, FL. Two months, but only because I had another application pending with them, otherwise, at the Oakland Park, FL field office, it usually doesn't take more than a few weeks to go through the Oath Ceremony. Best of luck for a speedy processing now!
  4. I can't believe it's taking them this long for paper filers...! UGH! I applied online last November, interviewed in March, and became a citizen in May! Here's to a prompt conclusion of your immigration journey.
  5. Yay! I was out of the country for a while and didn't follow VJ and this thread. I came back specifically to see whether there was any news for you, and I'm glad to see there is! Glad to know you passed your interview and that you will be scheduled for an Oath Ceremony soon! You will be looking at that blue passport for months to come, I tell ya! Also, the best feeling coming back with a warm "Welcome home!" by the CBP officer at the MIA airport. All the best!
  6. Reading this makes me so happy and also sad at the same time. I'm sorry Stan couldn't be with you in person to share the joy with you, but I'm happy there's still some humanity in our government's machine, and that you were able to be sworn in. Welcome to the club (I still look at my US passport from time to time and find it hard to believe that I'm a US citizen!). All the very best for the future.
  7. Noted, MHZ. Thank you for the suggestion, I appreciate it. Back in the old continent now, already basking in the glory of coming back through Customs as a US citizen! No more paper to show for proof of my relationship, etc. etc... It'll take a while getting used to it...!
  8. Thank you! And yeah, I also do believe it is worth it, however you do need to show proof of impending travels... They won't leg you otherwise.
  9. The passport agency website has a calculator, but for sake of simplicity, the passport booklet, card, agency fees, and expedited fee, it came to a total of $235.
  10. Same day international travel.
  11. Excellent, that sounds like a well thought out plan. As I said, hopefully the green card arrives before the ceremony (which is the point we were trying to make from the beginning, that having a naturalization ceremony doesn't halt the issuing process of the green card as the USCIS call center person told you), if not, it will come, I'm confident of that. The updates as you know sometimes need to be taken with a grain of salt. You were approved for the I-751, and also for the N-400 (even with the awful news), so what remains to be seen is whether they will allow you to take the oath, and I'm rooting for you on that. Keep us all posted, and once again thank you for your good wishes and congratulations!
  12. It's the least I can do... As you know, sometimes the updates go backward, or don't really make sense. I think this is one of those situations. Correct, that's also what I think. I would do just that: go to the oath ceremony, and surrender your conditional card (they will most likely ask you for that, I heard that countless times at the ceremony). If your timeline after the approval is anything like mine, you should also get an update soon, so fingers crossed on that, perhaps even this week, or who knows, on the day of the actual ceremony. Either way I hope you get to be sworn in! Keep your chin up! All the best, be it for a permanent green card long overdue, or a much deserved naturalization ceremony.
  13. Thanks! Absolutely, and that's why I wanted you to know that despite the naturalization certificate being issued and all, my card still went into production AFTER the certificate was issued. That's what I did, I attached my conditional green card to the form, and that was it. Of course, I didn't have to deal with what you're personally dealing with. I still hope you will be successful; I'm rooting for you. No, I did not. This is the entire history for the I-751: May 11, 2018We mailed your card to you. The U.S. Postal Service will deliver it. April 24, 2018We approved your case April 23, 2018We are producing your card and will mail it to you February 27, 2018We received your case February 25, 2018We received your case November 7, 2016We received your case
  14. It's incredible how we have "almost" the same starting date for the I-129F (I started on 8-13-13, and you started on 8-14-13!), and the very same date for the end of the process with the oath ceremony!
  15. That's right! Wish you the best as well!